FREE Website For Affiliate Marketing

FREE Website For Affiliate Marketing

FREE can be better when looking to build a website, especially, if you can get even more than what you are bargaining for under the FREE!

What exactly am I talking about? Consider this a FREE website with FREE hosting, but even better how about some free lessons to teach you how to go about setting all this up?

Do not feel like reading this whole article I can understand that many do not have the time involved to read or the patience, therefore, I am giving you a shortcut box below to “Create Your Free Account Now” click it and be on your way.

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Free Website – How About Two?

With the free account, you are going to not get only one FREE website but TWO! You will also get free hosting for both websites along with 20 free lessons to teach you how to build the websites.

You will have a selection of 12 themes to use for free that are customizable for the niche you would like to work with. The themes are pre-built ready for you to make things easier to lay out on your website.

Once, inside your free account, you will have access to Site Content where you can write out what you will be placing on the website. Below is a look at the Site Content Platform.

Site Content Screen

Publishing from Site Content will move it to the WordPress Platform to finish building out your website. Below is a look at the WordPress Dashboard.

WordPress Dashboard

The print is fairly small but if you can see it the WordPress Dashboard has what is called Plugins – these are used to help enhance the user experience of your website.

One of the Plugins used most often has to do with making your website SEO (Search Engine Optimized) helping the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo find your website.

There is more here that you will learn with the 20 free lessons which come with your FREE websites. “Create Your Free Account Now” if you want to skip reading the rest of my article.

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Free 20 Lessons for Affiliate Marketing

Seriously, what could be better than getting two free websites with free hosting, but also 20 free lessons all in one shot?

For some of you, this might not be something that you are interested in thinking you have what it takes to build a profitable website. That is all good and understandable but what if you can learn just one thing that can make you even more money?

This is one of the most opportune times to get into the Affiliate Marketing online, the industry is expecting growth to no less than 6.8 Billion by next year.

Google a Niche to see what is there

More people are hooking up to the internet daily making their lives easier. Shopping online has become so popular most everyone today has made at least one purchase online.

Affiliate Marketing is not only easy but can provide you with passive income from a website for years to come. Selection into some of the evergreen niches such as weight loss, health and fitness, make money online, hair loss, pets, etc. will always rank high on the search engines.

Realize that getting into the online world is not what the gurus and scammers out there promise you – think about if they did have a get-rich-quick magic push-button system are they really going to let anyone else in on it? Not hardly, would you?

Sorry went a little off topic there back to the 20 free lessons for you. The first 10 lessons are in Level 1 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification – full training in this would be 5 Levels all consisting of 10 lessons each you get only the Level 1.

Your next 10 free lessons come from Level 1 of Affiliate Boot camp Training – full training for Boot camp is 7 Levels once again they all contain 10 lessons each but you will only get Level 1 with the free account.

At the end of these lessons, you will have set up a fully functional Affiliate Marketing website and know more than with any of the other programs you have ever purchased online all for FREE.

Free Hosting for Website

Yes, you are reading that correctly you will get FREE hosting for the website you have created on the internet. Not only that with what you learned with the free lessons it will be SEO ready.

Most people have no clue what SEO ready even means when it comes to a website. Search Engine Optimization is essential for the major search engines to find and list your website for people to find it.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo hold 99% of all traffic to websites on the internet so knowing how to get your website ranked with these three is of the highest importance for website owners.

Check hosting rates with other hosting companies and you might be surprised what you are going to find once the cheap promotional period they offer is over.

Below is an example for just getting ONE WEBSITE through one of these hosting platforms so you can compare how much it is going to cost you if you would want to try theirs out.

Go daddy or WA comparison

Having security on a website is necessary for visitors to click on your site as well, have you ever gotten one of those big read screens to appear telling you to go back it is not safe?  SSL Certificates are required for safety.

This is included with your free website, free lessons, and free hosting and will not be a problem when visitors come to your website.

How Long Does Free Last?

Most of the website hosting companies that you are going to find will offer you a 7-day trial, a 14-day trial, some will even go to a whopping 30-day trial period before you have to pay.

So what kind of deal are you going to get with this offer? Up front, you will receive a 7-day free trial giving you access to other benefits besides the lessons, websites, and hosting.

After that then it will be up to you to choose, either remain a free member keeping all the free things for as long as you wish to work on them.

Or you can join as a paid member for much less than what other hosting platforms cost for only one site.

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Your free websites along with hosting will remain intact as long as you stay actively working on them, should you let them go dormant for 30 days or more then they will be taken down.

This is only fair considering the owners are covering the cost of the hosting that is provided to you for free. Should you decide that the community is what you have been looking for then joining is easy.

Once, you have decided to become a paid member in the community it opens all the benefits to you. These are so extensive that trying to list them all here would take you days to read them let along figure them all out.

In Closing

Writing this article today for you was to let you know there is a way to start your own online business for FREE with No Credit Card Required.

Not only that but you can continue to work on this FREE platform for as long as needed prior to making any commitment to join as a paid member.

What could be better?

Need a way to begin a business?

Looking for a way to change your life?

Do not have 12 hours a day to learn something new, but want a change in working?

Then why not take this invitation I am offering you today? Click on the “Create My Account Now” box and see what is on the inside, I will be there to greet you along with many other members.

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Have a look around try things out worse comes to worst it is not something that you are interested in – log out and forget about it 🙂

Sharing your thoughts on those questions above for the other readers would possibly help them decide, and I love hearing from all of you. Please leave those along with any comments, suggestions, or questions you have for me in the space provided below. I answer them all usually within 24 hours.

Thanks for taking the time to read the complete article come back to my website anytime,


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