Disabled And Want To Work? – Job for the Disabled at Home.

Disabled And Want To Work? 

Job for the Disabled at Home

Are you “Disabled and want to work”?  Because there is something you can do from home and seriously anyone looking for a way to work from home is invited to join as well.

Do not want to read my complete article you can >>>CLICK HERE<<< and go to the signup screen.  Wish you would read this it will help with you making a great decision.

Disabled and Want to Work?

Knowing I am not the only disabled person in the world that wants to be able to work, this is an invitation to you and anyone else who would like to work at home.

Of course, this is not for everyone but for those who would like to make a passive income in the future and start working for it right now.

Girl working on computerIn order to do this work you need a computer or laptop and an internet connection these are the only basic tools you will require in order to do this type of work.

You need no experience at all if you have a few computer skills it will make this even easier but those are not even necessary because you will get all the training required along with help if needed.

Being able to read and follow directions is a great plus because everything is set up in video form as well as written out so you can refer back to it as many times as needed to make sure you are doing things the correct way.

This involves setting up your own online business that you can grow into a diversified way of making income for years to come either through your own websites or building them for others in your community.

Building websites for others and doing the regular maintenance and updates on them is a very profitable business, along with this you will be learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization) another highly profitable resource to make money with.

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Start a Business for FREE

This is a business that you can start for FREE and by this, I do mean totally Free you do not need a credit card to sign up for this training as a Stater Member.

Most times when you find these offers they always say come join today for free but the second you click on them you are taken to some hyped up video with fancy cars and houses and the person telling you how poor they were before they discovered this great system to make money and now they want to share it with you.

Once the video is over you then have to hurry because they can only let so many people have the system and time is running out, click the link below and secure yours today.

Bingo the very next screen you need a credit card to sign up and at times they give you a money back guarantee but other times you are spending money for something that is not going to work or has more up sales that are going to cost you in the thousands.

This invitation that I am extending to you today is not a system that is guaranteeing you anything except the chance to change your life by being able to run a real online business with your own work and input.

The work can be done on a schedule that is convenient for you and can be done in a time frame that suits your own lifestyle so if you happen to already have a job and are looking for more then this will work for you as well.

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Join Training for Free

Below is the screen you will be taken to upon clicking anywhere on the image below, but you can continue to read the rest of this article and there will be another link down at the bottom for you to use also.

Sign Up Page

After filling in this form you are taken directly to the Wealthy Affiliate website where you can look around prior to watching the “Getting Started” video that will walk you through how to finish setting up your profile and explain what you are going to be learning with the training.

Starter Members are entitled to the following when they join for FREE

  • 20 Free Lessons
  • Level 1 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) – 10 Lessons
  • Level 1 of the Affiliate Boot camp Training – 10 Lessons
  • 2 Free Websites on the siterubix subdomain name
  • Free Hosting with Amazon c3.large (faster)
  • Free Site Speed, SSL Certification, and Site Protection
  • Two Classrooms for help with answering questions
  • Live Chat 24/7 for the first seven days (which is the Free trial period)

With the availability of the Live Chat as a Starter Member for the first seven days only if you should have any questions about the community this is a good place to start to find the information you are looking for.

You can read through personal blog posts from other members who have been with Wealthy Affiliate for years finding out how they reached their online success and how long it took them to build their business.

As a Free (Starter) Member this is one of the best things that I can tell you right now, you never have to upgrade to a Premium Membership until you are ready and if you want to stay a Free Member this is all good you can stay for as long as you want as long as you stay active working on your website.

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Premium Membership Costs

Let’s just say you have found this is something that you are confident that building your own online business is worth the $1.83 a day cost that Wealthy Affiliate would run for the membership on a monthly membership fee.

Then you can sign up right from your Starter Account (oh I forgot to mention that you can get a discount on the first month of Premium if you join within the first seven days after sign up it is only $19.00) Wealthy Affiliate offers three options for the Premium Membership Monthly at $49.00, Six Months at $234.00, and Yearly at $359.00.

New Page Membership Options

A yearly membership gives you the time you would need to seriously build up your online business and see the possibilities of making money because anywhere between 3 months to that first year is usually when this happens.

If you know that you have the commitment and dedication to really work on building your online business and can afford to use the yearly membership then I seriously recommend using it for the savings your business will cost only $.98 a day!

With Wealthy Affiliate you have no up sales to move into the next level the monthly membership fee covers everything you need, the one exception is your domain name but this is something you own and if you ever leave WA you take it with you (cost of domain names range from $13.99 to $15.99 for a year).

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In Closing

When you get on the inside you can check all the other many benefits that are offered at Wealthy Affiliate they are way too numerous to list here in this article.

My invitation for you is what this article is all about nothing more, looking for a way to make a passive income working from home then this is the best opportunity you are ever going to find.

Do you know of any other programs that are offering real free training?

Do they give you two free websites with hosting (along with the bells and whistles)?

Can you remain a free member and keep your websites with the hosting?

Please look to see what you can find I would like to know and you can leave your answers below, along with comments, suggestions, and questions I will reply to them all.

Thank you for reading and hoping you seriously consider my invitation, after all, it is FREE all you need to do is click the box below!

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