Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Welcome



Now, if you are looking for an honest way to set up your very own internet marketing business you want to keep reading. . . . . . . .

Every day I open my e-mail account it is flooded with mail from many internet marketing businesses claiming that you can make instant cash from the push of a button with their all-inclusive system which is proven to make you cash in hours or a few days.

child at computerAnd, of course, they all claim the same thing it is so easy a child can do it.  Just hit the button at the bottom of the page before the time expires and they have to take the offer down because they can only let XXX number of people in and we only want those serious enough to use the system no tire kickers wanted.  With this system, we are going to give you all these “FREE” extras and just look at what you can do with them.  Blah, blah, blah they make it all look and sound so lucrative and why not that is exactly how THEY make their money RIGHT?

They are only charging you a small fee to join them RIGHT?  Just send them $37 up to $197 for their program and you never need to spend another cent.  And do not forget about all those “FREE” bonus gifts you are getting when you sign up today.

“No matter how much they promise — $179 in an hour…$1,500 in a day…doesn’t it seem like there’s always SOME little “catch” they didn’t tell you about?”  These are the e-mails I am talking about and my inbox fills up daily with them, sometimes multiple ones from the same person day after day.

Below is an example of one of the emails I received when I opened it I then get a video (this is just one example).  If you go to the website that is advertised in the video I made a screenshot of it below as well.

All of them promise you their system works and you will make so much money starting immediately!

Now if you notice I am not giving you any details of whom these specific e-mails are from because to me they are all exactly the same if I send for one of them or all of them I end up with pretty much the exact same product.  It is something I cannot use let alone something that I can make heads or tails of, and I feel like a complete idiot seriously.

screenshot of fancy car and mansion

They all come with a money back guarantee so why not send for their programs and then just request my money back – but here is the thing:  people who do send their money in for these programs are just like me – they feel that it is their fault they cannot make heads or tails of the program – and totally just forget about getting their money back.  Some although they say come with a money back guarantee good luck when you try to get your money back it is not going to happen, unless this product is on ClickBank and then you are guaranteed to get your money back.

This is exactly what these people offering you these programs are hoping for and how they get rich on people just like you and me.

Just so you know I am not here to try to sell you another get rich quick scheme like all those others do I  guarantee you that.

I have been ripped off on so many times myself I lost count over the years, and being just a bit smarter now and older (much older)  I still have the dream of actually becoming an internet marketer; but where does one start.

By continuing to read the rest of my website you can find out where I found the information that I researched for not hours, not days, but actually a couple of months before I decided to sign up for a program.

Plus I am giving you the chance to follow my journey with more details here about the Affiliate Program that works so you can make the choice that is right for you.

Good luck in your internet travels and I seriously pray that you will join me one day to make your dreams come true the way I am doing now.  Thank you so very much for visiting my site.

Best wishes,