Journey at WA Part 10 – Starting the New Year!

Journey at WA Part 10 – Starting the New Year!

It is New Year’s Eve and I thought it would be a great time to write a post! Putting out an update of what is going on at WA over the past week on my continued Journey at WA.

Starting the New Year off with a bang!  What is the first thing you think about when New Year’s comes around?  My guess is setting up your New Year’s resolution!

Question for you all – instead of making the same old resolution why not start this year with a brand new one?  A serious promise to yourself to improve your financial situation!

This can be accomplished with Wealthy Affiliate – best part is you can try out the whole community with Live Training of 20 Lessons for absolutely FREE – No Credit Card Required!

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What Have I Been Up To

Last report I think I mentioned there were some very important key components missing from all my pages and post on all the websites that I have created to date.

So for the past week I have been going back and fixing all this along with changing themes on two of the websites making them more user-friendly – this does affect ranking with the search engines keeping visitors happy.


True, this was not a big deal for me to do with the training I have had over the past six months in fact it was rather a boring experience to have to revisit all those pages and posts, but I did learn from doing this how terrible my writing was when I started and how far along I have come.

Seriously, I was petrified when I started to write posts for on the websites you sit and look at a blank screen thinking alright what to write about how to put the thoughts down that make sense for people to understand.

Joining WA believe me I had no clue to the language that is used for websites or the terminology on the internet and then members use letters like everyone on Facebook and Social Media LOL sure you all know what that means but when I am referring to internet talk such as SSL I can see the look on your face!!

Anyway, getting all that out of the way I then start communicating with other members and they are asking have you set up your goals for 2019? What?

Goals for 2019

Not really thinking that far ahead and the end of the year coming faster by the day members are all discussing their goals for 2019 in blog posts within the WA platform.

Pressure is on because for the past thirty days I have been an Ambassador within the community, which is considered a very high honor, so members look up to you for advice and how do I look if I have no goals laid out yet?

To the drawing board, I go and here is what my goal for 2019 is going to be the following tasks must be completed each week for my ultimate goal of making Vegas in 2020.


Here are my weekly tasks:

  • 18 Posts Per Week to Websites (This might increase starting January)
  • Read and Reply to 20 Blog Posts Daily
  • Leave at least 2 Site Comments Daily
  • (Would like to give 2 Site Feedback Daily) but the old platform is not being used
  • Check Websites Daily for any Updates
  • Check Traffic Weekly to Websites – just to make sure I am getting some LOL
  • File Emails Daily In Folders – keeps email from overflowing and organized
  • Post to Social Media Daily – Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Quora
  • YouTube Video – keep practicing and start uploading three times a week
  • Follow and Welcome New People 10 per day
  • Write a Blog Post for WA at least 3 times per week (for accountability)
  • Answer Questions and Help Others as Needed Daily – Including Live Chat
  • Attend Jay’s Live Training Friday Night
  • Provide Training If Needed for Members To Follow Easily

Now to some people, this might look like so much work but I have a nice system that I work and this is really so attainable during the week as long as you do not get sidetracked.

The one thing I have a problem with is the videos that I need to make and post to YouTube so far I have only made one and it really is not that good it introduces my website and nothing else.

Which means writing scripts and preparing materials for each of these every week is going to take me time but I am determined to make this work.

What Goals Do You Have?

Did you set goals for 2019 for yourself? What are some of them? Please do not tell me you are going on a diet or want to lose weight – these are pipe dreams that everyone stops two weeks into the month of January!

They are called New Year’s Resolutions and all of them are nothing but pipe dreams just like “Shiny Object Syndrome” where people see all those gurus and scam artists advertising making money by some get-rich-quick push button scam system.

Sorry, you all but been there done that even the diet thing and know for a fact none of those things work!! Just saying why not do something for yourself to really change your life for the better?

new years resolution list

Making a passive income for the rest of my life is what I have chosen to do by joining Wealthy Affiliates, sure there are other programs out there and you can go check them out but when you find out they do not work come back I will still be here.

Why? You ask because all you need do with Wealthy Affiliate is Lather, Rinse, and Repeat when something is not broken and works why fix it or look for something else?

Look around and find a place where you can run a business on $1.63 a day if you are paying on the monthly Premium Membership or on a yearly Membership $.98 a day,  you cannot even buy a cup of coffee for this amount today!

Strikes me funny that people will say WA is expensive but they can afford to go to Starbucks and have a latte every morning on their way to work but cannot put that into a business for themselves.

In Closing

Now you all know what I have been doing for the past week here at WA, what have you been doing with yourself? Sitting on the couch watching television or just lying around the house doing nothing?

Look at all that wasted time you could have had a website up and running for nothing, because you can join WA as a FREE member for the first seven days check out all that is offered, hey come on 2 free online coachingwebsites and free hosting for as long as you remain active working on them you never have to go Premium – and 20 lessons included.

I will throw in one on one coaching from myself for the first seven days as well, seriously ask what you need and I will do the best to help you along your way to success.

What is your excuse for not signing up for FREE today?

Just curious have something better to do than start your own business online for FREE?

What to live a laptop lifestyle but do not know how then sign up WA can teach you, leave answers to my questions below in the space provided along with comments, suggestions or any questions you have.

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Thanks for following along with my journey it is awesome let me tell you.

Until next time,




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