Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

“Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?”  Well hopefully by the time you are finished reading this article you will have a full opinion of your own.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion right?  Considering I live in the United States we are considered a free nation.  Voicing our opinions is considered Freedom of Speech so I am voicing mine here on this page!

Please look at all that is offered here then I would appreciate hearing your opinion in the comment section at the bottom of the page.  Thank you in advance for this 🙂

Wealthy Affiliate

everyone is entitled to my opinion cupEveryone in the world is entitled to hold an opinion on everything the same goes for Wealthy Affiliate.

Some people have said that the platform is a scam others have even called all the members a cult.

Seriously they are neither this is the best and most unique platform anyone looking to build a business online can become a part of to succeed.

In the last post where I explained people get shiny object syndrome and try all the get-rich-quick push button scams, they come across waiting to hit some magic button and jackpot. Honestly, that is never going to happen, stop looking!

Now if you are ready to do some work and put in some time then Wealthy Affiliate is where you want to be.

The platform consists of two different training platforms taking you from no experience to the finished product of online marketing.

Have no experience in the online world guess what neither did I or 99% of the people who are in the business now. But with the outstanding guidance of this community and experience, they refuse to let you fail.

Do Some Research

How did I become a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate is easy knowing you can do it too, I did some research by Googling different work from home platforms.

When I came across Wealthy Affiliate clicking on the website to find out more information there in front of me was an offer of seven days of FREE training no credit card required.

Look I am like everyone else and said sure right what is the catch but clicked anyways filling in my email address to get to the next screen.

Sign Up Page

Guess what I was actually on a real training page for Wealthy Affiliate no kidding it was unbelievable for me to have discovered something that was actually FREE I was super excited.

Proceeding Into Site

For the first hour or so I just looked around the website clicking on all the things to see what it was all about. Then when I finally had that complete decided to check out some of the training.

Starting with the Online Entrepreneur Certification was super exciting it was real training set up with video step by step instructions I became so involved that I could not stop.


Set Up Video WA

Right hand to the Lord I stayed up for over 24 hours doing lesson after lesson checking off each task as I completed them.

At the end of the time, I had a website started a real website that was all mine. The first thing you can pick a theme to put your website on as a free member there are only 12 themes to choose from but for me that was huge.

Kyle, one of the owners, explains how to set up the about me page and privacy policy for each website and add them to the menu of the theme you have chosen.

Websites are built in Word Press which is very simple to use and Wealthy Affiliate offers a Site Content platform that has templates for pages and posts and your about me page and privacy policy.

Here go check it out for yourself see what you think!

Domains at Wealthy Affiliate

As a free member Wealthy Affiliate gives you two free websites on a sub-domain and they take care of the hosting for you not too shabby for being a free member.

You can purchase your own domain name through Wealthy Affiliate for a yearly fee of $13.99 up to $15.99 was the most expensive ones I have seen so far.

When you purchase your own domain through Wealthy Affiliate they pay for the hosting.  Free members can purchase their own domains but if they become inactive or do not decide to go to a Premium Membership they will be taken down after 30 days of inactivity.

Now I know that the next question crossing your mind is how much is a Premium Membership? And right now you can get your first month for $19.00 after that then the monthly membership is $49.00 but if you would like to save then you can go with a yearly membership at $359.00.

Membership Fees WA

Most other programs out there start off with a nice small amount of the $49.00 but then the up sales keep coming until the next thing you know you need to pay $1,997.00 so that you can just finish your website with no help.

What about Technical Support check to see if these other places offer any kind Wealthy Affiliate offers 24/7 with 365 days a year covered Site Support to you with their Premium Membership wonder what that would cost with the others.

Click Here Now

In Conclusion

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam not hardly considering everything they offer for no cost! Plus what is included with the Premium Membership you are not going to find a better deal anywhere that I know of, and by the way, I looked.

Do any of the other platforms out there give Free Memberships with 2 websites and hosting?  No, I could not find a one and believe me I searched.

Can you find one platform that teaches you about keywords or SEO if you do please come back and inform me because I had never heard of these until I joined Wealthy Affiliate?

What exactly are you waiting for click on the banner below and grab your seven-day Free Membership NOW!

Click Here Now


Still, not sure drop me an email at or leave your question, suggestion, or comment in the space provided below.

Thank you for coming by to visit today and please bookmark this website for future reference.

Until next time,




16 thoughts on “Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?”

  1. As a Wealthy Affiliate member myself, it’s good to read your article! And I can tell everyone in doubt right now that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam – far from it. It has a lot of perks, and so many learning opportunities from experts. I love the free website and free access that it offers too. I think this is a great way to really know what Wealthy Affiliate looks like before jumping the gun. Quite frankly, that’s what I did! Thanks for sharing Susan!

    • Parmi,

      Glad to know you are with Wealthy Affiliates have to admit they are no scam and the members are not a cult neither!  The best thing is their Free Membership being able to really check everything out knowing up front if the program is going to work for you.

      Thanks for coming by and please come again any time.


  2. I’ve been looking into this company for quite some time now – but I’m still a little too scared to take the plunge! 

    It does seem like it’s a whole solution to starting up your own business in one box – everything under one roof so to speak. How did you find the education there on a level of difficulty?

    • Chris,

      Well do not be afraid any longer because if you are not satisfied in the first seven days you were given training and a whole community to converse with to make up your mind if it would be right for you.

      Training within the Wealthy Affiliate platform is done step by step giving you a check off list as you complete each one Kyle has video instructions for each lesson so you can follow along very easily.  If I had to rate the training difficulty on a scale of 1 to 10 you would end up with a 2 only because you need computer basics to make things go smoothly.

      Chris, please come back anytime seems like you have enjoyed reading through the site and thank you 🙂


  3. I joined Wealthy Affiliate a month and a half ago and started out with the free version. It literally took me two days to decide I needed to go Premium. So I did and it was amazing! I am really enjoying the community and you definitely get a good deal for your money. I love that your sites are secure and I’ve started to move some of my outside websites over.

    • Genesis,

      Thank you for coming by today.  Glad you joined our community and I see that you had previous websites prior to joining our membership roll.  This is something that is only offered to Premium members when they come to Wealthy Affiliates prior domains can be transferred to the platform and Wealthy Affiliates pays for the hosting which includes Site Speed, SSL, and Spam Blocker.  I know of no other platform out there that includes so much with all the more Wealthy Affiliates membership covers.


  4. Research is definitely key to finding what works best for you! After doing my research, I found that Wealthy Affiliate was the best option, and I don’t regret my decision!

    The training is simple, easy to understand, and follow! The community, at Wealthy Affiliate, including Kyle and Carson, are positive, encouraging, and supportive!

    Joining Wealthy Affiliate was the best decision, and definitely worth every penny!

    • Janis,

      Thank you for confirming my findings with Wealthy Affiliates not being in any way a scam.  You are correct doing research to anything you want in life makes a big difference.  The Premium Membership with Wealthy Affiliates offers so much more than just the training; but people need to sign up just to see for themselves how much value they are going to get for the pennies that they are going to pay.


  5. I am so glad that you have reviewed this website!  I decided to check Wealthy Affiliate out a few months ago to appease my mom.  I wasn’t expecting much as I hadn’t been able to find anything worth staying with for so long.  I was extremely skeptical to say the least.  I took the free thing and started watching the free videos.  I was learning HEAPS!!!  I learned sooo much more than the other places that promised the education but gave very little for very high prices.  So I went premium.  It has been the best thing that has happened to me in finding a stay at home job.  🙂  I’m so happy with my decision.  The community is wonderful and the education really is top notch!  It does require work, but it’s better to learn how to provide for you and yours for a long run rather than just getting something that promises a quick return but doesn’t deliver.

    Thank you so much for this review 🙂

    • Kaeyoes,

      Thank you for complimenting my research and findings; and oh by the way did you take you mom out for dinner as a thank you?  What this community offers for all the more a Premium Membership costs, people who do not find the way to scrap together this small amount to invest in the future for themselves and their loved ones seriously makes me wonder. 


  6. Joining Wealthy Affiliate is ever the best thing I have done in my life. As this article explained the detail about the Wealthy Affiliate, I confirmed that joining wealthy Affiliate through the link in this article will be a step closer to your online business success. Wealthy Affiliate has produced thousands if not millions of people recording success online. I am one of the living testimony . If you are willing to join Wealthy Affiliate don’t allow doubt to kill your success join now with the link in the post.

    • Adebayo,

      Thank you very much for confirming my research about Wealthy Affiliates; I to became a Premium Member within hours after finding what they have to offer.  But even at that time I did not realize the balance of what I missed with the whole community to back you up.


  7. This a great informative article you very clearly point out the free time period with no credit card required. Which was a great incentive to Elaine and I we were a little slower on checking it out I think about 5 days in we knew it was for us.  And what a great value the first month at 19 bucks hooked us. And from there after learning about the awesome communities help. At almost 24 hours a day. Well, there was no turning back. We now have 3 sites the 3 still in its infancy. And we are stoked. To keep climbing the ladder of success, thanks for sharing so others can follow this awesome program.


    • Elaine and Scarlett,

      Thank you for taking the time to check out the website, the stories that I have heard concerning Wealthy Affiliates are sometimes so funny no one in their right mind would actually publish them.

      But the cult one yes that was the one that I just had to put out there for people to know about; I never knew a cult that was scattered all over the world and none of the members had ever met each other was wild.

      Keep rocking the world with doing your websites girls and come back anytime.


  8. Hi Susan, I know that people are skeptical of this kind of program but just because they tried another and was a scam, but I’m part of the wealthy affiliate program and I can assure that is not a scam and is one of the best programs that you can find on the internet. Since the first moment I was able to see its potential and on the second day I became a premium member, now I can’t believe the things that I achieved so far. I’m so grateful and I’ll always recommend the program.

    Thanks for this review!

    • Paola,

      Thank you for your confirmation of my findings with Wealthy Affiliates.  You are so correct in your assessment of the platform.  But remember there will always be the haters out there that did not get their shiny object with the push of a magic button so Wealthy Affiliates to them is a scam.  To bad they did not stick around and even try to live up to their own potential.



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