Is Affiliate Marketing for Beginners? – Step by Step Free Instructions

Is Affiliate Marketing for Beginners? 

Step by Step Free Instructions

“Is affiliate marketing for beginners?”  As this is something that I was interested in for years the amount of research I have done is huge.

Honestly, this is the absolute best way for anyone who want to begin an online business.  The income potential with affiliate marketing is huge.  Affiliate Marketing online is estimated to grow to over $6.8 Billion by 2020.

Do you realize this is just next year?  Looking for starting your own online business right now today?  Then affiliate marketing is the one place I recommend you start.

Beginner friendly training is available for FREE if you want to skip reading my article by clicking the box below.  But I would appreciate you reading what I have for you below.

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Free Training Step by Step

There is only one platform that I have found in all my research on the internet which offers you a step by step instructions with videos showing you exactly what to do and how to do it.

WA Screenshot Getting Started

Affiliate Marketing is for either promotion of products through drop shipping or you can promote other services and platforms where people have a need showing them where to go.

With this type of work, you have to do no cold sales calling everything can be done from the comfort of your home setting you up for passive income that will last a lifetime if you are willing to work for it.

This is a business that is owned and operated by you with no middlemen taking anything away from you.  Getting paid commissions on a monthly basis from products and services can be nothing short of amazing.

Before you think that what I am offering here is any type of fancy get-rich-quick scam or push a few buttons and money is going to start rolling in – STOP – this is not the case.

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You need to start with a plan of attack when you want to start a business.  Knowing where you want to go with it what are you planning to use the business for selling products or services.

All of this takes work, time, and patience you are going to be running an online business from home on a website which will need your attention and a business plan.

Building a website is not a simple thing like most people would think thanks to GoDaddy and some others out there offering you a free trial period to build a website.

Building Your Business

In order to build your business, the first thing you will need is your website. Did I just say that it is not easy to build a website?

With experience or the training then this is not difficult.  As a beginner you might be able to pull one together but knowing the back end is the important part.  Not the end result that people see on the internet when viewing.

Wealthy Affiliate includes website building in the training for FREE Starter Members. Your websites will be built on  Word Press the best website building tool available today.

Take a look below and see what you think:

Hope you have come back from the investigation into Word Press, this is only the beginning of what is offered at Wealthy Affiliate for free.

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Benefits with this platform are numerous and could take up pages upon pages if I were to write them all out for you.  Premium Membership includes every thing Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.  The FREE Starter Membership carries limitations.

Free Starter Members will have 20 Free Lessons, 2 Free Websites, Free Hosting, and availability to Live Chat 24/7 for the first seven days of their membership.  30 Free searches on Jaaxy Lite.

Another of the benefits with membership is the best keyword research tool on the internet known as Jaaxy you can upgrade to a paid subscription but with Wealthy Affiliates, the Lite version is included for free.

What Do You Get for FREE?

In the beginning, I said I could offer you FREE training for Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – and I am giving you seven full days to come and check everything out that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

You will receive 10 full lessons in Level 1 of Online Entrepreneur Certification and 10 full lessons in Level 1 of Affiliate Boot camp Training. With these lessons, you will learn how to build a website and so much more.

OEC Training Level 1

Included for the first seven days for FREE you will also have available to you the Live Chat area where you can go and ask questions you might have concerning Wealthy Affiliate or if you get stuck doing the lessons.

Wait there is more how about not 1 but 2 free websites, which are yours to keep and run even if you do not become a Premium Member?

As long as you remain active with hosting provided by Wealthy Affiliate which will include Site Speed, SSL certificates, and Site Protection (Spam Blocker) working on the website you have created.

Please go check the others see what they offer.  Plus here is the best –  always save the best for last you will receive one on one coaching FREE for the first seven days from an experienced Affiliate Marketer.

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Cost of Premium Membership

So now your thinking alright let’s just say I go and check all this out for FREE, but now I want to continue with the training how do I go about that?

A special deal for you the first month of membership is only $19.00!  After that then it is a steal at $49.00 per month but you can save by going with a 6-month plan at $234.00 or a yearly membership of only $359.00.

Membership Fees WA

Here is what is now added with the Premium Membership that FREE membership does not have access to.  Wealthy Affiliate has their own email system for within the platform so you can talk privately to other members.

Live Chat will stay available to you along with Site Support which handles all the technical side of your website so you have no worries about having things on the back end fixed.

Weekly Live Training events for advanced and beginners teaching you various techniques to use or incorporate into your website or for your business.

Instead of only having the 2 websites as a FREE member you now have 50 websites!  Know that 25 are hosted on the subdomain and you can purchase 25 of your own domains (cost of $15.99 at the most) hosted all by Wealthy Affiliate.

These 50 websites all come with the Site Speed, SSL certificates, and Site Protection (Spam Blocker) and are included with the membership.

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In Closing

talking online in greekAlright, I figure I have talked enough Greek for one day most people are probably totally confused and that was not my intention.

What I am trying to say is if you want to have a successful online business then Wealthy Affiliate is the only platform to join that will teach you how and what you need to do.

Sure I could go on for days and days writing pages upon pages about what Wealthy Affiliate can do for you but would it not benefit you more by just clicking on the button below and finding out for yourself?

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I really love hearing from all of my readers would you please leave questions, comments, or suggestions in the space provided below.  I answer all of them usually within 24 hours.

Thank you and hope this helps you find a way to success online.

Best wishes,


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