Journey at WA Part 11 – Process to Progress

Journey at WA Part 11 – Process to Progress

Good evening, my readers, the time has come for another Journey at WA Part 11 update and this time around it is going to be about the process to progress, and I am definitely finding that I am making some progress this week.

Process to Progress

Last update report I left everyone know what the tasks were that I had laid out for myself for the year for working on my online business. I had this problem with goals and tasks and not quite understand all the differences.

Yes, I am one of those people that need to have things explained to them in terms that make sense. And honestly, goals to me are the things that I want to get to in life not how I am going to get there.

So for me, I needed to figure this out as everyone kept and is still talking about their goals for 2019 in their business within the WA platform.

What I decided was to figure out the real way one should go about setting their goals and how they plan to reach these goals what this would be considered.

For the sake of clarity right now I have been calling these the tasks I set out to accomplish every day but that would not be exactly correct either.

In order for one to make progress towards a goal you need a process figured out in order to move forward and make the progress (therefore, my tasks are the process required) to make progress and in turn then hopefully I will reach my goals

Since I finally figured this all out then we start with New Year’s Resolutions, and how many of you out there made New Year’s Resolutions?

I am sure more than enough people have made a New Year’s Resolution either this year or years gone by, but how many of us actually reach the goal of that Resolution?

Oprah Winfrey

Statistics will show that less than one percent of people who make a New Year’s Resolution actually carry through with it and manage to reach the goal that they set for themselves.

What a New Year’s Resolution can be considered is a Wish Goal, no thought out process to make progress and reach the goal that you have set for yourself is made. 

The Goals Are In Place

Big goal for myself is at Wealthy Affiliate every year they have a special treat for members and you can get an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas for a Super Affiliate Conference (all expenses paid!!).

This is my goal for 2019 to become a Super Affiliate in order to attend this Conference in 2020, but it is going to take work and a lot of hard work. Working online is really an easy job and I love it answering to no one and working the hours I want to work.

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Who can ask for anything more?

How many of you have a job that if you work hard enough the owners of the company are going to give you an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas or anywhere for that matter?

In the past, most employers would have a Christmas Party for the employees where so many would get drunk and make fools of themselves that most companies did away with these. And bonuses today are almost unheard-of!!

christmas party

So to own your own business online and be your own boss you can still get a bonus like this by working a bit harder than others, I am surely in.

This is just another of the small benefits Wealthy Affiliate offers for the Premium Members, and honestly, for the membership fee, it is not even close to what it should be for everything they provide for the members. Please keep this a secret I do not want the owners to know I said that.

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My Progress This Week

With all the tasks I managed to set out for myself this past week has been going good, I missed on making my goal of the 18 posts to my websites by only being 2 posts short.

This I can live with and try to make them up next week by getting 20 posts finished and on the websites. The other small tasks that I do on a daily basis were all completed as planned and those I do in a nice order which does not take much time.

I have given up on reading as many blog posts within the WA community from members (task set at 20 per day) due to these can be very time-consuming so I get as many done as time allows. This task is not all that important for my business more for community involvement.

There is a drawback with this however when members find information that is essential to our businesses they will do a personal blog post within the WA community letting everyone know so missing this can hurt you at times.

WA Blog Posts

Do not think that I have spent hours upon hours doing all this either because you must remember before you can write a post for on a website you need to do the research and find the right keywords to rank with on the search engines this takes time.

Oh, and did I mention I had to take a day and accompany my mother (she is 83 years old) shopping, as the oldest and having the most time I am elected to watch over her on shopping days 

How Was Your Week?

Now that you know my week has worked out almost to where I wanted it and things are progressing very well, how was your week?

Did you manage to figure out where you would like to be 5 years from now? What about 10 years?

Still, not ready to change your life for the better I am guessing? What is holding you back the fear of failure?

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey
Poverty to Billionaire

You do realize that every person who has made millions even billions failed many times over prior to becoming the successful people they are today right?

Think about this, Wealthy Affiliate is going to give you training 20 Free Lessons, 2 Free Websites, and Free Hosting for those websites with all the bells and whistles to optimize their performance on the internet.

All you have to do is give it a try, is it hard, are you going to get frustrated, are you going to get angry? Sure you are but there is a whole community of members there to help you with any questions you have.

Even the owners of this great company are available to the members, it might take them some time to get back to you but I will let you know right now they do to everyone (Premium Members only have access to owners).

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In Closing

Think this online business is not possible well then you would be wrong – we have members who range from 15 years old the whole way up into their 80s and all of them are doing very well here.

You have members who have been here since the company started in 2005 and you have members starting every day, no one ever can fault you for at least trying something to know if it is right for you or not.

After all, it does not cost you anything at all to give yourself the opportunity to start your own online business, you might find that the work is right up your alley and build a multi-million dollar business with passive income for years to come.

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I am sure that all the readers here would like to hear your answers to the questions above I know that I would like to know how you feel about working the same job 10 years from now, leave your responses along with comments, suggestions, or questions in the space provided below.

Thanks for following along with the progress this week and see you again soon,



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