Creating Passive Income Stream Ideas

Creating Passive Income Stream Ideas

Good morning readers, this morning I was just thinking that what I have accomplished with my business might be of interest to you and that is “creating passive income streams” but you need ideas on how to make these work am I right?

How to Create Passive Income Streams

Everyone today deals with residual income as the main source of income for their life, going to work making money from a paycheck and then paying their bills in order to survive.

What if you could find a way to create a passive income stream that would pay you the rest of your life and you did not have to go to the company you are working for to make the residual income paycheck you use now?

Would you be interested in working from home on your own schedule? But what exactly and how exactly would you create such an income stream that you would no longer need that job?

And what can you do, no skills, no ideas, no knowledge of any kind on how to create a passive income that you would no longer need to worry about having that job you have now?

You hear of people all the time making money online and think that it would be great but have already been caught up in the “Shiny Object Syndrome” that all the gurus and scam artist sell 24/7 on television and the internet.

There is a serious way to earn money online and create the passive income you are looking for without buying into the gurus and scam artists pitfalls, spending your hard-earned money on the programs and systems that do not exist or do not work.

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Besides most of these might start out with a nice small buy-in factor and then once inside them you could end up spending tens of thousands of dollars either with an MLM or an outdated system that will never make you a dime.

Today I am going to let you in on the real secret of making money online! Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation

Making Money Online

What you need in order to even start making money online is your own website, and domain names can be purchased cheap or at a very reasonable price for a whole year, the most expensive one I have seen is $16.99 for the year.

One thing you need to know when you do purchase a domain is that you need to check the privacy setting if you do not have the privacy then people can see your name, address, and other personal information from your website.

Next, you are going to need hosting this is what you have to purchase for your domain to be put out on the internet search engines for people to locate your website.

But now you need to build the website from scratch for the business you want to run online, and that becomes a huge problem, right? Even if you get one of the FREE website builders from GoDaddy, Wix, Weebly, or others what exactly do you know about building the website.

Not only all the above are required but what exactly are you going to be putting on the website to make money from? This is where you are going to need an idea for your online business that is called a niche, helping others with a solution to problems is how you create a passive income online.

Wait there is more, so now you are saying well then forget this way too complicated for me right? When really it is not if you can get a step by step training to help you with it all! 

Passive Income Stream Ideas

There are some evergreen income streams that you can never go wrong in but they are highly competitive not saying that you cannot break into them it just takes time and creativity with ideas and keywords.

If you communicate with others by texting or email then writing content for on a website is no different from carrying a conversation with your friends or neighbors telling them about things that you yourself are using or trying.

Writing reviews on products that people purchase daily can provide you with an income stream for years to come prior to purchasing something what do you usually do? Research about the product to find the best deal for the best price right?

Choosing a Niche

Many people think of passive income as investments but this is far from being correct even a savings account is not going to provide you with the income required for retirement or living life the way you would imagine and like.

Setting up multiple passive income streams with a website is easy and affordable and your not looking at investing money that you will easily miss.

Where I was able to cut all the costs of using a system to set up multiple streams of passive income also supplies the website themes and hosting required under one umbrella cheaper than purchasing all these things separately.

With this company you will also receive training, website building, community help, one on one coaching, mentors, hosting, Site Speed, SSl Certificates, Site Protection, Live Chat 24/7 for help, classrooms for help, and so much more. 

Residual or Passive Income

Here are your choices for the rest of your life, working for someone else and collecting a paycheck living under their thumbs or taking some time and investing it in yourself and setting up your own stream of passive income to become free.

I chose the passive income over the residual, and mean sure you need to hold on to that paycheck until the passive income stream kicks in and you are making more than what you do at that job you hold now.

After that the sky is the limit, you can set up more websites because I mean really who starts a business with such a small investment of $16.99 for a whole year?

Now wait I did forget the other necessities of hosting and all that, but with the place I am recommending to you this is so cheap considering the membership fee for all the benefits that I simply forgot to mention it is only $49.00 for a month for 50 websites, or you can get in for a discount rate for a 6 month or yearly membership fee cutting that cost almost in half for the year.

New Page Membership Options

Research is the key to finding the business you want to run and how much it is going to cost you with this membership is a drop in the bucket compared to what most online Entrepreneurs have spent to make their millions and billions.

Some members are creative enough to see money rolling in after only 3 months with their membership, others who do not apply the training to what they are doing have been there for a couple of years prior to seeing any income.

This is a business that is dependent on your dedication and time spent doing what needs to be done, commitment will take you where you want to go, failures will lead to success, and doing what is right for you and your life is up to you. 

In Closing

Fact is we need people to work those jobs in this world for the paycheck they are getting, but that does not mean you have to be one of them not if you dream of something bigger.

Having the freedom to live a laptop lifestyle and travel when I want is more my style but might not be what you want out of life at all, owning a big house, or fancy cars might be more your style.

Whichever lifestyle you are looking for your the only one that knows can be accomplished with a passive income for the rest of your life, but only if you are willing to commit to the dedication required to work, put in the time, and be patient enough to make it happen.

What type of lifestyle do you want?

Where do you see yourself 5 or 10 years from now? (working that same job?)

Are you willing to take a chance on you and commit?

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I sure you like to know the answers to these questions along with any comments, suggestion, or questions you have please leave them in the space provided below.

Thank you for stopping by today and hope you return soon, bookmark the site in case you want to read more,



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