6 thoughts on “How To Tell If A Website Is A Scam? Email? YouTube?”

  1. Hello Susan,

    I spent years trawling the internet with the sole purpose in mind to come up with that one great idea which I believed would lift me out of the trading of time for money circle that most of us find ourselves in. With that in mind, there are many devious people out there looking to part honest people from their hard earned money.

    Scamming is something that is also becoming more difficult to spot these days. i have always applied the basic principle that if it sounds too good or too easy to make millions, then it often is an I side on the side of caution. It has served me well till now. 

    Thanks for raising awareness on how to spot scams and hopefully this saves some from becoming victims.


    • Rich,

      Thank you exactly what this post is for raising everyone’s awareness to think about these people with all the hype they are pushing it all sounds good and looks good, when it is nothing but a scam to put money in their pockets.

      If only one person is saved from these vultures then my time was well spent in writing this article.


  2. Hi Susan

    I to am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and can guarantee anyone looking to sign up through your article that they are doing the right thing.  Its simple.  Wealthy Affiliate has the best tools and best training.  What you decide to do with that is totally up to you.

    I have been the unlucky recipient of many scams throughout the years.  I prefer to call them bad opportunities just because I don’t want to bow down to the people putting the opportunities out there.

    This article is a must read for would be affiliate marketers.  Its great that you have taken the time to provide this info for anyone willing to listen.

    • Dale,
      So glad you have found Wealthy Affiliates highly recommend them to
      anyone who would like to start an Online Business they are not for
      strictly affiliate marketing.
      Thank you for confirming the findings I have researched on them.

  3. Hello Susan, that was such as eye opening post about how to spot if a website is a scam or not. I agree with you because getting an email from spam or saying a website that you are not used to seeing can be a difficult task to see if it’s a scam or not. On the other hand, if we have the mindset that everything online is a scam, then we are likely to miss the wonderful opportunities online such as building your online business through program like affiliate marketing. 

    From my experience, I always try to do an in-depth research about a website or a spam email before engaging fully in it. Once I find it’s not a scam, then I give it a shot. A good example is when WA was introduced to me. I did my homework very well and once I found out that it was not a scam. I went and gave WA a try and I got to say it’s life changing program and the community over there is awesome. I hope people follow your advice and give WA a try. 

    • Kuru,
      Thank you it is my intention that if I can save just one person from getting
      sucked into spending their hard-earned money on one of these scam programs
      then this post was well worth the time I spent writing and putting it out
      for all to see.
      Please come back anytime,


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