Affiliate Marketing Get Started – Make Money Online No Start Up Fees!

Affiliate Marketing Get Started

Make Money Online No Start Up Fees!

Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest businesses online to operate. Cost effective when you look at starting your own business and highly profitable once you become an authority within a niche.

Problem is most people do not know how to get started in the affiliate marketing business. Promises from the gurus and scammers of making money online quickly can get in the way of learning the right way of doing affiliate marketing with all their “shiny objects”.

Can you get started with no initial investment? Yes, you can but know that eventually, you are going to need to invest for the future of your business to grow in order to make the kind of money replacing a current job.

Another thing that the gurus and scammers out there want you to believe is with the systems they are selling you is there is no work involved. They are going to provide you with a magic push-button system and all you do is sit back and wait.

Not true, this is why none of those systems work. When you try to get help from them you are looking at spending more of your hard-earned money for the next step as they call it. STOP wasting your money NOW TODAY!

The box below is a shortcut to “Create Your Free Account Now” should you not want to take the time to read my complete article, which I am hoping that you will do. It gives you information about the place you are going to learn affiliate marketing.

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This is completely free to try with no obligation, you do not even need your Credit Card to get started!

How To Get Started

For years I searched for a way to make money online trying many of the systems the gurus and scammers claimed to earn you fast cash in as little as 24 hours.

You have seen them I am sure the problem is none of them have worked for me. Guess they did not work for you either or you would not be here right now.

Seriously I am not a college graduate neither am I stupid knowing exactly how we can make money online was not only probable but possible what we need is a way to learn what and how to do it.

Life gets in the way for most of us doing research to find this method of earning online. Today you need to look no more with the information I am going to provide here you can join a community of like-minded individuals and learn the real truth.

Shall we begin? The place you need to be is called Wealthy Affiliate the company was established in 2005 by two gentlemen who met in college.

Carson and Kyle realized making money online was a process what they wanted to do was find the proper process. After working online for a couple of years knowing their process worked well they started Wealthy Affiliate teaching others the same process.

Carson & Kyle picture
Carson & Kyle
Co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate

Learning from experts is where you can begin with Affiliate Marketing then grow into other diversified ways of earning even more income online.

Want to hear the absolute best thing about Wealthy Affiliate? You can start right now today for 100% FREE you do not need a Credit Card or any personal information to create your account. Click the box below it will take you to the page below.

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Training At Wealthy Affiliate

Free Starter Members will receive 20 free lessons, 2 free websites on the domain, free hosting for both websites, Live Chat 24/7 for the first seven days, 2 Classrooms, and a few other features offered.

I recommend starting with the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) Level 1 – which is 10 Lessons – listed below:

OEC Training Level 1

After you have completed these if you wish then you can move onto the Affiliate Boot Camp Training Level 1 – another 10 Lessons – listed below:

Bootcamp Training Level 1

Kyle teaches all these lessons with video instructions showing you exactly what to do and how to do it. You can pause the videos to follow along or watch these as many times as you would like they are available to you if you remain active.

Building your website will be done on the WordPress Website Builder Platform this is the number one used website builder used worldwide. WordPress is easy to use and navigate with Kyle instructing you completely through the build.

Have no clue about coding for a website? No problem you will receive 12 free WordPress Themes to choose from for building your websites.

screenshot of WordPress themes

A website is not going to be any good without hosting on the major search engines of Google, Bing, and Yahoo, Wealthy Affiliate provides your hosting on both websites free.

All of these remain free to you as long as you continue to work on the training posting to your website on a consistent basis. Should you let your account go dormant for 30 days or longer then the website will be taken down.

Live Chat 24/7 is only available to Starter Members for the first seven days make use of this for asking any question you have about Wealthy Affiliate or should you need help with training.

Live Chat 24/7 screenshot

Experienced members of the community will be happy to help you the process was set up as a pay it forward community where the most experienced members will take the time to help you.

During this seven day trial period, I will offer my services for One on One Coaching and mentoring absolutely free of charge try to find that with any of the gurus offers.

Here is where you can decide about whether this is going to be right for you. Affiliate Marketing, in the beginning, takes work, dedication, commitment, time, and tons of patience.

If you are not willing to work and set time aside to work on your business then nothing is going to happen. Growing an online business takes time until the search engines recognize you as an authority within any niche.

The number one question I will see in Live Chat from all-new Starter Members is “How long before I make any money?”. This is a question that has multiple factors in order to answer it will not be the same amount of time for any two people.

Factors that formulate into answering the question are how competitive is the niche, how much time are you going to dedicate to working on your business, what type of content are you writing, are you using great keywords, etc.

Some members have found they are able to earn in as little as three months but if you are talking about earning four or five figures a month income it will take at least a year or longer to see this happen.

As a Free Starter Member if you decide that this is not right for you then you can walk away with no obligation to ever think about going to the Premium Membership.

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Premium Membership At Wealthy Affiliate

For those of you who are curious about the Premium Membership with Wealthy Affiliate here, I will give you just some highlight of all the benefits they offer. To give you all would take more than just an article it would take a complete book.

Wealthy Affiliate has no up sales ever this is another thing that I want to point out of importance. The only other cost you will ever incur other than the membership fees is the price of your own domains they run at the most $15.99 per year.

Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training is 5 Levels containing 10 Lessons consisting of courses walking you through the process of creating and growing your business within absolutely ANY niche that you want.

Affiliate Boot Camp Training is a 7 Level (70 lessons) series of courses walking you through the process of creating and establishing a business in a niche related to the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate.

Live Events every Friday night with a Live Training Coach (Jay profile magistudios) with all these recorded and archived for you to watch over and over if needed. Jay an expert at WA also answers questions live at the end of each training.

Picture of Jay
Jay Live Training Coach
Profile (magistudio)

Live Chat is available 24/7 access is Unlimited to Premium Members.

Private Messaging is an email within Wealthy Affiliate to talk privately to other Premium Members or you can actually contact the owners Carson or Kyle directly anytime with questions.

50 Websites are included with the Premium Membership – 25 on the domain and you can purchase 25 of your own domain names and have them hosted at Wealthy Affiliate no additional fees.

Website Security Package for all 50 of your websites.

Keyword Research Tool – Jaaxy Lite is included to Premium Members with unlimited searches (Starter Members are limited to only 30 free searches).

12 Training Classrooms where you can ask for expert opinions and find help with any questions you have.

Earn While You Learn – Wealthy Affiliate pays commissions for those you refer into the community the Premium Members are paid at 2X the amount of the Starter Members. (See chart below.)

Earn Commissions While You Learn

24/7/365 Site Support – Having technical difficulties no worries Site Support is always available to fix any of the issues that can possibly arise, my experience is they have fixed these in under an hour in most cases.

Website Feedback, Website Comments, and Website Analysis – help with all these can make sure your website is going to rank as high on the search engines.

This list is no means conclusive of what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer for the membership fee, I encourage you to try to find another hosting company or training company that offers what they do for the value offered. (Fees Chart Below.)

Membership Fees WA

Proof Wealthy Affiliate Works

Feeling skeptical about if Wealthy Affiliate works or not? I know that I did prior to joining and learning what it takes to become successful online.

Including some younger members, success stories are one way to let you know this works. I have included personal blog posts attached to each profile picture below, these will give you an idea of what it takes to become successful.

Jerry Huang Profile Picture
Jerry Huang Profile Picture
Grace (littlemama) Profile Picture
Grace (littlemama) Profile Name
Jerry Haung Success
Jerry Huang is only 21 years old this is after only
2 years with WA
Dale 123 Patience Pays Off!
Dale123 Patience Pays Off!








Is Wealthy Affiliate for everyone? Definitely not, but for those who are looking for the right way of learning how to make money online to me it is the only place to be.

kids earn for free banner

In Conclusion

You can keep searching the internet trying to find a way to make money online, but when you get tired I am hoping you bookmarked this website to return and get your Free Starter Account.

Better yet your here why not “Create Your Free Account Now” you are under no obligation, you do not even need a credit card to get started. Click the box below and get started today earning a passive income online for the rest of your life!

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Hearing from my readers is always appreciated please leave any comments, suggestions, or questions in the space provided below.

Thank you for taking the time to read the complete article I will see you on the inside my profile is Marley2016 stop over and say “Hello”.

Best wishes to your future online success,


8 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Get Started – Make Money Online No Start Up Fees!”

  1. Great article.  Wealthy Affiliate is #1 when it comes to training new affiliates in starting and growing their online business organically.  The best reason to try WA University is that it is free for the first set of courses.  Do you see Harvard and Yale giving away the first semester to the students to allow them to try their programs.  Wealthy Affiliate is hands down the place to go for beginners.

    • Doug,

      Thank you for your kind words about my article.  Wealthy Affiliate is better than a college education if you are willing to stick with the training.  I have searched for the benefits that you receive with WA no place else comes close.  The cost of membership is a steal for everything they provide, you cannot even get hosting for one website that compares to WA.

      Thank you for visiting today,


  2. When I first started affiliate marketing, I had no education on the subject and was jumping from one program to the next, losing my hard-earned money along the way.

    All that has stopped since I joined Wealthy Affiliates. What I love about WA is that it provides the best of training and a very supportive community. I have started my training and also set up two websites hosted on the Wealthy Affiliates platform.

    This is easily the best training on Affiliate Marketing out there. WA works, as there are hundreds of testimonials from members to prove this point. 

    • Phranell,

      I am writing as many articles as I can to help others find Wealthy Affiliate they need to stop chasing the “shiny objects” gurus and scammers are out there promoting.  They might be cheap when you start but the up sales are going to cost them dearly.  Unfortunately, people see those hyped up advertisements falling for the magic buttons helping others find the real way to make money online is one of my biggest goals.  There is room for many in this business if I can only help one or two people find Wealthy Affiliate then all my work is worth the time I invest.

      Thank you for visiting,


  3. Having 15 years experience in Affiliate and Network Marketing I joined Wealthy Affiliate 4 years ago and have learned so much I hadn’t learned through more than 2 dozen other programs. Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim know affiliate marketing and have earned millions of dollars with it.

    Unlike most Guru figure they sell you the whole package and not pieces. There are no upgrades after going premium, and no hidden cost. Most Gurus count on you to have $500 or more to buy their total course or software. After that, you will need to invest in some form of paid advertising to expedite your success in the timeframe they say is possible. In all, you will risk $1500 or more to make your first few sales.

    With Wealthy Affiliate, you can learn a lot of money saving tips on paid advertising but the focus of the community is on building a lasting and growing stream of free search engine traffic. You will learn to write and review even if you have never done so before. You will find out how to create a website in a matter of hours even if you have never done so before. All of this through step by step and over the shoulder videos.

    Thank you for the support you give in the community and here on your website.

    Andy Zeus Anderson

    • Andy,

      I cannot say just thank you for these words in your comment they resound all that I feel with Wealthy Affiliate.  What I have learned by joining this wonderful community is so awesome, Kyle and Carson created a place where people can from all over the world learn to make a passive income for years to come.  The training is step by step with the video showing you exactly what to do and how to do it.

      Community at Wealthy Affiliate pays it forward every minute of the day and night with Live Chat members are always coming to each other aid helping with the smallest of questions or solving problems by putting their heads together.  

      Jay, the Live Training Coach with his weekly Live Events so valuable that what a premium membership fee costs does not begin to cover the vast amount of information he provides in his training.

      My website was created to help others know that Wealthy Affiliate is the only place they need to be to make money online for years to come if they are willing to work for it in the beginning.

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment to my article,


  4. Hey Susan,

    I’ve been at the Wealthy Affiliate Academy for over two years. I think I’ll stay for a long time.

    What makes Wealthy Affiliate unique and special?

    Support and Help.

    When you start with affiliate marketing, it is very important to have step-by-step training with the instant help of experienced experts.

    This is the best part of the Wealthy Affiliate …. In a second you get help … and Kyle, an owner of Wealthy Affiliate, personally answers questions on a daily basis…priceless.

    Have a nice day,


    • Leo,

      Thank you for commenting on my article today.  Wealthy Affiliate took me some time to find but I will never leave the community is more than helpful with answers to any questions I have.  Finding help is just seconds away including technical help from Site Support they are better than any Help Desk you are going to locate out there.

      Carson and Kyle although the two are millionaires are down to earth and care about the members you need more company owners like these two taking care of business is important to them.

      Hoping my article reaches many looking for a way to make money online so they stop wasting their hard-earned wages on scams.

      Thank you again,


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