Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work? Here Are The Facts!

Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work?

Here Are The Facts!

Ever since I have joined Wealthy Affiliate this question has been brought up time and time again. Seriously as a Premium Member it becomes difficult not to want to go shout it from the mountain tops.

Wealthy Affiliate will work only if you are ready to apply yourself to setting up and operating your own online business! Not ready or wanting to do any work? Then stop wasting time it will not work for you.

Just so you know this is not like any of the reviews you might have found online to date. What this whole article is going to be about is the fact that you must be willing to get involved in working for yourself to improve your life and situation.

Strange thing to say right? Let me explain something to you. Listen up this is not hype it is TRUTH be told right now today! I found Wealthy Affiliate by accident was skeptical to join, but I did. Changing my life forever.

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My Real Story

Keeping this short with just facts do not want to bore you to death. I am a grandmother who lost her husband last year unexpectedly at the end of January. Suffering from depression, anxiety, and panic attacks prior to his death was bad enough only getting worse afterward.

Needless to say I needed to find something to snap me out of the daily depression. Sitting playing on my smart phone all day every day was not cutting it. Neither was the financial loss since his death, money was very tight I was barely making ends meet.

July 4th was coming up and I decided that you know what now with all this time why do you not find a way to work online? But knowing how much money I wasted in the past trying to find a real method of making money online, skeptical was really not describing how I felt. More like is it even possible, would be a better way of looking at it!

Searching I landed on a page that looks just like the one below:

affiliate marketing screen

Still skeptical you know every time you fill in your email that inbox fills up with offers from every guru and scam offer all over the world.

But it did say FREE, and considering my financial situation I decided to give it a shot. Below is the next screen that popped up when I hit the “Get Started” button.

Sign Up Page

No video? No sales page? What is this? Really that is exactly what was going through my mind! Made it this far might as well keep going right? Which I did!

What Happens Next?

After filling in the form I expected the video or sales page would pop up with all the hype of making so much money that I needed to hurry and sign up. That is always what happens for me, does that happen for you?

Guess what? Did not happen you enter a real website for Wealthy Affiliate! Check out the screenshot below

WA Screenshot Getting Started

Kyle, co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate takes the time to welcome you to the community pointing out all the features you can use with the Free Starter Membership.

Once you have finished with this then you should take the time to fill in your profile with a picture, but also take the time to write a little something about yourself for the other members to get to know you a little better.

Not everyone is going to find the Wealthy Affiliate training what they are looking for to begin an online business. But one thing you need to remember is this is not all about affiliate marketing either.

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A few of the other skills that are taught can lead you to opening a business from home earning a passive income monthly with this training. Such as keyword research, search engine optimization, website building/design, freelance writing, etc.

These skills can also enable you to earn even more as you continue to train within the community gaining experience expanding and diversifying business goals.

Proof In Print

Many think that spending $49.00 a month is expensive to invest in Wealthy Affiliate, I believe what benefits they provide along with all that is possible this is an absolute steal of a cost.

Yes, you can get cheap domain names from other hosting companies some even come with a small amount of training. Even the first year of hosting might be really cheap, but you wait until renewal time comes around and the price is then $65.00 or more every month. Plus this is for ONLY ONE SINGLE WEBSITE!

As a Premium Member with Wealthy Affiliate you have 50 websites to host under the monthly membership of only $49.00 that include Site Speed, SSL Certification, and Site Protection. Do not forget to add all that with the other hosting company!

Take a look at some members who have only been with Wealthy Affiliate for a couple of years and where they have made it to in such a short period of time.

littlemamas 2018 success


LV Roopes blog

These members realized the value of Wealthy Affiliate when they joined as Free members had a look around then took the Premium and worked.  Click on them and you will be taken to blog posts they wrote!

Back to myself, it has now been seven months since I have gone Premium with Wealthy Affiliate. I have no regrets the vast amount of knowledge gained with this experience is huge. I look forward to starting work on my business daily.

Helping others inside the community is rewarding getting them over the difficult stages and problems they run into.

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Will I Be Successful?

Sure I will, because I am refusing to give up or quit. This has been a big learning curve at my age that I now embrace learning something new every day. Research is another key to find the success for working online.

Selection of the type of business you want to open is going to govern how soon you will show money roll in from that first website. How do I know this? Research shows that the higher competition in a niche the longer it will be to earn.

You know that as an older person with a competitive edge I picked two of the most competitive niches known on the internet. This will not stop me from becoming highly successful just will take me a little longer to get there.

Have I earned anything to date? Yes, nothing that requires an armored truck yet but this proves that the training works! Proof that all of this works if you are willing to apply everything that Kyle teaches in the training. Listen to the experienced members inside the community you have no choice but to succeed.

my first commission

What about you? Would you not like to give something a try to see if it would be right for you? Especially considering the price is FREE, what is holding you back?

Look I had two choices either find work I could do online or try to find a J.O.B. at 62 years old! Companies are not in the business of hiring seniors they want young fresh minds to hire.

Besides they cannot afford to pay the seniors that have experience it costs them way too much against the bottom line for profits. Hiring two young people is cheaper than hiring one older on with experience.

In Conclusion

I would love to hear your answer to the question “Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work?”

You just received all the information above about them along with proof right from members of the community. You still searching for that magic button? There is no system out there where you are going to get-rich-quick stop searching for it!

get a job

Can’t you hear your parents right now telling you to get a job that is how you make money? Sorry to disappoint them but it is really possible but more highly probable that if you put in the right amount of work you will make more money online.

Passive income that pays month after month sure beats a residual income payday at the end of the week, especially when someone else is controlling those purse strings!

So, what is your excuse that you have not clicked on the box and filled in the “Create Your Free Account Now” form?

Scared? Fear of failure? No Magic Button? Need a Magic Button Try the one Below!!

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Hearing from my readers is always appreciated so if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions please leave them in the space provided below. I answer all of them usually within 24 hours.

Thank you for reading the whole article here today,

Best wishes to you and your future success,


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