How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business Today Free

How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business Today Free

As we all know nothing comes FREE in life today, right?  Today that is not true.

You can begin right now today to build your own online affiliate marketing business 100% FREE.

Yes, you are reading that correctly. Please take the time to read this article explaining all you need to know about affiliate marketing and how it works.

Thanks to the scammers on the internet and everywhere else you look they have all of you believing you MUST spend money prior to knowing what you are getting yourself into.

Today I am going to be giving you all the facts to show you exactly what types of lies they are filling everyone’s head with. If you are one of the misfortune people like I was and spent your hard-earned money buying into those lies.

Then LISTEN UP you need to stop right now searching for that get-rich-quick push-button system is only going to make you go BROKE FAST!

One way only to get-rich-quick I know of that is getting lucky enough to hit the Mega-Millions or PowerBall Lottery. Invest your money there before you do in any of those scam products.

I need to stop wasting time here and get into exactly How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business Today FREE!

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Four Simple Basic Steps

Correct, there are only four simple basic steps you need to begin your own online business.Step 1 – Choose an Interest – This is known as a “Niche” which will be a select group of people that you are going to be targeting with your interest.

Step 2 – Build a Website – Do not panic this is not going to take any experience or technical skills it is quite simple and you will be following along training with video instructions step by step.

Step 3 – Attract Visitors – Getting traffic to a website can be done in several different ways. With this training, you will learn how to send FREE traffic with Social Media and SEO the organic way.

Step 4 – Earn Revenue – Websites can be monetized in over 50 different ways. Learning how and why to monetize your website is another topic covered in the training.

Everyone who begins with affiliate marketing always has a problem with choosing an interest. You need to realize that anything you can possibly think of can be profitable.

Another misconception about working online is the get-rich-quick thing I was talking about earlier. This is not TRUE! The major search engines Google, Bing, and Yahoo do not have a clue who you are as a new website owner.

In order for them to take you seriously as a business providing high-quality content that visitors are searching for takes time. Knowing this going into affiliate marketing is something no one is going to tell you.

Once you have an established website with some authority with the search engines then the amount of time you will need to work on them will be minimal. But then again that depends on what type of passive income you are looking for.

After you have been doing this for a couple of years then beginning to diversify into other fields of interest will bring you even more passive income in less time.

Starting out you are going to need at least 2 to 3 hours daily to work on your website. Creating content that is keyword rich (we will get into this later) high-quality content the search engines will rank.

Where To Get The Right Training?

Without proper training you are not going to have a clue what you are doing, am I right? This is where for years I had been going wrong. I had so many websites that places gave me for free saying I could make money but did not know what to do.

Finding the RIGHT TRAINING is the key to becoming successful in any business. When I found Wealthy Affiliate that was a day that changed my life along with many other members. Do not take the company name at face value either.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to do affiliate marketing the right way! What you need to understand up front is this is not a get-rich-quick scam. This is going to take time, work, commitment, dedication, and patience.

So if you are not serious about starting a real online business then you can leave now! Each Level of training will take you from half an hour to an hour to complete tasks that are given with step by step video instructions.

You are going to leave with way more skills than you can imagine almost like getting a college education without putting in the full four to six years. Not only that it costs less than even one semester of college to operate a business for over a year.

But want the best news of all? You can start right now today for absolutely 100% FREE, with No Credit Card Required and you are never under any obligation to upgrade ever!

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What You Get For FREE

Wealthy Affiliate owners know that only 1% of people who start an online business keep going. This is not going to be right for everyone in the world. Giving you the opportunity to “kick the tires” is their way of letting you know how legit this is.

You are going to begin by filling in your profile once you have reached the Wealthy Affiliate community. Then I always tell Starter Members to take a few minutes to familiarize themselves with the platform have a look around.

Free Starter Members get 20 Lessons that are in Level 1 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification consisting of (10 Lessons) and Level 1 in the Affiliate Boot Camp Training (10 Lessons).

OEC Training Level 1

Bootcamp Training Level 1

All 20 Lessons are taught by Kyle, one of the owners. These are done by video showing you step by step instructions of exactly how and why to do what you have to do checking off each task as completed.

At the completion of either the Online Entrepreneur Certification or the Affiliate Boot Camp Training Level 1’s, you will have a complete business website set up.

Do not panic – Wealthy Affiliate provides you with two (2) free websites to build on the WordPress Website Builder Platform which is used by website owners worldwide.

The websites will be on the subdomain see a screenshot below of selecting a “Free Domain“:

You will need to select your URL domain name this should be related to your interest. As well as the title for your website needs to represent your interest and include a keyword if possible.

Please be aware you can always change the title of your website, but once you have entered the domain name it cannot be changed you will need to get a new domain name.

Remember I said you do not need any technical skills for building a website? Well, you really do not because you will have 12 Free WordPress Themes to choose from. These are easy to customize to any interest you have.

We all know that a website needs hosting in order for people to find it on the internet and Wealthy Affiliate provides FREE Hosting for both of the websites.

Bet all of this has never been offered by any of those other places you have tried out. But I am not even close to being done with what you are getting for FREE.

The Beginners Training Course is included for Free along with the following benefits:

  • Website Backup – done daily knowing you are not going to lose work you put in each day.
  • Personal Affiliate Blog – to let other members know how you are doing or leave tips for helping them.
  • 30 Keyword Searches – Jaaxy Lite Research
  • 2 Classrooms – with experienced online entrepreneurs to answer your questions.
  • Affiliate Program – yes, you can earn commissions as a Free Starter Member at 1/2 Premium Member rate.
  • Earn While You Learn – referring others to Wealthy Affiliate.
  • One-on-One Coaching – first seven days of Starter Membership
  • Live Chat 24/7 – available the first seven days.

Notice that the One-on-One Coaching and Live Chat 24/7 are only available for the first seven days of the Free Starter Membership. I let everyone know to make very good use of Live Chat asking questions from the experienced members.

30 Keyword Searches are done on Jaaxy Lite – Keywords are the words people use most often to search the internet knowing which keywords to include on your website is vital information.

Kyle has a whole lesson for teaching you about keyword research and how to use this to write high-quality content that you are going to rank for on the major search engines.

All of the other benefits remain FREE for you to use and keep working on your website provided you do not become inactive for 30 days or more. If this happens then your website is taken down.

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Just for fun, I have included the following video of Kyle showing you how very simple it is to build your online website from scratch in 30 seconds.

Building a Website in 30 Seconds

Because most people get discouraged and quit working for an online business that can earn them a passive income for years I am trying to give you all the facts.

You are going to be working on your website for weeks even months prior to seeing any results. That is highly discouraging which I do agree, but if you look at how a business is built from the ground up then it is not long at all.

If you are willing to take the FREE Starter Membership really applying everything you learn then I am sure you are going to realize the value in the Premium Membership.

I only took two days knowing that this was the only place I was going to learn everything I needed to build a successful online business.

Even more than that the training provides that you can earn monthly income building a Local SEO business. Without an online presence, today businesses are letting profits walk right past their doors.

Taking the Premium Membership during the first seven days of the Starter Membership will earn you a discounted month at only $19.00! That is half off the regular price of membership for another 30 days.

After that, you will be able to select a payment plan that will fit your budget. See the membership chart below:

Premium Membership includes everything that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer and gives you access to the owners of the company. Any place else you ever work a JOB that gave you access to the owners?

To list everything that the Premium Membership gives you for those above membership fees is impossible after all it takes a whole website to show them. Training is above anything you are going to get for this STEAL OF A DEAL, HONEST!

In Conclusion

I have no idea how many scams you may have fallen for in the past, but this is not anything like those at all. You are going to have to work putting in the time to do the training, apply what you learn, and follow the process.

Once you learn the process and get one website business up and running then diversify it is just a matter of lather, rinse, and repeat. Affiliate Marketing is a process from start to finish learn this and you will not be working a JOB ever again.

Think about a passive income over that lousy paycheck you collect each week. I prefer to work my own schedule when and WHERE I want to work. That is anyplace I can take my laptop with an internet connection.

Have you thought about this? Then fill out the “Create Your Free Account Now” form No Credit Card Required, remember you are under no obligation to ever upgrade.

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Hearing from my readers about how they feel in the way of comments, suggestions, or any questions you have for me are so appreciated. Please leave them in the space provided below. I answer these usually within 24 hours.

Thank you for reading my article I know that it provides you with the proper information to make an informed decision. Will be waiting for you on the inside of the community look me up profile Marley2016.

Best wishes to your future online success,



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