How To Improve My Life

How To Improve My Life

Asking myself this question today “How to improve my life?” made me think that maybe others also wonder how they can improve their life too.

Considering I am now in my senior years this could have more than one meaning not that it cannot have more than one meaning to anyone at any age.

How many of you wonder daily about ways to improve your life? And in what way are you wanting to improve it? Better health decisions, a nicer place to live, a way to freedom from working, downsizing living simpler, just any improvement.

I find that most would prefer to have the freedom of making more money without being strapped down to the old 9 to 5 ball and chain. Setting life on the schedule they would like to work and where they would like to work.

Helping others find options to better their lives is something that interests me I made this decision almost a year ago. I want to help as many of you find what you are looking for to finally get that freedom.

Why Help Others?

First of all, coming from a big family we all pitched in helping each other. Many hands make little work. But what happens when some of those hands are so tiny they cannot help?

Single moms and dads cannot have the children working to help them with what needs to be done. Nor can they send them out to get jobs to help with finances. You need help to find a better way!

College Students studying and trying to keep those grades up have no extra hands to help you. Finding a part-time job to take care of all those financial needs taking even more of your time. You need help to find a better way!

Retirees that thought when their work days were over only to find out Pensions and Social Security barely covers the bills with nothing much left over. Seniors need help to find a better way!

Even those of you who have jobs that you hate right now, there really is a way to get away from them and make more money than you do now. By putting in extra time right now you can break away from that ball and chain 9 to 5, honest!

Besides all of you, I even know a few high school children who are already taking advantage of this so they can have their own business when they graduate.

STOP RIGHT THERE! This is not a get-rich-quick scam or any of those push-button systems the gurus and scam artists are offering you for their lousy $47.00 that turns into thousands either.

Below I am going to show you how you too can build an online business or offline business with the proper training. How you can get started for FREE immediately today, and you can actually keep the FREE stuff that is being offered!

We all know how limited our valuable time is I would prefer you take the time to read my complete article. But just in case, I have created the shortcut below where you can “Create Your Free Account Now”, No Credit Card Required.

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Affiliate Marketing and More

Granted some of you may have heard of Affiliate Marketing and others may not have. Wealthy Affiliate is the greatest online training for Affiliate Marketing but not just that so many other options to Work At Home and earn money.

This is the easiest most cost efficient business anyone could ever build. Working online can be done anywhere in the world as long as you have a laptop and internet connection.

Did you know that there are over 4 Billion people on the internet today? Plus the Affiliate Marketing industry is going to be over 6.8 Billion dollars by next year 2020. You could have a piece of that if you get started right now.

Only 1% of people who start an online business succeed. Why? Because it takes work, dedication, commitment, time, but most of all the patience to let a website age for the search engines to recognize you as a serious business.

I can see that questioning look on your face. Major search engines Google, Bing, and Yahoo hold 99% of the industry where people look for things online. Their goal is to make sure they give the people what they are searching for.

When you are starting out it is like any job you are at the bottom and must prove yourself. How can you do that? By consistently adding to your online business (website). This is called “content” helping others find what they need.

Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with the right training and tools to become successful online, but you have to be willing to do the work involved to reach your own goal.

What else am I going to learn? With the training, you will learn how you can set up a store online (e-commerce), sell your own products online, and even supplement your income by doing Local SEO for local businesses (highly profitable).

Will this work for me? This is not going to be something for everyone we are not all the same, but if you are willing to give it a try, after all, it is FREE so what is it going to hurt?

How long before I am making money? Here you are going to have many variables to look at this is not a cut and dry answer to anyone. Competition in your related niche will be a major deciding factor.

I like to tell everyone because I have been doing this give yourself at the very least amount one year. If you are only able to dedicate a couple of hours a day to your business then you should give it longer success does not come overnight.

Some of the members at Wealthy Affiliate have seen earnings in as little as three to six months. For those who are in the four to five figure range and up it takes around two years some even less.

Wealthy Affiliate has a large community of like-minded individuals for you to rely on for help along with the experience to guide you to where you want to go. Even the owners of the company make themselves available to the members.

Learn how this 9-year old earned $150,000!

What Do I Get Free?

Due to all the scams on the internet or basically anywhere you go today I feel the owners of Wealthy Affiliate knowing that this is not going to be for everyone giving you a Free Starter Membership is awesome.

Carson and Kyle, Owners of WA
Carson and Kyle
Co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate

To start you out training is 20 Lessons they are Level 1 Online Entrepreneur Certification (10 Lessons) and Level 1 in the Affiliate Boot Camp Training (10 Lessons). Complete either and you will have set up a business website ready to go.

You will be building your website on the WordPress Website Builder used by most website owners worldwide. Provided is not just one website but two on the subdomain.

Both of your websites will be hosted by Wealthy Affiliate for FREE with the Amazon c3.large faster-hosting speed, ever heard of such a great deal?

But wait I am not finished. Included will be the Beginners Training Course, Personal Affiliate Blog, Website Backup, 2 Training Classrooms, and the Affiliate Program (Earn While You Learn).

Still not finished, during the first seven days of the Free Starter Membership, you will have access to the Live Chat 24/7 where you can go to ask questions of the experienced members about anything.

Last but not least, should you decide that this is what you are looking for, upgrade to the Premium Membership within the first seven days of your trial period you will get the first month for only $19.00!

Decide this is not what you are looking for? You can keep the 20 Lessons, 2 websites, hosting, all the others with the exception of the Live Chat as long as you continue to work on your websites. Go dormant 30 days or more they shut the websites down.

In Conclusion

I could take up even more of your time by listing all the benefits of the Premium Membership here as well. But why ruin the surprise once you have your Free Starter Membership you can check everything out for yourself.

Do not know about you but I have never found a company that gives away this type of deal for FREE! Come on in and “kick the tires” make sure it is right for you prior to paying anything.

We have all the Pros and Cons right in front of us right now. Join as a Free Starter Member try out the training, build a real business online website with the experts showing you how.

Step by step instructions with video lets you see exactly what to do and how to do it. Kyle, one of the co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate explains things in detail for you so you can understand.

Make sure to read the Personal Blog Posts from members inside the community letting you know that success is not far away if you are willing to put in the time, commitment, dedication, and work.

Failure is not an option for those of us who want to succeed, yes, we will make mistakes go back and start over. To throw in the towel and quit is not going to get you to where you want to be.

Click the box below “Create Your Free Account Now”, No Credit Card Required you are under no obligation with Wealthy Affiliate. Start to Improve Your Life right now beginning today!

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Congratulations you have made it to the end of my article 🙂 Hearing from my readers is greatly appreciated please leave all comments, suggestions, or questions you have for me in the space provided below. I answer them usually in 24 hours.

Thank you, here is to improving your life starting TODAY.

Best wishes to your future success,



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