Best Business to Start From Home – On a Shoestring Budget!

Best Business to Start From Home

On a Shoestring Budget!


Ever wanted your own business? Today I am going to tell you about an online business you can “Start from Home” for 100% FREE!

This is not going to be like any of those get-rich-quick deals that you have seen with all the hyped up garbage about making money following some magic push-button system.

If you would like to skip reading the whole article I do understand we all have limited time available in a day. Cutting right to the chase is always sometimes the best.

Click the box below and “Create Your Free Account Now” page will be available. Remember this is 100% FREE to try no stings attached and No Credit Card Required!

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Who Can Start A Business For FREE?

YOU can along with anyone else who is just willing to give it a try! The internet is full of scams, this is true, but I am here to offer you an invitation to start your own online business for Free.

finger pointing at person reading screen

That’s right I am not going to try to sell you a single thing! No videos, no trash talk, no you can make thousands by joining me today. All I ask is you give yourself a chance to try this out to see if you are interested.

Starting an online business is cheaper than one can begin to imagine.  So if you are thinking of spending tons of money for up sales on those other programs don’t do it!

As for all the free training you think you are going to find on YouTube or other places been there tried them too! They are only free up to a certain point if you can even comprehend what they are talking about.

What you want is a place that everything you require to run an online or offline business is all in one place, you know like having an all-in-one course.

This invitation that I have extended to you is just that! You not only have step by step training with video to show you exactly how to do things but so much more.

How Much Does It Cost?

Let me ask you this – How much would you be willing to pay for 20 Lessons, 2 websites, and free hosting for those websites? Not to mention having Live Support 24/7 to talk to experienced online entrepreneurs, and one on one coaching for seven days?

Have you figured out what you would be willing to pay? Well, you are wrong, all of that is no going to cost you a single penny! You heard me correctly NOT A SINGLE PENNY, that is the invitation I have extended to you.

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Want to hear the best part of it all? After the seven days is up you can keep the free training! The 20 Lessons to refer back to any time you want, you keep the 2 websites, and the free hosting.

The only way you will lose any of these are if you become inactive for 30 days or more by not actively working on them.

Did you ever check to see what a website costs to be set up? What about hosting with all the bells and whistles of Site Speed, SSL Certificates, and Site Protection? Do not forget Site Support you know for all the technical stuff!

Consider This

Someone offers you a chance to open your own online business for FREE, you try it out with training and decide it is something that you really would be interested in.

What kind of costs are then involved? Exact point I was making above I have taken the time to check these costs out for one website alone after the promotional year of $432.74,  you are then looking at $520.50 a year!  FOR ONE WEBSITE ONLY!

Go daddy or WA comparison

Other hosting companies offer those great first year starter deals too not just the one above, but you are not guaranteed prices with these companies either they are subject to change at any time.

For myself I like to know my budget is going to cover what is needed without worrying about price increases.  Staying where I am now is a steal compared to those other hosting companies.

The plan I have is a membership with a community that offers training, live support from members 24/7 with Live Chat, Site Support for all technical issues 24/7 (365 days a year), Live Training weekly with a Coach (with a question and answer time live), 12 Classrooms for questions and answers, 50 Websites with Free hosting for them ALL, 25 on a free domain and 25 on domains that you own (this is the only other cost involved above membership), and there is so much more.

Have any idea what all of this would cost for a month? What would you be willing to pay a month for something this valuable?

The fact is you can have all of this for less than you think to me it is a complete steal for all you get in return on your investment. (Do not tell the owners – they have not raised the price in 14 years)

Below is a chart of the Premium Membership Dues, remember you never lose the Free Starter Account you are being invited to right now that is yours to keep for as long as you remain active.

Membership Fees WA

Another thing to remember with the training you will get from the Premium Membership you can set up your own home business doing websites for local businesses.

Training in SEO and custom websites will give you the opportunity to make money working locally for any small business in your area, providing them with a website that can drive more traffic to their business.

Charges for building websites is a lucrative business, but you can also have the maintenance contract that will pay you a recurring monthly fee set by you for the maintenance and hosting of the site. This can run into a few hundred dollars easily.

Point here being with where I am inviting you to join – as a FREE member – should you decide this is something you would like to do – you take the Premium Membership – you have 50 websites under the one monthly rate!!

How may websites are you going to run yourself for an online business? One, two, or three at the most? This gives you up two 22 websites that you can build and maintain for businesses.

But 3 websites and 22 websites only adds up to a total of 25 thought you said 50 websites?  That is correct only 25 of those websites will be hosted on a subdomain that is free to you.

The other 25 websites must have their own domain name which is owned by you this is the only added cost the the monthly premium membership.  You can purchase the domain names right on site with a guaranteed renewal rate.

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What Type of Income Can Be Expected?

Even beginners are able to work with Local SEO with a minimal amount of training in 6 months, according to experienced members building and charging maintenance on websites is highly profitable.

local Seo Training

Local businesses pay for advertising, it is included in their budgets should they invest with you as a website design hosting company you can not only get them more business but save them money on advertising!

Contracts for running this type of business are easy to set up and you hold all the control, of course, you need to price yourself competitively for your area. So doing homework here pays off as well.

For my area a regular 3-page website, not including a Privacy Policy or About/History Page (I throw these in for free) limit the amount of content on the pages to 1000 words charging $350.00 for the set-up / build / design.

This is on a theme of my choice and with over 3000 themes to choose from under my membership I have no trouble finding one to fit the needs of a customer.

Next, because they are going to need updating, maintenance, and hosting every month the amount for that would be $100.00 each and every month.

Compare just what one small website can earn you over what the membership costs above. Then you will see that you can work with a profit within 6 months or fewer applying what you are trained to do.

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In Closing

Notice that the whole way through this article I did not mention the company name? There is an explanation of course, providing the company name prior to getting to the end of this article you might have thought that’s not for me.

See in taking the time to explain that working from home-owning your own business does not have to be all about working online, I have given you multiple ideas to think about.

Revealing the company name might have made you think – I have heard of that before forget it –  not interested without hearing me out – you would have click away from the page.

Interested in where you can start this training for 100% FREE right now?

This is not a get-rich-quick- scam you are going to have to work to learn the business part of all this!

Want to change your life for the better?

Join me now instead of looking for a magic button that does not exist click the box “Create Your Free Account Now”! What are you waiting for?  (Special Bonus:  Go Premium within the first seven days and the 1st month will be $19.)

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I greatly appreciate hearing from all my readers, leaving comments, suggestions, answering my questions to help others decide, or asking me questions, please leave them in the space provided below. I answer them all usually with in 24 hours.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about starting your own online business or offline just know the training is available.

Best wishes to your future success,


10 thoughts on “Best Business to Start From Home – On a Shoestring Budget!”

  1. I believe online business is easy to start and doesn’t require much in funds, just mostly your time and dedication. 

    Your offer is definitely a great opportunity, the platform advertised will be very beneficial as I am a student and I’m looking for a source of income.  I would try out the free membership and if I like the platform, I would be willing to pay for the membership. 

    Thanks for the insight into this type of place.

    • Aweda,

      As a student, you would benefit from a place where you can begin for free to make sure this would work for you.  Many people might not find that this is something that would interest them knowing prior to spending any of their earnings just makes sense.

      We have many students inside the community who are earning from starting their own online businesses.  One young man is only 21 years old, he gave up a college education because it was not what interested him this was his dream and he is making over 4 figures a month already in passive income.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my article please come back anytime,


  2. Awesome Susan, I enjoyed reading your entire article with great interest. It’s not only your experience, but you’ve also written it from your heart of helping others, that I appreciate a lot. 

    In your review you have not left a single bit of doubt that needs to be elaborated further, it’s complete in all sense. And, I also loved the title of your website, it’s too easy to remember. I’ll keep visiting your site for more of such articles. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome review. Glad I found it. 



    • Akshay,

      Helping others to start an online business where they can make a passive income is what I would like to do for those who are interested.  What they need to know is it does not provide a get-rich-quick income.  If that is something that people are looking for they are better off getting a job.

      Online business takes time to build just like a regular brick and mortar business.  But with a chance to try it for completely FREE then anyone can make sure it is right for them prior to spending any money.  Best of all you can keep the free membership and keep working on the free websites for as long as you want.

      Thank you for taking the time to respond to my article I love hearing from my visitors,


  3. Hi Susan, 

    The internet is truly full of scams and as such, one needs to do intensive research on any online business product before getting involved. 

    Wow, your offer is very much interesting, I mean 20 lessons, 2 websites and free hosting all for free for the period of 7 days. I will definitely take you up on that invitation. 

    Thanks for your promising article. The newbies in internet business will be so lucky to stumble upon this your great article. Keep up the good work.

    • Gracen,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my article on starting a business from home on a shoestring budget.  I want to help as many people as possible avoid scams that people place on the internet every day taking money from people who cannot afford to keep buying those programs.

      If only one person reads this article and takes the chance on themselves they can learn to make a passive income online for the rest of their life.

      Thank you and best wishes to your future success,


  4. Dear Susan,

    Thanks a lot for the informative and insightful post.

    Being a full-time blogger and looking for ways to monetize my business your post gave me helpful insights. I never ever thought of Local businesses and local marketing. I do know how to create a website and using that I can earn money from local businesses, wow! this is amazing and an eye-opener.

    Thanks for sharing and indeed some are charging a lot of money for hosting, ssl, domain name etc., but I can do it at a much much cheaper rate. I am going to implement what I learned from your post. I am with the same company you are talking about and they are awesome, even I got the SSL for my site for free.

    Much Success!


    • Paul,

      With your experience in blogging then you know SEO nothing better than using this to bring even more income to you every month.  Building websites is a lucrative way to easily supplement a bloggers income with the knowledge you already have.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my article today and wishing you much success in building out your online business as well as taking it offline.

      Best wishes,


  5. I like the fact that you let everyone one that is not a get rich quick scheme like most people looking for how to make money online usually look for and later get scammed at the long run

    You really take your time to explain about the wonderful platform but you don’t mention the name any way I know the name and it a good place to be if you are really looking for how to work from home or build your own business.

    • Ajibola,

      Very true thank you for noticing I did not mention the name of the company or program that I am offering an invitation to.  Please note I have a very good reason for doing this.  Most would presume that with the name of the company revealed in my article that this would be all they could learn from the community.

      In order to keep people from jumping to conclusions over the name of the company, I have kept it out of the article for that very reason.  Benefits within the community are most rewarding and when people are open minded it makes things easier for them to go forward.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my article today, but also for not revealing the name of the company,



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