How to Increase Traffic for Your Website?

How to Increase Traffic for Your Website?

“How to increase traffic for your website?”  You have your website all set up with submission to all the search engines.  Next thing you require would be traffic to your website, right?

Below I will give you some examples that will gain you traffic to your website.  Implementing these techniques will help considerably but know that consistency is a valuable key in driving traffic.

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How Are You Ranked

Looking at the most recent search algorithm Google developed, Alexa will be ranking based on metrics such as page authority, domain authority, trust metric, trust flow, external back links, and domain validity.

Google Analytic Screenshot


Next question “How is your content ranked in Google?”

  • Content needs to be written with applicability to your topic
  • Your pictures/images need to fit the topic of your content
  • Content must be helpful and informative along with significant to your topic
  • Engagement within your content to your audience has higher ranking potentials than content without engagement
  • The content you write needs to be read and visited by authorities in the online world

Another question that always is raised is “How to rank on the first page when you do not have any back links at all?”

Building back links you must be very careful never use a plugin tool or software to generate back links automatically these can actually kill rankings and possibly label your pages as not secure.

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To build your back links the correct way is to join online forums in your topic and post with like-minded people inside exchanging with these people can provide you and them with some high-quality back links.

Quora is a new social platform that people use to post questions and answers on and has become a good place to find people with whom you can exchange links.

Guest blogging for authority bloggers will provide you with high-quality back links finding authority bloggers is not an easy task the best thing to wait and they will notice you if you are patient and producing high-quality content.

How to Increase Traffic

Below are some key steps you can do which will increase traffic to your website:

  1. Publish content daily (Try to always have 1000 words in length) I use this as a general rule never using the exact amount
  2. Post to Social Media regularly and engage the social audience ask questions and reply to all who answer
  3. When you share with your followers always ask them to share with friends (more people reached)
  4. Share a post from your website on Social Media every day engage people to share this with their friends
  5. When writing content engage the site audience intently make it about you and them
  6. Engaging content keeps readers involved like a good book they cannot put down
  7. Blog inside forums with like-minded people to find how they are getting more traffic
  8. SEO – Meta Descriptions and Keywords are necessary to rank make sure these are on all content
  9. Receiving comments on your content is highly important to have as many people leave you comments as possible

These are a few things I have learned in how to increase traffic, what about you do you know of some other means that will push more traffic to your website?

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WA Chart Starter vs Premium Membership

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In Closing

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