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Now, if you are looking for an honest way to set up your very own internet marketing business you want to keep reading. . . . . . . .

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Every day I open my e-mail account it is flooded with mail from many internet marketing businesses claiming that you can make instant cash from the push of a button with their all-inclusive system which is proven to make you cash in hours or a few days.

child at computerAnd, of course, they all claim the same thing it is so easy a child can do it.  Just hit the button at the bottom of the page before the time expires and they have to take the offer down because they can only let just a small number of people in and we only want those serious enough to use the system no tire kickers wanted.

With this system, we are going to give you all these “FREE” extras and just look at what you can do with them.  Blah, blah, blah they make it all look and sound so lucrative and why not that is exactly how THEY make their money RIGHT?

They are only charging you a small fee to join them RIGHT?  Just send them $37 up to $197 for their program and you never need to spend another cent.

And do not forget about all those “FREE” bonus gifts you are getting when you sign up today.

“No matter how much they promise — $179 in an hour…$1,500 in a day…don’t it seem like there’s always SOME little “catch” they didn’t tell you about?”

These are the e-mails I am talking about and my inbox fills up daily with them, sometimes multiple ones from the same person day after day.

Below is an example of one of the emails I received when I opened it, I then get a video (this is just one example).  I do not know about you but frankly, I am tired of getting these where is that magic button I would sure like one 🙂

All of them promise you their system works and you will make so much money starting immediately!

Now if you notice I am not giving you any details of whom these specific e-mails are from because to me they are all exactly the same. If I send for one of them or all of them you will end up with pretty much the exact same product.

It is something I cannot use let alone something that I can make heads or tails of, and I feel like a complete idiot seriously.

They all come with a money back guarantee so why not send for their programs and then just request my money back?

But here is the thing:  people who do send their money in for these programs are just like me – they feel that it is their fault they cannot make heads or tails of the program – and totally just forget about getting their money back.

Some although they say come with a money back guarantee good luck when you try to get your money back it is not going to happen unless this product is on ClickBank and then you are guaranteed to get your money back.

refund policy banner

This is exactly what these people offering you these programs are hoping for and how they get rich on people just like you and me.

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How Does One Get Rich Online?

Just so you know I am not here to sell you another get-rich-quick scheme like all those others do I guarantee you that.

I have been ripped off on so many times myself I lost count over the years, and being just a bit smarter now and older (much older)!  I still have the dream of actually becoming an internet marketer; but where does one start.

Getting rich online takes time, commitment, dedication, work, research, a website that you own, patience, failures, mistakes, knowledge, SEO, and training is vital!

Believe it or not, I created this website seven months ago it was one of the first websites I had ever attempted.  Taking the time to do revisions on it has turned it into one of the better websites like you see daily.

When people look for ways to make money online they are all under the same impression and find videos like the one above with all the sales hype.  Ever notice they never tell you how you are going to make all this fast money?

There is an excellent explanation for this!  You are not going to make ANY MONEY AT ALL!  How do I know this? Well, duh, have purchased them knowing that from now on I want to help others in the same situation saving them from these predators.

But, there is a way to make money online in the affiliate marketing industry if you know what you are doing!  Good thing I found the right training that I am going to share with you today.

Want to hear the best part of all of this?  Then do not go away and listen up!

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Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Here is what you need to do prior to purchasing any more of those get-rich-quick push-button magic systems from those gurus and scammers.

STOP and think about the FACTS – I am going to invite you to come and join me and receive 100% FREE training to begin your own online business.

Fact#1 – 20 Lessons Level 1 Online Entrepreneur Certification & Level 1 Affiliate Boot camp Training

Fact#2 – Two (2) Websites to build your business on WordPress the most popular website building platform

Fact#3 – Free Hosting for the Websites on Amazon c3.large (faster) hosting with secure servers

Fact#4 – Live Chat available 24/7 for the first seven days of the FREE Starter Membership

Fact#5 – Starter Membership is never canceled meaning you have all the above available to you always (the only exception is going to be the Live Chat) do not let your websites become dormant over 30 days keep working them.

Fact#6 – Plugins for SEO, EWWW, and Site Maps XML

installed plugins screenshot

Considering this is an invitation with no sales hype you should know that I am being totally truthful about it being 100% FREE to join me inside the community.

When you listen to all those videos and open all the sales pages inside those email offers do they seriously point out exactly what you are getting for FREE?  “No” I highly doubt it!

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What Other Benefits For Free?

Facts listed above are just the highlights of what type of benefits you are getting for free.  Think of this once you have created your free account jumping into the Live Chat and talking to real people asking questions in live time.

Live Chat is where members who have years of experience with affiliate marketing will answer all your questions.  Whether it be on the training that you are working on and get stuck or about the community itself.

Let me clear up another misconception for you – there is a Premium Membership for this community – you need to remember that not all of the training or benefits are coming to you FREE!

Premium Membership is a STEAL compared to any other program you will ever find on the internet.  People have paid tens of thousands of dollars to get this type of training.  But here you have it at your fingertips to review over and over again anytime you need it.

Membership Fees WA screenshot

Another plus to this community over all the others is working with like-minded individuals who have already been where you are – starting out.  They know the mistakes that you are going to make helping you to avoid them.

Did I mention every week they have a Live Training Coach who provides podcasts keeping you up to date with teaching new information or even how to do things you need?  There are a Live question and answer at the end.

Picture of Jay
Jay Live Training Coach
Profile (magistudios)

My only regret is not finding this sooner, the company has been on the internet teaching affiliate marketing since 2005 with the actual owners working in this field since 2002.

When they created the community what they wanted to do was help others learn to make money online the right way with no hype – guess that is why this is so difficult to find them!!!!

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In Closing

Told you I was not here to sell you anything – bet you did not believe that!  This invitation to join me inside the community to learn affiliate marketing never goes away either.

Can you please do me a favor?  Get yourself a piece of paper and write down your answers to the following questions be honest then decide whether clicking the box below is right for you.

Are you sick of the job you have right now?

Do you even have a job right now?

Would you like a way to work from home with unlimited earning potential?

Does a passive income stream appeal to you over the residual income paycheck you collect now?

Tired of always answering to a boss?

Want more from life?

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Truthful answers will make you know this training I am offering you right now for FREE is going to be right for you.  It might not be for everyone we do need people to fill all the jobs in the world, but to work online at home this is it.

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Good luck with your internet travels and I know that after reading this you are going to click the above button right now and change your life.

Hearing from my readers is most appreciated please leave comments, suggestions, or any questions you have for me in the space provided below.  I answer them usually within 24 hours.

Thank you so very much for visiting and taking the time to read this whole article.  You can find more information on my website.

Best wishes to your future online success,