“How To” on Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – Real Training!

“How To” on Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

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Basics of Affiliate Marketing

In order to do any type of Affiliate Marketing, you are first going to need a website which means buying a domain name from either a hosting company or a domain company.

In doing this you want to make sure that you purchase the privacy for the domain name or anyone can look and see who you are where you live, all your personal information and I don’t know about you but I prefer to keep that private.

Once you have secured yourself a domain the next thing you are going to need is a hosting company to get your domain out on the internet. The selection of hosting companies is vast and range in price from dirt cheap to highly expensive.

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This does not mean that one is any better than the other if the truth be told especially when you are looking at a shared server speed of a website matters when you have a website for ranking so depending on how many files are on a shared server this can slow down the speed at which your website will load and therefore you will not get good ranking.

Now you have purchased the two main components for your website but you need a place to build the website and what exactly are you going to be putting on the website?


Building the Website

Some of you may want to point out that you can use a place like GoDaddy and Wix or a few other places that have free website builders and this is very true, you could have even purchased your domain name from them and secured hosting at the same time with the same company at a discount rate of course.

Because you have made it this far I am guessing you know what niche you are going into with building your website and was wondering what keyword research tool you used to get the domain name and title for your website?

You did, how wonderful, got a 30-day free trial with a keyword research tool good. Did you get a nice list for what you are going to start your first content with?

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Alright, for the first content on your website start out very easy and place the Privacy Policy, Affiliate Disclosure, and your About Me Page on the website and then you can create your menu.

Oh, did you pick a theme yet to put your website on? What type of selection did you have to choose from? Wealthy Affiliate only offers 12 Free Themes with the Free Starter Package, but Premium Members have over 3800 themes to chose from.

Great theme selection is out-of-the-way good for you, now you have created your About Me Page and finished up the Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosure. Ready to go to work on the menu for your website cool.

With the menu are you going to do a custom menu with drop-downs or just a category type menu with a running list of all your blog posts? Good choice I like drop-downs they are easy to navigate and make a nice visitor experience.


Content Creation

Have you applied for any affiliate programs within your niche yet? No, well that is alright because it takes time to get traffic to your website I mean you have not even started content creation so you have plenty of time.

Back to doing keyword research on that 30-day free trial, you have with the keyword research tool you have for now. Pick at least one really great keyword (this can be a phrase a keyword can be more than just one word), got one good time to write.

Stuck looking at a blank screen do not know what to begin writing, yes been there done that myself, try looking around on the search engines Google, Bing, and Yahoo see what others are writing about maybe get an idea.

Finally, the words are flowing now and this article is close to being finished almost at 1000 words this is great, now I need to come up with a good finish, alright got it.

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There goes at least a couple of hours on just one article and guess what to get some good ranking on the search engines you are only looking at around 99 more.

Time to edit and make sure that all the spelling, grammar, and punctuation are correct Google is worse than any English teacher I ever had in school.

Good, that is all finished now to publish on the website and add it to the menu for on the website, not quite yet still need some relevant images to help people understand what you are talking about.


Adding Images And Photos

In adding images and photos to your website you need to be very careful because many of these are under copyright which means you cannot use them without the owner’s permission.

Using these without the owner’s permission can get you sued causing you to lose your website and possibly ending up with money damages on top of it, but usually, you will be served with a notice to take them down and if you comply all is good.

The same thing applies to content you cannot copy content it is considered plagiarism and is considered academic dishonesty and a breach of journalistic ethics.

Cool now you have all the images and got them uploaded onto the article, next you are going to need some external links and internal link but you are not going to have an internal link with your first article so do not forget to attach one later.

All that is left before you hit the publish button now is affiliate links, Meta Tag Description, Keywords, Alt Tags, and a contact form to capture email for an email list.

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What’s that you still did not get any affiliate applications in and approved yet, no big deal finish all the other things and you still have time to add those once you get approvals back. Remember a website needs content and to age prior to ranking on the search engines you have not even been indexed yet with this first article.


Submit Your Site To Search Engines

The last thing you now need to do since you have all the SEO listed on the website there in the last step by entering the Meta Description, keywords, Alt Tags, and published is to submit your website to Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster.

After you do this you will need to enter the meta descriptions so that they can verify you are the owner of the website and then you will need to do a “Fetch” on both Google and Bing so they can index your article.

Once you have completed the submission do not forget to register over at Google Analytics to keep track of your traffic when you start to receive it once your website goes live an is ranked.

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A good practice to get into is every time you post an article to a website is going to the webmaster tools and fetch the website each and every time so that your work gets indexed faster doing this alerts the spiders to crawl your website.

That was a fantastic job you just did and very proud of you considering you went and managed to do all of that by your self with only the slightest bit of instructional help from me.


In Closing

I do know that if you are experienced in affiliate marketing that you could have followed right along with everything that I just outlined above without small details being included.

But most everyone that has no experience was completely lost if they even managed to read this far along in the article I have written here today.

Did I really expect most of you to make it to the end?

NO, I did not, and if you did that means one thing you are not ready to begin your journey to making money online and get rid of that struggle in your life. You are ready to set yourself free to live life and make money the easy way!

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Answers to the questions above would be great along with any comments, suggestion, or questions you have just leave them in the space provided below.

Thanks for coming by and until next time,



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