How Keywords Fit Into QSR and SEO?

How Keywords Fit Into QSR and SEO?

What exactly do QSR and SEO have to do with keywords and why we do keyword research to find these numbers?

Let’s first take a look at what the letters stand for in the keyword research that we are going to be doing.  Each niche and there are over 1,000,000 to chose from all contain keywords you can rank in the search engines with.

The QSR stands for the number of Quoted Search Results: the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword.

SEO is a score based on the traffic and competition for your keyword; therefore the higher the number in this column the better for you.

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Reason for Keyword Searches

Starting out with any type of website you need to do a keyword search without it Google, Bing, and Yahoo will not find your content.

Every minute of the day the search engines run on algorithms collecting what people are placing in the search bar by exact word matches.

These algorithms run on autopilot and then send out what is referred to as spiders to crawl all the websites that are created with content to best serve the searchers queries.

Therefore your website will just sit on the internet with no traffic without proper keywords for the spiders to find the search engines are never going to rank your website.


With your niche decided upon the next step would be to head over to Jaaxy Keyword Research to look up keywords to use in your content. You can use just one word or a phrase known as a long-tailed keyword.

Once you plug in a word or phrase results for that will show on your screen for each word or as a combination of phrases that you could use to name your website or incorporate into it.

Across the page you will look like below:

best oj for diabetic jaaxy

The above search I did was for “best orange juice for diabetics” and Jaaxy came back with the above results.  Notice the QSR, KQI, and SEO and not populated?  This is Jaaxy Lite version that comes free with a Premium Membership.

You can purchase the Pro or Enterprise at a discount as a Premium Member with Wealthy Affiliate if you so desire.  Most members for years have found that the Lite serves its purpose very well.

To populate the blank fields all you need to do is click the “Get QSR” for each line that you would like to see results for.

jaaxy orange juice with qsr

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What Does the QSR Stand For

As stated above the QSR stands for the number of Quoted Search Results which would be the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword.

This number you want to be a low number because these are the number of websites you will be competing with for ranking on the search engines for the number one position.

Your content must contain the proper keywords and informative content to rank higher than your competition so the lower the number in this column the better.

I find for myself I try to keep this number lower than fifty, but even up to one hundred is not too bad if you have the content and keywords you can rank above the rest.

Another way to always check your keyword research is use the keyword search on Google by placing the keyword in quotations to see what is returned.

For example:  the “best orange juice for diabetics” entered in Google gave me this as a result “About 1,790 results (0.44 seconds)”.


That sure is a far cry from the 27 websites that Jaaxy Lite says you will be competing against, right?  What you do need to understand here is Google returns all websites with your keyword contained in the content.

What Does the SEO Stand For

The SEO like I stated earlier is a score based on the traffic and competition for your keyword; therefore the higher the number in this column the better for you.

Look for SEO to be in the high ninety’s nothing below ninety-six as a beginner would be my recommendation.  With experience comes more knowledge of how SEO works. Members who have been in the community for years do have trouble comprehending the workings of SEO still.

Search Engine Optimization is complex with a number of components making up the whole score.  The algorithms the search engines use are never revealed to the public may speculate on how these run giving vast opinions.

When I research SEO for myself I will try different suggestions found by others besides just the ones inside the community.  At times these will work other times nothing so it becomes a hit and miss.

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What About all the Other Titles Shown

Well, the keyword would be for the word or phrase you are looking for, Jaaxy does show phrases at times instead of just one-word keywords.


AVG Stands for the average number of searches that keyword gets per month.

TRAFFIC – Is for the number of visits you could get to your website each month if you rank on the first page.

KQI – This shows you keyword quality whether it would be Great (Green), Just Alright (OK Yellow), or Poor (Red). Note: Using Jaaxy Lite this is where you find the QSR and SEO ratings.

DOMAINS: Shows the availability of domains available for your keyword IE:  .com   .net   and   .org

Most of the time you would like the title of your website and the domain to match.  Use of keywords/phrases are important in this as well.  Remember your domain needs to represent what your website is going to be about, in others words, your niche.

In Conclusion

Selection of the proper keywords/phrases is essential for success in ranking with the search engines.  Finding what type of competition you are up against with those niches with exceptional high competition means finding low-hanging fruit keywords to rank.

Research is the key to building a website with quality content that people are going to return to again and again once you establish your authority within your niche.

Trust is something you must build with an audience in any niche keeping fresh content coming makes them know you are serious in solving the problems they need answers to.

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  1. Super helpful article. Really helped me understand it all a lot more.

    A lot to consider when searching for keywords now.

    So you’d recommend that Jaaxy is the best research tool?

    The Wealthy Affiliate that you recommend I have actually checked out before and started the free training. I must get back to it and make the steps in creating my own online venture.

    • Ryan,

      Jaaxy for me is the absolute best keyword search tool anyone could ask for; with three different plans to fit everyone’s budget.  Wealthy Affiliates is the best platform for training anyone can ask for you will not find another program out there with the benefits you find inside these web pages.  Thank you very much for visiting my web site please return anytime will be adding more posts with more information that may interest you as a beginner.

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