Journey at WA Part 12 – Helping Others

Journey at WA Part 12 – Helping Others

Good evening to readers following along my Journey at WA and it has been 10 days since the last update, things have been very busy with what I have been working on and accomplishing here.

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Interesting 10 Days

For me to tell you this has been an interesting 10 days could be just a bit less than what it has been. I know over the past couple of updates we have gone over the tasks that will lead up to the goals I want to accomplish in 2019 and then here is the huge BUT:

Moving along publishing content for on the websites making the goals that I set up has been difficult, to say the least I mean I could write a novel in three months at 18,000 words and 18 articles a week.

Goals Reached Jan 18

That would not be exactly a small novel either I mean over 1,600 pages and 216,000 words more or less than is an accomplishment in itself. And for the first week, I managed to miss my goal by 2 articles, Week 2 going over the goal by 1 article.

Never the less all is moving along and then I receive an email, this is not one of those emails you want to receive one of the affiliate programs I belong to have decided to close their doors. Now delay has set in! Back to all the posts looking for all the links belonging to this affiliate and remove them and find a replacement.

The only good thing about this is I had just joined so I am probably only looking for around 54 links give or take, but the fun part is on two of the websites out of my five.

Disaster #2 Falls

While I am working on finding the links and working on replacing them my depression decides to kick in and I am not able to function with any motivation or ambition at all!

Instead of wasting this time I decide to look around inside our wonderful community and help other members which will break me out of the depression cycle usually fairly quickly.

Today is day three and I am starting to come back around which is a really great thing considering I am behind on getting all those posts written for the past three days.

Looking around inside the community was a big help I found a member who was in need of a complete overhaul of his website it was a complete mess more on this later.

One member who started around the same time I did had left right in front of the snow storm that was coming and drove to Florida all alone, just her and her little dog, needless to say, I was very worried about her we have become like sisters.

Screenshot LiveChat

About 2 hours later she popped on and we were able to communicate back and forth in the Live Chat area and through our own email system here in the community that is called “Private Messaging”, PM for short.

Insomnia Strikes

Usually, when the depression acts up the insomnia kicks in so rather than sit up and stare at the walls I decided to read a few more blog posts by other members inside the community.

In doing this I found a blog post that led me to a couple of video training courses for keyword research which I watched and gained a massive amount of new knowledge on along with finding some new software tools to use.  Below is the original Keyword Mastery Video from training that you can get for FREE!

Keyword Mastery Kyle Free Training Video

The best thing about having a Premium Membership with WA is training is everywhere, but all the extra tools that you will find when you take the training are FREE, sure you can always upgrade to a paid subscription but do not have to.

Now I am all raring to go check out this new keyword research stuff I have learned but not in the mood to really work on my own websites because I have already pulled topics for those articles I decided to try it with the member who needed help.

I download the software for FREE and open the member’s website start with the first post and the keyword that was in the title of the post.

Title of Post In Site Content

This new research was simple and so much better than in changing a few things around in a post title can actually get your website ranked higher in the search engines, you know like on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Awesome, here is how they would work if you are looking at the “Best of” for a product but find the competition really tough within your niche instead try using these words  “Top Brand of the Year” or just “Top” the results are extremely different.

In Closing

There are some of you who have not been following my Journey from the beginning so this post is really not going to make much sense to you but you are more than welcome to head on over to my website to get the complete story and learn more about Wealthy Affiliate there too.

My website was born to help others who are in the position I was once in and could not make ends meet where there was always so many days left in the month but no more money.

Worried all the time about getting shut-off notices in the mail for one utility or another and knowing that you need medication and food but there is not enough money for it all.

So what I did was search to find work I could do from home and online that could afford me the extra money I need to make all the extra money I want without having to spend a fortune doing it.

Was it difficult in the beginning? Finding that extra to make the Premium Membership every month was hard really hard. But when you want something bad enough knowing that in the end, you are going to benefit by having more then the sacrifice is worth every penny.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme at Wealthy Affiliate and they tell you that right up front same as I will, there is no magic button to push and make money if there were and someone found it they sure are not going to tell anyone.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to make money online for the long haul with a system that is simple and all you have to do is lather rinse and repeat any time you want to start another line of business.

And by now if you do not know it is completely FREE to become a member and no one is going to force you into becoming a Premium Member than is all on you!

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Look start the change now and by next year or possibly sooner all depends on you a profitable new business could be bringing in more money than what your current job does now.

All I am here for is the giving back – helping you change your life for the better.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions you can leave them in the space provided below or if you would like to message me send an email to – I answer them all.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my article today and I will keep updates coming in the future,


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