How To On Internet Marketing

How To On Internet Marketing

“How To” on Internet Marketing, because “YES” you can make some great money online if you know what you are doing and how to go about it.

Why have you failed in the past?  The most logical explanation is you were scammed into purchasing the wrong system.  All those hyped up advertisements that sound to good to be true, well those would be the ones.

Check out what is explained below you may then have a better idea of what you should be looking for.  But better you what you should not be wasting money on.

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“How To” on Internet Marketing

One thing you need to realize with “Internet Marketing” it is not brain surgery or rocket science either one, anyone willing to put some time into learning can learn to become rich on the internet.

No, I am not talking about scams or being some guru and selling some out-of-date system that no one could figure out how to work in the first place either.

This is not any type of system where I am going to tell you to push so many buttons to do what I do and I

bill gates
Bill Gates

am going to guarantee that you will become rich either.

Sorry, no system or push button methods here just some good plain truth to how to do internet marketing and make money online without spending a fortune buying up all those ridiculous get-rich-quick scams that are out there.

What most of you do not understand is the people who are making money online did not start out rich, far from it, they worked at it for sometimes years and years until they found out what would work.

These people worked very hard and failed more times than either of us would like to know about before they finally broke the code to making money on the internet, because I am going, to be honest with you there is no secret to it.

If someone is trying to tell you they have a secret system they are outright telling you nothing but a lie, pure and simple, but if you are stupid enough to believe them then you are going to be wasting more of your hard-earned money there is no SECRET SYSTEM!!!!

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Mind Set for Internet Marketing

Sure you can ask “What does Mind Set have to do with Internet Marketing?” and I am going to explain it all to you right now it is not complicated at all.

The first thing you think of when someone says Internet Marketing is either a scam or a way to get rich these are the two things that usually come to mind when most people hear the term.

And you are right except usually if someone is trying to sell you an Internet Marketing Secret System then you best believe it is a SCAM, a real person who knows about Internet Marketing is going to say it is a great way to make money for life.

What most people want from Internet Marketing is instant satisfaction of making big money right now starting today, that is not going to happen it takes anywhere from let’s say if your really lucky 3 months or could take up to 2 years depends.

Depends on what you might want to know and that would be the niche (denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population) you select and the competition your up against.

Next, everyone starting out in Internet Marketing always selects the wrong way of going about how to promote the products or services they want people to buy so they can make a commission from this.

You need to find a problem that people are going to always be looking for a solution for and provide that solution they need, in other words, what are some things that people search for daily on the internet?

A few of the evergreen niches would be Health/Wellness/Beauty, Relationships/Dating, and Make Money/Investing/Business Opportunities every single day with a little research I found that 975 people per hour are looking for ways to make money online.

Fear of Competition

Now so many of you would think why go into a niche where the competition is so high are you not afraid that you will never make any money, the answer to that is NO.

When the competition is very high that means there is great money to be made in those niches all you need to do is find the smart way into promoting these niches better than the competition and this can be done.

How you ask, simple keyword research and writing better content with low hanging fruit within the niche that others are not looking at – you include the other keywords that they are ranking for as well in the same content but you will rank higher.


Another thing to look at is you never want to promote low priced products especially starting out it will take you forever to see any commissions roll in there is too much competition on the small stuff.

You want the high ticket products with big commissions then you will not require near the same amount of traffic to your website and one sale from this type will generate enough that you can actually see how profits can add up quickly.

When you see Amazon, Mayo/Clinic, or any big-time manufacturer listed in the top position in the search engine make sure to find another niche to get into you cannot compete with manufacturers or paid advertising on Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Always look for products that pay the highest commissions do not look at the small stuff it is not worth your time make sure to do research prior to starting a niche knowing what is out there to earn you the most money for your time.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation.

Do I Need A Website

This question is a no brainer “Yes, you need a website!” they call it Internet Marketing for a reason you do it on the internet, and I have no idea how you are going to promote anything on the internet without a website.

The most advisable thing is to have your own website with a (dot) com at the end as in the example here, there is the (dot) net and (dot) org endings but these are not as worldwide known as the (dot) com.

Here is something else people always want to know does the website name and URL need to be the same, at one time this was highly recommended but today it is not necessary however I do think they should be related to one another for the niche.

Building a website will be challenging at first until you get a little experience under your belt but by no means is it impossible even for beginners you can get one finished with initial set up in a couple of hours at the most.

Adding content is what is going to take the time and commitment and if you are not willing to put this kind of time in for a future of freedom from answering to a boss or going to a regular 9 to 5 job then close this up now.

Internet Marketing takes work mostly sweat equity “yours” researching, keywords, planning, writing content, and if you do not have the desire to have a laptop lifestyle or the commitment to keep going then no sense in you starting something you are not going to see through.

Think about a new author of any book no one has ever heard of, this is how Google and the other search engines see you a total unknown you need the time to let them know you are bringing quality to the search engines for their audience.

Are you willing to commit yourself to do this for at least a year to see where it will take you? All businesses have start-up costs with an internet business this is so much cheaper than anything else you are going to get into.

In Closing

You now have the whole concept of “How to do Internet Marketing” in a nutshell, anyone can do this with a little time, research, work, patience, and small start-up investment.

Did I make this sound easy?

I am going, to be honest, it is, but it is not! See there is one thing I left out of the equation above training to get to where you can do all this at an affordable cost to run your Internet Marketing Business.

There is no secret to it either you can join for FREE that is right FREE with a seven-day trial period, decide you do not want to become a Premium Member no problem keep your FREE membership along with 2 free websites and free hosting.

But if you decide to join Premium Membership if you think it is worth going on with the training and make that real commitment then the first month you can get for only $19.00. Second month and forward is going to be $49.00 a month, but if you are serious and going to make the real commitment to doing this you can get a yearly membership for $359.00.

What is keeping you from taking a FREE trial membership right now?

Fear? Commitment to yourself? Not wanting to change your life?

Ask yourself this question where am I going to be 5 years from now?

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You can share your answers below with everyone here or send them to me via email if you like, do you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please leave them in the space provided below.

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