Affiliate Marketing Benefits

Affiliate Marketing Benefits

So exactly what kind of benefits are there to affiliate marketing? After all, it takes a couple of years before you begin to see an ROI to some this is a long time.

However, after that couple of years of putting in work with no results, things start to happen. But because of human nature, we are programmed from birth to want instant gratification for things we do.

Because affiliate marketing is done with a website on the internet people think that it is a get-rich-quick method of making money. Scammers have made it sound this way with all their hyped up videos and sales pages selling scam products.

Wondering why there are any benefits to affiliate marketing if it takes that long to begin to see an ROI? The best reason I can possibly think of is a PASSIVE INCOME STREAM!

Yes, you are reading that correctly. Affiliate marketing can provide you a passive income stream for years to come. Instead of doing the same work over and over again like you would in a JOB. You will write articles only once then update as them needed.

After your website has gained authority then working on adding more content does not take near as long it just comes naturally with a consistent process.

Diversification into other areas with all the skills you can gain with the training provided is another way of earning an extra income each month without putting in hours upon hours of work.

True affiliate marketing is not going to be for everyone under the sun. After all, what would our world be like if it were? We need doctors, lawyers, trash men, contractors, people working in all these fields or our world would cease as we know it.

Only 1% of people who start working online doing affiliate marketing ever make it. The other 99% either find it is not for them or become discouraged and quit prior to seeing any results.

Are you one of the 1% who wants to work online doing affiliate marketing willing to dedicate 2 to 3 hours a day learning and applying what you are learning?

Then all you need to do if you are in a hurry is click the box below “Create Your Free Account NowNo Credit Card Required and you are never under any obligation to ever upgrade.

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Taking the time to read the rest of my article will give you even more benefits of doing affiliate marketing. An established website earns a sizable income per month after a couple of years depending on your niche.

How to Use Affiliate Marketing

Considering you landed on this article I am pretty sure you understand what affiliate marketing is all about. Just in case I have a few who found it by accident the short version is you use a website to promote products and services for others.

When a visitor lands on your website clicks the link to a product or service promoted and purchases it from your link then you are paid a commission from the company that you are promoting these for.

Depending on the type of products or services these could be a single payment commission at a set dollar amount per item or a percentage of the sale from 1% to 75%.

Example of Commission Nutrisystem
Example of Commission
Payable under Affiliate Program

Other commissions are recurring for things like subscriptions and will be paid month after month until the client would cancel the subscription.

All companies and major corporations today have seen the benefits of doing affiliate marketing for people who own websites. Getting their products and services in front of an even wider audience through affiliate marketing increases their profits.

Thanks to the internet more people are able to take advantage of affiliate marketing instead of the old method of door to door salespeople.

Remember things like the Avon Lady, Fuller Brush Man, even the Life Insurance Companies had salespeople who went door to door.

Exactly how do affiliate marketers promote these products and service then? By writing reviews about them they could be good reviews or bad reviews depending on the authors own opinions.

People looking for products and services usually go to the internet prior to making purchases looking for reviews. I know that I do and so do more than 85% of all consumers.

The rest ask for opinions from friends and family who in turn usually use the internet to look for reviews for them. Even when looking for a place to grab a snack or going to a movie people use the internet.

With over 4 Billion users on the internet growing daily doing affiliate marketing is just one way of working online to make a great passive income now and well into the future.

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Tools for Affiliate Marketing

What type of tools are you going to need in order to get started in affiliate marketing? Some people have used their smartphone to try to do affiliate marketing but I highly recommend a computer or laptop and a good internet connection.

Training for affiliate marketing is a must if you do not have any prior experience in this field. Learning from experts will get you to where you want to be in a shorter period of time.

Although it might sound very involved and complicated it is a basic process and once you know the process then all you need to do is lather, rinse, and repeat.

Is your first website going to be a big hit? Maybe and maybe not, that is going to depend on YOU. Failure is one thing you need to be able to accept, but never quit and you will reach success.

As a child, I am sure your mother would tell you practice makes perfect. The same applies with affiliate marketing I hear all the same excuses from people of why they cannot do affiliate marketing.

Guess what I even used a few myself when I first began. Having to pick the one I hear the most would be I am not a writer. I cannot write content for a website. Wrong do you text and talk to people? Then you can write.

Writing is nothing more than communicating with someone by typing words on a computer/laptop screen. Being fancy about it or using complicated wording really is not necessary. Make it so people can understand is all you need to do.

You are going to need to figure out what “Niche” your website is going to be about. Right, what is a “Niche”? That is only a topic that you have an interest in, it does not really even need to be something you know a lot about.

Selecting a “Niche” is where everyone wastes so much time trying to decide. Your “Niche” needs to be something that you can talk about forever never getting bored with it.

Some people worry about how they are going to monetize a website making money. There are over 50 ways to monetize a website so never fear you can earn from any “Niche” you select.

A must have is a “Keyword Research Tool”. Wondering what this is? When people search the internet every second of the day and night the major search engines record the exact words they are using to find results.


By knowing what those words are and using them to write content for your website is vital for the search engines to find your content and rank it on the pages. Ranking is at what position on a page your article lands not the whole website.

Ideally, you would want all your articles to be on the first page and in the first spot, but that is not being realistic. Getting just one to that position in rank takes time. There are many factors that come into play for ranking, not just “keywords”.

Training in SEO another essential part of affiliate marketing to rank your content. Knowing how to use proper SEO is the thing because there is “White Hat” and “Black Hat” when it comes to doing SEO for a website.

“White Hat” methods are the correct way of doing SEO for on-page and off-page. “Black Hat” uses some underhanded tricks to rank your website faster, but in the end can get your website taken down and blocked.

There are website owners out there that do not care about following the rules and use the “Black Hat” methods trying to haul in an ROI quickly but it never lasts.

Having the choice of earning income for years from my website or only a couple of months then getting shut down I will take the years every time.

Of course, you are going to need a website and hosting on the internet for your online business. We all know that many of the hosting companies out there will offer you free or highly discounted websites and hosting for a limited time.

I would like to suggest not falling for these cheap start-ups they are only going to end up costing you in the end. Much more than what you will be paying with the upgrade to the training I will be sending you to in the next section.

As a matter of fact, the training I will be sending you to is going to provide you with all these tools and then more. Best of all, you are going to be able to get started for 100% Free No Credit Card Required and no obligation to upgrade ever!

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Free Training for Affiliate Marketing

Yes, you are reading that correctly. Today you can start training for FREE and I am going to be showing you right now what you are going to get with a Free Starter Membership to Wealthy Affiliates.

All you need to do is fill out the “Create Your Free Account Now” that looks like the screenshot below:

AFMFB signup screenshot

This is going to take you right to the website to begin your training. You will get 20 Free Lessons these include Level 1 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification consisting of 10 Lessons screenshot below:

OEC Training Level 1 (10 Lessons)

Next, you have Level 1 in the Affiliate Boot Camp Training another 10 Lessons screenshot below:

Boot Camp Training Level 1 (10 Lessons)

Complete all 10 Lessons in either the Online Entrepreneur Certification or the Affiliate Boot Camp Training you are going to have created a website live ready for hosting on the internet.

So where did that website come from? With Wealthy Affiliate “Free Starter Membership” you are going to receive 2 Free Websites on the subdomain for FREE.

Build My Website on a free domain screenshotBuilding this is not difficult at all you will be walked through each step on video showing you exactly what to do and how to do it. Pausing the video to work in another tab worked great when I was doing the training.

As you are deciding on your “Niche” another thing to keep in mind is the domain name and title for your website. Selecting “On a free domain” from above will prompt you to select both the domain name and title for your website.

Screenshot of select a domain name and website title

Please note, a domain name once selected cannot be changed and you will need to select another using your second free website. A website title can be changed later if you are not happy with it.

Using a keyword in the domain name and title is a good idea with “Niche” selection letting your audience and the search engines know what your website is all about.

Back when the internet started it was always advisable to have the domain name and title match. Today this is not the case with the number of websites on the internet today.

Following this, you are now going to begin to build out your website. Calm down there is nothing complicated with building a website today. With all the advances made in the online world below, you will see you need to select a theme for your site.

Free WordPress Themes Offered

No prior experience is required to build a website, no technical experience, and no coding like back when the internet started out all that is taken care of behind the scenes for you.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you 12 Free WordPress Themes to chose from for building your website. These themes can be customized to fit any niche to your liking.

Just a small review of what you are getting for free so far, that would be 20 lessons, 2 websites on the subdomain, and free hosting for both of these websites. What a deal so far don’t you think?

Guess what though I am not even finished with all the free stuff you are getting, there is more.

  • Beginners Training Course
  • Website Backup – done daily so you do not lose any of the work you have done.
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • 2 Classrooms
  • Affiliate Program
  • Earn While You Learn
  • 30 Free Keyword Searches on Jaaxy Lite
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Live Chat 24/7

You will be limited on Keyword Searches, One-on-One Coaching, and the Live Chat 24/7 with the Free Starter Membership. As you can see you get 30 free searches and the One-on-One Coaching and Live Chat 24/7 is for the first seven days only.

Honestly, I am so confident in this training that you will take the upgrade prior to your seven days being up I am not concerned about you losing them. Unless of course, you are not serious about making a passive income online.

Upgrading to the Premium Membership is simple and by doing so during your first seven days you will get a 61% discount off the regular monthly membership. This means you get another full 30 days for only $19.00.

When that is over then you are going to have a choice to select how you want to pay your membership. The chart below breaks this down for every budget making this affordable for everyone.

Wealthy affiliate membership chart

Premium Membership offers everything that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. The one thing that I found amazing with this training is you can learn so many new skills it is better than getting a college education in SEO.

Every week we have a Live Training Coach teaching a new topic about reaching success levels you are not going to find offered any place else. Jay Neill (Profile: magistudios) has over 15 years of experience in the online world.

He holds a live question and answers session after each training for those in attendance making it easy to get responses to things you might not understand.

Jay offers us many tools that we can use for free, he has researched these showing us they work. He keeps everything in simple terms that even the newcomers to the internet can understand.

The process is really not complicated as long as you can follow simple directions showing you exactly what to do step by step and apply everything you learn success is coming eventually.

With Live Chat available 24/7 being able to get answers to questions in real time from the experienced members is easy. If there is no one available in Live Chat to answer the question you have the option to ask the whole community.

As a Premium Member, you have access to the owners of the company Carson and Kyle who are always open to helping you with any questions you might have.

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In Conclusion

To list everything that is available with the Premium Membership here is just impossible. It is so much it fills a website and more with what is available.

Wonder what you think all that FREE training is worth including the 2 free websites and free hosting for both of them would be? Hearing your thoughts on this in the comment section below would be great.

Get yours today click the box below “Create Your Free Account Now” No Credit Card Required” under no obligation to upgrade ever. The Premium Membership is all-inclusive only exception is the cost of your own domain names.

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Please leave me comments, suggestions, or questions you have for me in the space provided below. I answer these usually within 24 hours.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article “Affiliate Marketing Benefits”.

Best wishes to your future online success,




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