Is Affiliate Marketing Passive Income?

Why Affiliate Marketing is the Secret Passive Income!

I am not joking around when I stated: “Why Affiliate Marketing is the Secret Passive Income!”. This is INDEED the honest truth.  So why are not more people doing it?

That answer is pure and simple this is not right for everyone. I mean seriously what would the world be like if everyone was a doctor, lawyer, or trash man? Our world just would not be the same as we know it.

There are other reasons too but the main reason is 99% of people who start out in the affiliate marketing business quit before they even get started.

We have a problem as humans we are programmed to want instant gratification when we do something. Affiliate Marketing is not something you are going to gain instant gratification doing.

The biggest reason most people quit before they even get started they become discouraged with not seeing instant results from the work they are doing.

Before I get into writing the rest of my article knowing how impatient some people are I am going to provide you with the shortcut link below to begin training immediately.

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How Affiliate Marketing Creates a Passive Income

Getting into affiliate marketing was one of the best decisions of my life. But what most people do not understand is it takes time to build an online business with affiliate marketing.

Thanks to the scammers out there people have a misconception that there is a get-rich-quick push-button way of making a real passive income online.  Sorry to inform you, but they are all LIES!

Now if you are willing to dedicate 2 to 3 hours a day to learn what is required to build an online business doing affiliate marketing then keep reading!

Considering the information available on the internet today you can spend years trying to find all the necessary tools and free training offered. These are all broken up in different areas that you are going to need to find them all and then piece them together.

But finding it all in one place that provides the tools you need is another story altogether. I found that one place that is loaded with training, tools, and experienced experts from the online world.

The Premium Membership offers you everything imaginable to work online for less than the price of a cup of coffee a day.  Yes, that is right the membership fee is so cheap you could not do a single website alone for the cost of membership.

Later I will give you what you are getting with the Free Starter Membership and that alone is going to blow your mind. But for now back to how affiliate marketing creates a passive income.

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Affiliate Marketing should be done with the content on a website do not get me wrong others use YouTube. You will find that if they do they are usually always referring you back to a content website to read the content anyways.

As people search the internet the major search engines capture the exact words they used to look for things. These are then consolidated into what is called “keyword research tools”.

Affiliate Marketers create a website around a “niche” which is a select group of people looking for solutions to problems that they then provide the answers to, helping them solve problems is affiliate marketing.

In order to monetize a website for you to earn a passive income, you will need products or service to promote from affiliate programs. There are products and services for anything you can think of under the sun.

Joining the affiliate programs you will be signing an affiliate agreement. This is a contract and abiding by the Terms of Service for each affiliate program you join is a must.

If you break a rule you are going to lose commissions or possibly even your affiliate ship with the program. Make sure you take the time to read all the fine print in the affiliate agreement saving yourself from ever losing any money.

Visitors to a website are called traffic without people coming to your website you are not going to make any commissions. So in order for you to drive traffic to the website you have a number of ways to do this.

Paid traffic can be very expensive and unless you have deep pockets not worth discussing.  I prefer the free (organic) traffic sources where you use SEO and Social Media to drive traffic to the website.

Now that we have covered the basics for affiliate marketing think about how does the passive income comes into play?

When a visitor comes to your website and clicks on an affiliate link, makes a purchase, you make a commission, simple!  There are some which will offer you a few cents just when a visitor clicks on the link these are rare.

Should you have a product or service that is in high demand and have let’s say a thousand visitors a day, can you see where I am going here? If only 3% of your visitors purchase a product or service for $10.00 not a bad day at all, right?

Example of Commission
Example of Commission
Payable under Affiliate Program

Let me also point out that this can happen day after day, year after year, with different products and services. Not a very bad way to make a passive income for writing an article one time.

Keeping up with SEO trends is a necessary part of doing business online not to lose rank once you are at the top you do not want to fall down.

Website maintenance must be done to make sure you do not have any broken links on your site.  One broken link for just one day could cost you quite a bit of money as you can see by the example above.

Imagine not finding it for a whole month?  This will not just affect your income level but your rank in the search engines because people are going to not visit your site.

No matter how complicated all of this sounds right now believe me it all comes down to a process and schedule that you will pick up and run with once you are used to it.

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Tools for Affiliate Marketing

Having a computer or laptop along with an internet connection are needed for starters. I suggest having a pad and pencils to take notes from the training even if you can repeat reading and watching the videos.

Wealthy Affiliate is the only online training that I have found giving you the complete process all in one location. And you know that they are not anywhere near a scam considering what they give you 100% FREE to get started.

Owners, Carson and Kyle, opened this company back in 2005 keeping it running with updates daily. The members work together as like-minded individuals helping each other knowing your success is also their success.

Carson and Kyle, Owners of WA
Carson and Kyle
Co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate

You will need a really good Keyword Research Tool which there are many offered today. Considering Wealthy Affiliate has their own Jaaxy created by affiliate marketers what better tool to use.

Jaaxy Lite comes free with my membership most members never upgrade it does the job very well for what is needed. You can take an upgrade to the Pro or Enterprise when you become more experienced or purchase another if you find it useful.


Almost forgot to mention you will have 30 keyword searches on Jaaxy Lite in the Free Starter Membership.

Website and hosting are needed to create your online business. Wealthy Affiliate provides you with 2 free websites in the Free Starter Membership along with free hosting for both of them.

Training the most important ingredient of all in my book at Wealthy Affiliate unsurpassable by others anywhere. Free Starter Members received 20 free lessons.

Level 1 in the Online Entrepreneur Certification consisting of 10 Lessons and Level 1 of the Affiliate Boot Camp Training consisting of another 10 Lessons.

These lessons are all done by Kyle with video instructions showing you step by step what you are going to do and exactly how and why you are doing these.

Set Up Video WA

Beginners Training Course is also available at the start and I suggest you take the time to view and read this prior to jumping into the 20 free lessons.

Provided are 2 Classrooms where you can ask questions of experienced members and also find archived questions of past starter members with the answers they received from the platform.

You will also have Website Backup done daily so that none of the work you have completed on your website is ever lost. A Personal Affiliate Blog where you can ask questions of the community and post progress reports as you wish.

Everything that I have mentioned above is yours to keep with the Free Starter Membership you must remain active working on building your website if it becomes inactive 30 days or longer it does get taken down.

Live Chat 24/7 will be available to you as a Free Starter Member for the first seven days only. An invaluable tool where you can jump in day or night asking questions about training or anything dealing with Wealthy Affiliate you need to know.

Live Chat 24/7 screenshot

Seriously once you see all the benefits offered with the Premium Membership I am positive that you are going to upgrade prior to the seven-day trial period ending.

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How Fast Can I Earn With Affiliate Marketing?

This is the question most asked I see when on Live Chat!  No one can answer this question truthfully due to the vast number of variables involved.  Variables range from 3 months to 3 years this is dependent on you mostly.

Starting a new website as a new author of content Google, Bing, and Yahoo has no idea who you are. It is like a person you have never seen before walks up to on the street and wants to borrow a lot of money promising to pay you back.

To give you a rough idea of what I am saying is this depends on niche selection, competition, content, keywords, consistency of working on your website posting articles, and finally domain age and authority.

I tell newcomers to look at a website like a bottle of wine a fine bottle of wine needs to age so does a new website. The longer it ages the better it becomes, keep adding content “Content is King”.

content is king poster

Previously when I stated there are no get-rich-quick push-button systems that is exactly why I was telling you that. Building an online affiliate marketing business will earn you a passive income but it will take time, work, and most of all patience.

When I mentioned paid advertising before this is a faster way to drive traffic to your website. Knowing that this can become very expensive if you are not sure what or how to do paid advertising, stick with free (organic) methods until you gain experience and learn the right way to do paid advertising.

Commitment and dedication are needed if you want to succeed in the online business world. Learning something new daily to add to building that online business is a must it can even be the smallest thing but it can make a difference.

Taking the time to create a passive income to quit working that 9 to 5 JOB in a couple of years is not unthinkable as long as you are willing to work for it.

Never give up and never quit success could be like the man who sold his gold mine three feet from the gold! Do not know the story take a minute and Google “Three Feet from Gold”  Napoleon Hill you may find it applies to you.

Three Feet from Gold from Amazon

In Conclusion

Now that you know affiliate marketing is the secret passive income do not hesitate and get started right now today. It takes some time to plant the seed and watch it grow, but the fruit of your labor is oh so sweet.

After filling in the “Create Your Free Account Now” form (No Credit Card Required) take a minute to fill in your profile with a picture and a little about yourself. Then come over and say “Hello” my profile is Marley2016.

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After you familiarize yourself, take some time to read the success blogs that other members have posted on their Personal Blog Posts.  Notice the length of time it took them to reach the level of success and how hard they work.

Hearing from my readers is most appreciated please leave comments, suggestions, or any questions you have for me in the space provided below. I answer these usually within 24 hours.

Thank you for taking the time to read “Is Affiliate Marketing Passive Income”.

Best wishes to you and your success,



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