How Important Are Keywords – Let’s Investigate?

How Important Are Keywords – Let’s Investigate?

Are keywords really all that important when writing content? This subject needs to be addressed for those starting out in the Affiliate Marketing niche.

Lately I have been reading things being put out around the internet on articles from bloggers that keywords are dead when it comes to writing content.

When searchers are looking for something they are still going to enter keywords regardless of spoken or typed text.  Keywords will always be used no matter what anyone out there tells you.

The best recourse that I can think of is just because you read it on the internet then it has to be true!  Right?  For me I will stick with what has been a proven method by highly experienced marketers.

How to Use Keywords and Phrases

Here is a question I have seen quite frequently: “How and why are keywords and phrases important to content?” To answer that question they are not only important; without them, you are going nowhere.

In my Jaaxy Review and How Keywords Fit into QSR and SEO, the explanations were given in how to find your keywords or keyword phrases.  And why these numbers matter when picking a niche and writing content.

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But exactly how many times during the writing of your content should the keywords appear? A keyword should always be in the title of your page or post and used at least one time in the first paragraph of your content.

Additional keywords and phrases should be and can be used throughout the rest of your content in pages or posts. By additional this means related keywords to your main keyword that your content is written for.

Will the Use for Keywords Diminish

Keywords will always be required for content published to the internet in any form. What people enter into the search box on all the search engines Google, Bing, and Yahoo makes it necessary for keyword usage now and forever.

Think about when you are looking for something, most people head to Google, Bing, and Yahoo to find what they are looking for whether it be a store, book, shoes, pizza shop, etc.

All these words are tracked by the search engines noting how many people are searching for which particular word. So if your keyword is “movies” and you do not select a specific title for a movie you are going to end up with an advertisement for the most popular movies this week.

Next on the list will most likely be what is playing at the local movie theaters, or so you would think.

google search movies

If you do not research keywords for how many people are searching for that word then shame on you, because this is one of the most important success keys for your website.

Long-tailed Keywords

Long-tailed keywords are gaining popularity with more than one word being the keyword in a phrase, or words which describe the actual keyword to make it more appealing and grammatically correct.

Example of this would be: “Movies” a single keyword which I gave you the results for verses “Batman Movie playing locally”.  With this search Google, Bing, and Yahoo could then return only the movie theaters in your area playing that particular movie.

Your niche could be a long-tailed keyword giving your more flexibility on search engines when people are searching for different things shall we say: “What is the Best Orange Juice for a Diabetic”.

best oj for diabetic jaaxy

Using Long-tailed Keywords is more specific to what people might be searching for giving you a small edge on your competition for the same keyword.

Importance of Keywords

If you took the time to read my previously mentioned posts; then I am sure you do realize the importance of keywords for your content for indexing and rankings with Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

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Another bit of advice to having a successful website is finding an audience to read your information.  Keywords play the biggest role in getting the traffic you need to your site.

You are looking to build a successful business online one of the main ingredients is the keyword research.  This can be time-consuming and frustrating but time well spent in the long run.

smart money system

In Conclusion

Off the subject somewhat, starting out as a beginner to building websites to promote affiliate marketing I never would have even considered that keywords were something I would need to research to become successful.

I figured you can build a website with advertisements and affiliate links Google, Bing, and Yahoo just put them out there for everyone to click on right?

Yes, well how wrong I was training with the correct platform and having a community of like-minded people is very much the key to building a successful business online.

Proper training with the correct team will make a huge difference whether you will ever become successful online. To make any money you need to know exactly what you are doing if not then you have failed.

Why not join the right team today right now for FREE – no credit card required – will only take you a few minutes to create your free account.  Takes you right inside the training that I have taken to teach me exactly how to make money online.

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Anyone can build a website my grandson is 8 years old and technologically advanced that he could do this.  But to do it the correct way it takes time, work, and more work, and more work, research, patience, endurance, failure, and yes even heartbreak to get through it.

If you are really are serious about wanting to be successful online you need to join the right team!

Please leave any questions, comments or suggestions in the space provided below.  I look forward to hearing from you I answer all usually within 24 hours.

Thank you for taking the time to read this to the end.

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