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Now, if you are looking for an honest way to set up your very own affiliate marketing business you must keep reading. . . . . . . .

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners is going to be a website created for those who wish to get started with affiliate marketing to earn a substantial living working at home or where ever they have an internet connection.

I myself recently decided that this was the best possible way to make money online, but needed the training and skills required to make it successful.

Whether you are aware of how many affiliate market training platforms are offered online really does not make much of a difference, you need the one that you can learn from experts in the online world.

“Why is this?” you are wondering.

Who would you rather learn from a person who is teaching you out of a textbook with no experience or the expert who has been working online for years and knows exactly what and how to accomplish success?

After all, that expert has been doing this for years, failed, regrouped, started over without quitting or becoming discouraged and throwing in the towel.

Experts in the affiliate marketing industry as teachers will save you time in reaching goals that you will need to have by not making the same mistakes they did when they started.

Is your first affiliate website going to make a million dollars overnight?  NO WAY! Mine was a complete failure, I ended up trashing it and starting over from scratch.  Many people do, you just cannot give up or quit.

What is important is finding the right training platform and sticking with it for the long run.  One of my favorite sayings has always been “Rome was not built in a day!“.  Success will come in time you must remember this!

Shall we check out some of the training you are going to need to get started?

Training Required for Affiliate Marketing

One of the first things I was unaware of in the beginning was having an actual business plan to work with.  This does not have to be some great detailed plan but at least give you an idea of what type of business you want to operate.

Included in my business plan I decided to list my goals short-term and long-term these can be adjusted as I see fit when I am not spending enough time working to realize my goals I have set.

Writing out your business plan should mean you have an idea of what your business is going to be built around, this is known as your “niche”.   Need more information about what a “niche” is read my article “Most Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niches“.

Life does get in the way, knowing this is not a race to get to the finish line means you can adjust around what happens making up work on your online business simple.  Never beat yourself up over not getting things completed.

Time management for those of you working a full-time job is not an easy feat after working all day, coming home to work even more can be a daunting task.  Add to the mix a family with children and you are in for major changes.

Some may think they do not have the time to even think about starting their own online business right now, but you would be ultimately wrong in thinking that.

Finding 2 to 3 hours is easy if you search your lifestyle, cut out some television after work or before bed, use your lunch hour to work on your website or do research, using public transportation for work can even afford you extra time for working on your own online business.

It was simple for me to find the time I am retired now getting a really late start on one of my life long dreams.  I just cut out television completely it never interested me much anyway.

Building a website was not something I had any experience with at all, talk about intimidated and scary.  I had nothing to worry about the training took me through this step by step with a video showing me exactly what to do and how to do it.  No need for technical skills or knowing coding to build a professional website today.

Then comes the work part of building an online business writing high-quality keyword-rich content to be added to the website on a consistent basis.  Yeah right, I am thinking this gal has not written since high school!

Actually, in time with writing article after article, you find a writing style that works for you and it becomes easier and less time consuming with each new article written for publication.

My favorite part of all of this is doing the Keyword research!  Keyword research is essential to ranking on the major search engines with the articles that are published on your website.

Are you possibly thinking – What is a “Keyword”?  Many are confused by Keyword research because a Keyword can be more than one word.  When you or I search for something on the internet we enter a phrase usually.

Major search engines collect these every second of the day from people searching for certain Keywords.  Keyword research tools then collect this data to use to help affiliate marketers know what people are searching for.

An example, I am looking for the “Best Affiliate Marketing Training Available” so when I enter this into the Google search bar I then get a list of companies offering their courses.  About 84,200,000 results (0.55 seconds)

I enter the exact same Keyword into my Keyword Research Tool (Jaaxy Lite) and find that there are 63 websites that contain this exact phrase, but less than 10 people who search with the same exact phrase.

best affiliate marketing training keyword search results

Therefore, I would not use this to write an article for on my website due to it would have little chance of people finding the article and reading what I have to offer.  I would like to apologize for the fuzzy screenshot above.

We have now gotten to the most important topic when building a website and creating content, SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Until I started training to learn affiliate marketing I had never heard of SEO!

SEO is so important that people who specialize in working with SEO are highly sought after to work for large companies helping them increase their profit margins drastically.

Most SEO experts will not teach you what they know, they feel they are giving away secrets to their success they would rather charge you than help you learn what they know.

Fortunately for me, the training I selected has a top expert in SEO who is also the Live Training Coach inside the community.  He shares all his SEO tactics with us making our websites SEO optimized fully.

Last but not least, getting traffic to your website.  How can we help people find what we have to offer if the major search engines are not ranking us high enough on the pages?

You are going to learn to use Social Media to drive traffic to your website.  Believe me, I thought this sounded crazy until I saw what others inside the community were getting for results using all the Social Media outlets.

I think this about covers the main parts of training for affiliate marketing for beginners, I am sure you understand these are just highlights which are covered in-depth in the training I am recommending.

Free Training for Beginners

Here is what you need to do prior to purchasing any more of those get-rich-quick push-button magic systems from those gurus and scammers.

STOP and think about the FACTS – I am going to invite you to come and join me and receive 100% FREE training to begin your own online business.

Fact#1 – 20 Lessons Level 1 Online Entrepreneur Certification & Level 1 Affiliate Boot Camp Training

Fact#2 – Two (2) Websites to build your business on WordPress the most popular website building platform

Fact#3 – Free Hosting for the Websites on Amazon c3.large (faster) hosting with secure servers

Fact#4 – Live Chat available 24/7 for the first seven days of the trial FREE Starter Membership

Fact#5 – One-on-One Coaching for the first seven days of the trial FREE Starter Membership

Fact#6 – Plugins for SEO, EWWW, and Site Maps XML

installed plugins screenshot

Considering this is an invitation with no sales hype you should know that I am being totally truthful about it being 100% FREE to join me inside the community.

What Other Benefits For Free?

Facts listed above are just the highlights of what type of benefits you are getting for free.  Think of this once you have created your free account jumping into the Live Chat and talking to real people asking questions in live time.

Live Chat is where members who have years of experience with affiliate marketing will answer all your questions.  Whether it be on the training that you are working on and happen to get stuck or about the community itself.

Let me clear up another misconception for you – there is a Premium Membership for this community – you need to remember that not all of the training or benefits are coming to you FREE!

Premium Membership is a STEAL compared to any other program you will ever find on the internet.  People have paid tens of thousands of dollars to get this type of training.  But here you have it at your fingertips to review over and over again anytime you need it.

Membership Fees WA screenshot

Another plus to this community over all the others is working with like-minded individuals who have already been where you are now – just starting out.  They know the mistakes that you are going to make and help you to avoid them.

Did I mention every Friday night we have a Live Training Coach, Jay Neill, who does live podcasts teaching topics of interest to anyone who wishes to attend?  There is a live question and answer session at the end.

Should you have a prior engagement, no worries he records these for those who need to view them later at their convenience.  These taped podcasts are archived so finding training from an expert is available over and over.

Picture of Jay
Jay Live Training Coach
Profile (magistudios)

My only regret is not finding this sooner, the company has been on the internet teaching affiliate marketing since 2005 with the actual owners working in this field since 2002.

When they created the community what they wanted to do was help others learn to make money online the right way with no hype – guess that is why this is so difficult to find them!!!!

Carson (left) - Kyle (right)
Experts in Affiliate Marketing Carson (left) Kyle (right) Owners


In Closing

I told you I was not here to sell you anything – bet you did not believe that!  This invitation to join me inside the community to learn affiliate marketing never goes away either.

Can you please do me a favor?  Get yourself a piece of paper and write down your answers to the following questions be honest then decide whether clicking the box below is right for you.

Are you sick of the job you have right now?

Do you even have a job right now?

Would you like a way to work from home with unlimited earning potential?

Does a passive income stream appeal to you over the residual income paycheck you collect now?

Tired of always answering to a boss?

Want more from life?

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?  In 10 years?

Truthful answers will make you know this training I am offering you right now for 100% FREE is going to be right for you.  It might not be for everyone we do need people to fill all the jobs in the world, but to work online at home this is it.  Actions speak louder than words get your “Free Starter Membership” No Credit Card Required!

Create Your Free Account Now AFMB


Good luck with your internet travels and I know that after reading this you are going to click the above banner right now and change your life forever.

Hearing from my readers is greatly appreciated please leave comments, suggestions, or any questions you have for me in the space provided below.  I answer them usually within 24 hours.

Thank you so very much for visiting and taking the time to read this whole article.  Bookmarking my website or signing up for my email list will guarantee you free offers and more information as I make it available.

Best wishes to your future online success,