Free Traffic For Website – Where and How to Get Free Traffic!

Free Traffic For Website

Where and How to Get Free Traffic!

Owners of websites are always trying to find more ways to drive more traffic to their websites. More traffic means higher rankings within the search engines, in turn, the chance of higher conversion rates is possible.

Exploring the ways to find where and how to get free traffic is what is going to be explained in this article. Hoping you stick around until the end. There could be some valuable tips that you have been missing.

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Where to Find Traffic for Free

Social Media is one of the main sources for finding free traffic for your website which most all are aware of. But make sure you use all these platforms in the correct way is even more important.

Getting banned for posting affiliate links inside the Social Media platforms can get you banned quickly if not done in the proper way.

google plus logoConsidering on April 2, 2019, they will be doing away with Google+ one of the Social Media platforms that many affiliate marketers use are there going to be other options?

According to one of my sources, this will more than likely be replaced by YouTube, they are owned by Google. Investigation of the YouTube Channels if you have taken the time, you will find they now have a discussion tab set up for posting articles from your website.

Something else that I have now run into is hacking of Social Media accounts and Facebook shutting the accounts down completely with no way to access them.

Personally, I lost three business accounts for my websites which has affected my traffic negatively which is not a good thing at all.

Knowing all the ins and outs of using the Social Media Platforms is one way of avoiding negative actions happening to your accounts.

Read all the fine print when you set up the business accounts with each of the platforms this will help you to know what and how to post with each of them. Take the time it will benefit you in the future.

How Many Sites Are There?

social media bubble showing nichesFact is with all the Social Media that has been added to the internet lately, we no longer need to rely on just one of these to drive traffic to our websites.

The more of them you can master the more traffic becomes available to you. I suggest to only do one at a time setting them up and making sure to read those policies even the fine print area.

Working just one at a time will enable you to become fluent in exactly what is required making it easier for you to drive the right traffic to your site and not end up with a high bounce rate.

Believe this there are actually 105 Social Media platforms on the internet today, with Facebook being number one, of course, with over 2 Billion active users as of June 2017.

Which ones should you be joining to drive the right traffic to your website is the question we need to be asking. That is a high number of sites where you could gain some serious free traffic.

Most commonly used is Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, and Pinterest from where I am located. But that is only a small handful out of the mix. What about the other 99 sites available?

What I found is many of the other Social Media platforms are niche related. Wow, how is that for finding a more specific way to driving some traffic to your niche website?

General Purpose Social Networks – 36 Sites

Include Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Linkedin, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Quora, GuysAskGirls, Nextdoor, ProductHunt, AngelList, Kickstarter, WeChat, Skype, Viber, Tumblr, Line, Gab, VK, Reddit, Telegram, Tagged, Myspace, Badoo, Stumbleupon, Foursquare, MeetMe, Meetup, Skyrock, Pinboard, Kiwibox, Twoo, and Yelp.

Photo Sharing Networks – 14 Sites

Here you have Snapfish, Flickr, Photobucket, Shutterfly, 500px, DavianArt, Dronestagram, Fotki, Fotolog, Imgur, Pixabay, WeHeardIt, 43Things, Path, and Uplike.

Lifestyle Networks – 29 Sites

Lifestyles networks include, VampireFreaks, CafeMom, Ravelry, ASmallWorld, ReverbNation, SoundCloud,, Flixster, Gaia Online, BlackPlanet, MyFMB, Care2, CaringBridge, GoFundMe, Tinder, Crokes, GoodReads, Internations, Minds, PlentyofFish, Nexopia, Glocals,, Busuu, English, baby!,, Untappd, and Doximity.

Travel Networks – 4 Sites

Travel only has four sites Wayn, CouchSurfing, TravBuddy, and Tournac.

Gaming Networks – 4 Sites

Looking for gaming networks try Cellufun, MocoSpace, Zynga, and Habbo.

Video Networks – 4 Sites

For video people, you have YouTube, FunnyOrDie, Tout, and Vine.

Reunion Networks – 4 Sites

Looking to find someone from the past try Classmates, MyHeritage, 23andMe, and

Business Networks – 6 Sites

Businesses have their own networks where you can tap into such as Viadeo, Ryze, Xing, Sprybirds, Solaborate, and eToro.

Blogging Related – 3 Sites

Bloggers do not feel left out they have Xanga, Plurk, and LiveJournal.

Finding The Right Platform

goodread logoChecking these platforms you might just find the one that can drive some serious traffic for your website. For example, Goodread is for people who are into reading books a great place for those who are promoting a niche site in that area.

This list is not considered to be conclusive it was updated in 2017 two years ago. Research might lead you to even more platforms within a certain niche always best to look around seeing what might be available to serve you best.

Checking your local area for any type of free advertising is also advisable. For instance, where I am there is a free way to advertise on the internet to millions locally with a place called craigslist.

They do have paid advertising with them but using the free is always an option you just need to follow the guidelines for what is and is not permitted in an advertisement.

Other Options

bulletin boards for advertisingGoing out shopping have you ever noticed bulletin boards in places you shop or visit? Have you ever thought of placing a full-page advertisement of your website there?

This would apply mostly to new people into the online world but after all free advertising is welcome no matter what form it might come in.

You might be surprised the day you decide to hang one of them at the library even any public place and you begin to pick up some business either by traffic to your website or even commissions from visitors.

Beginners to the online world should leave no stone unturned when it comes to advertising their new business. The more ways you find to get your brand out there the better. Word of mouth once someone finds you is always a great resource.

In Closing

One last tip for those of you who are new online, I hold a yard sale once a year after spring cleaning. This means I get rid of everything I no longer use or want. Holding a yard sale provides others with useful things at a cheap price.

During this years coming sale I am planning to hand out flyers to those interested in my niche, it will not hurt anything especially if it drives a few more visitors to my sites.

That was one of my last tips for getting more free traffic to your website. I hope you found some of these ways useful and informative for helping you.

What are your thoughts about driving more free traffic to your website?

Do you have some other ways that I did not mention?

Sharing them below with my readers will be very thoughtful and helpful to us all. Considering that I appreciate all the comments, suggestions, and questions you have for me please leave them in the space provided below. I answer them all.

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Thank you for reading my article today please do come back soon,


6 thoughts on “Free Traffic For Website – Where and How to Get Free Traffic!”

  1. Honestly, I really appreciate this detailed article. You really killed it. There are a lot of ways to gain traffic to the website but I have never received it in such a detailed way ever since 

    I started reading articles about getting traffic massively. I am going to take my time and find out the one that will work best for me. 

    • Kenechi,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my article hoping that you find a Social Media platform in your niche.  There are many ways to get free traffic if you take the time to research and look for ways to do this.

      I am sure that you will find at least one on the list that can and will work for you.  Good luck with your online business.


  2. Hi Susan, wow – so many sites to choose from.  As a blogger and writer, I share your pursuit for the all elusive organic traffic to drive business through my sites.  I use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to varying degrees of success and like website building, they all take time to build a following and traffic.  I did not realise how many more different sites there were out there and I have to admint, I find the list a little intimidating.

    This is only because I find the four I use above time consuming as it is – let alone adding others to the mix.  I guess I will have to give some a try and see how they go.  I do love your end comments in regards to spring cleaning however.  I will try some of these sites and if they don’t work, then a spring clean it is…  throw them out and either start again or work with what I have.

    Thanks for your post and such a comprehensive list.


    • Paul,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my article, I would suggest trying only one at a time when it comes to using Social Media.  Conquering one before moving onto the next has been rewarding in my experience with these sites.  They all take time to learn and reading all the rules that apply to each is an important key to making them work for you and your business.

      Thanks again,


  3. Captivating article! 

    You’ve provided some excellent tips on how to get free traffic to a website. I found it really interesting to see how many social media platforms are out there. It is a good idea to sign up to each, one at a time. Every platform has its own set of rules and each has different image formats and layouts. I find it can be a nightmare to keep up with them all. 

    Recently, I heard about a social networking tool called Hootsuite. Have you heard of Hootsuite? If you have, would you recommend using it?

    • Paul,

      Wonderful for bringing another site to my attention that I did not have listed in my article.  I appreciate when readers leave me more places to investigate.  I have not heard of Hootsuite but will be looking into this thanks to your reading my article.  Considering I did not know about this platform until you making me aware of them I cannot tell yet if it would be a recommendation until I do research on them.

      Thank you for responding with more knowledge that other readers might have an interest in as well,



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