How Do You Start With Affiliate Marketing

How Do You Start With Affiliate Marketing?

Great question to ask. This is one of the easiest and simplest ways to begin an online business. However, if you do not know where to start it can be hair pulling and frustrating too.

What you are going to read about in my article today is what no one ever tells you about getting into affiliate marketing. The road you will be traveling is rocky, hilly, bumpy, and really long.

Follow the experts, learn from their mistakes, do what they do, the process is simple, BUT. You know there is always a BUT, it does take work, commitment, dedication, time, and most of all patience.

Just letting you know prior to jumping into affiliate marketing those five things you must have as a person. Now you know why only 1% of people who begin an online business either give up or quit before they succeed.

We all know how precious our valuable time is, so I am going to give you this shortcut box below where you can “Create Your Free Account Now” – No Credit Card Required. This will take you to the training that I am going to describe below.

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Remember I would prefer you to read my complete article giving you information about starting your own online business in affiliate marketing you might pick up some pointers.

For Beginners To Affiliate Marketing

I started out in affiliate marketing only ten short months ago, seems like yesterday. Wanting a way to make money working at home online this was what I chose over a JOB of working online.

There are differences between the two that you need to realize prior to getting started. As an affiliate marketer you will own your own company, you are the boss, you are the employee, you will be doing all the work.

Having a JOB working online means you are going to be reporting to a company who gives you a paycheck for the work you provide online for them.

You will still be punching a time clock, in a way, being required to be online during the hours that they want you to work. These companies at times will also require deadlines that you will need to meet for work requirements.

Owning your own website doing affiliate marketing gives you the freedom to work on your schedule not someone else’s. No time clocks to punch and you can work anywhere you have a laptop and internet connection.

We have 4 Basic Steps that you are going to be following:

4 Basic Steps Affiliate Marketing

  • Choose An Interest – This can be anything at all, any interest, passion or even something you have no personal experience with.
  • Build A Website – Your website is the foundation of your online business, we will get into this later in my article.
  • Attract Visitors – Learning all about how to get traffic and visitors to your website. Our first focus is FREE traffic and there is A LOT of it out there. There is more than one way to attract visitors to your website this will be discussed later.
  • Earn Revenue – Once you have people on your site and traffic, you can earn revenue. There are over 50 ways you can monetize traffic online!

Wow, all of that sounds really simple! With the gurus and scammers out there that is about all, you would get, here that is not the case. Those are the beginning steps there are tons more that still goes into building your online business.

Do Not Panic none of it is really hard just work learning the process that MUST be followed if you want to be in the successful 1% at the top in the online business world.

I have a question for you, “Name one regret that you have about your life?” Mine is that I never got into affiliate marketing until ten months ago. Seriously, this is a lifestyle that one can only dream about unless, of course, you are living it!

Building A Business Website

Let’s say you have an interest in mind already for your website and move right along. Building a business website is the foundation for your online business as I said above.

With using WordPress Website Builder this requires no technical skills at all any beginner can do this in a matter of minutes it is that easy.

To start you are going to need a Domain Name for your website, I suggest you make it something that relates to the interest you have selected to build your business.

Just for our example we can use the interest of “baseball cards” this is a nice broad topic but we would still like to have a Domain Name to match our website title.


The place I am referring you to for training will be providing you with not one but two free websites to build on the subdomain. So from the Website Builder, we would select “On A Free Domain”.

Domain Screenshot

After selecting where we want to build our website we would then have a screen like below come up:

Choose Domain Name & Title for Website

For the “Choose a domain name for your website” we can use “”. After that we need a title for our website (this can always be changed later) let’s use “Baseball Cards of the 1950s”.

Considering I really know nothing much about baseball cards I am doing this mostly off the top of my head here for you all. But you can get the idea of how you would like the Domain Name and Website Title to be related.

The last thing we are going to need for our website is a theme. With the training that I am sending you to a selection of twelve FREE WordPress themes is available.

Choose a Theme for Website

Great we have our theme selected that will now take us to our brand new business website on WordPress Dashboard which is pictured below:

WordPress Dashboard


Congratulations you have now completed the setup your first website!

What To Put On Your Website?

With the website now built we are going to need to add certain required items to the website. As an affiliate marketer, you will need to have a Privacy Policy, Affiliate Disclosure, and an About Me page.

Possibly some other necessary documents depending on where in the world you reside. It is always best to check with your local government offices for an online business to make sure you are legitimate with these documents.

Now you are going to start writing content to place on the website, hold up, what is that you just said? Not a writer? Do you send text messages? Then you can write, writing is communicating on paper nothing more!

We started with baseball cards so guess we can just continue with that for our interest. In order to write content that people are going to want to read you need to find out what they are looking (searching) for on the internet.

These are called “keywords” and doing proper keyword research is highly important to your success in affiliate marketing. Finding keywords that people are searching for is covered in the training I am sending you to so you will be well versed.

Included with your membership for FREE Starter Membership is a tool called “Jaaxy Lite” where you are going to be able to do 30 free searches to get you started.

Jaaxy Lite Keyword Research Menu Screen

When you enter a keyword in the search box Jaxxy Lite will return results for the keyword you are looking to write content (an article) about. Important to always check your competition for these keywords under the “QSR” column.

The higher the number of competitive websites you have in a keyword “QSR” then the harder it is going to be for you to rank on the major search engines for that keyword. (This is covered in the training!)

CONTENT IS KING” what most people do not realize is a website is not a single page or post, in order for the major search engines to recognize you as a serious business then you must consistently keep adding quality content to your website.

No matter how complicated this sounds right now it really is not. Affiliate Marketing is a process once learned and perfected with your own style is easily diversified into other interests earning you a passive income for life.

Attract Visitors

There are many ways to attract visitors to your websites I am only going to cover a couple of the FREE (organic traffic is the term used for free traffic on the internet) ways in my article.

We all know that word of mouth spreads far and wide so make sure to tell everyone you know. Tell them to tell all their friends and keep it going.

Of course, you have the Social Media Platform today how great is this you can reach people all over the world by sending out a Tweet, Facebook Status, Instagram, Linked-In, etc. announcement.

The most serious one is using the proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. SEO Experts are funny about teaching this to newcomers thinking they are giving away secrets only they know.

The reality here is you can find many who will help you learn SEO if you know where to look. There are numerous books written that you can read and many publications that you can subscribe to that will help you learn SEO.

Beware some like to use what is called “Black Hat SEO” this is not recommended it might give you a big jump with earning profits for a couple of weeks but then you risk your website being taken down and being banned from the search engines.

“White Hat SEO” techniques are the only way using proper SEO within the rules only makes sense in the long run. Your business website stays up making you a passive income for years to come.

You know there are other ways to drive visitors to your website but these are the only ones that I use. Starting out investing in paid advertising or PPC (pay per click) is expensive and not for beginners.

Spending extra money before you see an ROI (Return On Investment) is not a wise business practice either. Taking it slow learning the process is better than jumping the gun and never seeing any results you are only going to quit or give up.

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Earn Revenue

Now what you all have been waiting for the juicy part of earning revenue (MONEY)! Why else would one want to build an online business but other than to earn money?

Affiliate Marketing means you do not need to have a product or service to sell people like a regular brick and mortar business so how do you make money?

Promoting other peoples products and services on your website that is how. All the big corporations and companies you find offer affiliate programs today. They know that Affiliate Marketing is a way for them to sell more products and services.

When you have a product or service on your website with a link to them and a visitor clicks on your links and purchases then you will be paid a commission based on that affiliate program.

Commissions range in many different percentages or even a flat dollar amount, looking for the ones that best fit your business will enable you to earn a passive living online for years.

One thing I would like to point out here where others do not is read the whole affiliate agreement prior to signing it. Make sure to follow the Terms of Service on your website. You make a mistake it can cost you dearly.

Let me explain, by not following the Terms of Service laid out in the Affiliate Agreement you could not just lose commissions due to you but also the whole affiliate program.

This will take even more of your valuable time as an affiliate marketer removing all the links to that particular affiliate from your website and replacing them with new links. Also, time in finding a new affiliate program to fit your needs.

Having an affiliate program canceled on you is devastating I should know it happened to me. Took weeks to find all the links remove them but finding the replacements is still an ongoing process.


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Basics of Affiliate Marketing

That about covers the basics of affiliate marketing as you can see they are not difficult at all. Starting is the hard part where do you get the right training? Who can you trust to show you proper SEO? Many more questions I am sure.

Today was your lucky day if you decided to take the time to read my article. Ten months ago I found a website that provided not just the training but so many more benefits it took me only two days to upgrade my membership.

W H A T? Yes, you read that correctly. Wait until you hear the best part. You can start right now today and it is not going to cost you a single red penny!

Exactly, they offer a Free Starter Membership giving you the following to check everything out making sure this is what you are looking for before you need to invest any of your hard-earned money.

  • Level 1 Online Entrepreneur Certification – consists of 10 Lessons with a video walkthrough step by step
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  • Beginning Training Course
  • 2 Free Websites
  • Free Hosting for Both Websites
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Website Backup
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  • Affiliate Program
  • Earn While You Learn
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Do any of those scam offers give you even one of these? NO, because you need to pay them upfront prior to even know what you are getting.

When the owners of this company started out back in 2005, I think they realized that affiliate marketing is not going to be right for everyone. Offering you a way to check it out “Kick the Tires” for FREE is absolutely GENIUS of them.

Want to hear even more? All the above is yours to keep FREE the only thing you are going to lose in seven days is the Live Chat and One-on-One Coaching.

Your websites will be removed from hosting if you have a lapse of 30 days or more not working on them so make sure to keep posting to your websites.

I only waited two days before upgrading my Membership, that is correct, I am a Premium Member of this community. It would be difficult for me to recommend you to a place that I have not already tried myself plus I know it works.

Premium Membership gives you all the benefits in the community which are so numerous they take up a whole website all by themselves. But as a Premium Member, you will have personal access to the owners of the company another big plus.

Right now the owners are running a Special if you upgrade within the first seven days you can get your first month of Premium Membership for only $19.00! That is lower than any of those scam products out there I have ever seen.

After those 30 days are up then you have options for paying your membership which make it easily affordable for all budgets. Remember this is not a get-rich-quick scheme it will take time to build your business.

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Starting a business is risky in itself but knowing what the cost is going to be upfront sure makes life less stressful. Show me a business with an overhead of less than the price of a cup of coffee a day, that is what you are getting here.

Imagine in a few years taking only one cup of coffee each day and turning it into a business earning passive income where you can be earning four, five, or even six figures every month. It has been done and you can do it too.

Did I mention the membership fees above are all-inclusive? That is correct the only other out-of-pocket cost is going to be for the price of your own Domain Name. These can be purchased in the community for $13.99 to $15.99 for a year.

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In Conclusion

Why did I write this article? Like I said before my one regret was not getting into affiliate marketing until only ten months ago. If I can help just one person get started right now today then it was well worth my time.

Actions are what you need when it comes to changing anything in your life. It is like the old saying “Give a man a fish, he eats for one day. Teach a man to fish, he will never go hungry again.”

Would you not say this applies to life in general? Here I am giving you the tools to begin a new journey absolutely FREE all you need to do is use them. In doing so, you can change your life from having a JOB to owning your own company.

All that is left for you to do now is click the box below “Create Your Free Account Now” – put away your credit card because there is No Credit Card Required – and you are under no obligation to upgrade ever.

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When you get to inside the community make sure to fill in your profile with a picture and a little about yourself. Then stop over and say “Hello” my profile is Marley2016.

I will be there to help you along your journey so if you need any help or have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Hearing from all my readers is appreciated please leave comments, suggestions, or any questions you have for me in the space provided below.

Thank you for reading my article today.

Best wishes to your future online success,


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