Journey at WA Part 13 – Disappointed In Myself

Hello everyone, for those of you following all my posts about what I have been doing within the WA community and what type of progress I am making with what I am learning this has now been a ten-day gap for this post.

What I Have Been Working On

Over the last couple of posts I have informed you about the tasks that I set out for myself for the New Year as well as whether or not I have been able to keep working on these and completing them weekly.

wrecking ball knocking down wallThis past ten days the wrecking ball has dropped and everything has fallen apart. So am I going to quit or give up? Believe me there have been more days than not during the past ten that I just wanted to forget about working on this altogether.

Being around the six-month mark to the seventh month where I am now, February starts month eight is when Kyle one of the co-owners gives warning that over ninety percent of people want to quit or just give up.

Why? You are not seeing results especially if you do what I did and go into niches that have the highest completion levels, but I am such a highly competitive person I figured that I should be able to break in.

Wrong, very wrong on my part complete new member mistake thinking that my writing content can rank with the big boys what a joke.

Sure my content is all indexed and yes Google, Bing, and Yahoo have my websites listed, but organic traffic is nonexistent lucky if they see one or two visitors a week.

So what do you think should I pay for traffic to the websites or just let well enough alone and keep adding more content praying for the traffic to find my websites heading into month eight?

Can Use Help

To ask around the community the answers seem to be the same stick it out and keep producing more content after all the search engines have found your content and you are starting to see a trickle of traffic here and there.

Disappointed and discouraged I have put off writing content for the past ten days and this then poses another deadly serious problem – Google and the search engines want consistency when adding content to websites showing your are committed.

Writing Stats Part 13

Now I am just compiling the issues with more things that are going to need completed and play catch up with writing more content that I have left ignored due to lack of motivation due to being discouraged.

If you were in my shoes what would you be thinking? Time to give up? Just quit? Or keep going because after all building a profitable business takes time it is not going to happen in a short eight months?

Using Social Media is one of the ways I have been trying to drive organic traffic (free) to my websites then one day this past week my computer decided to take a crash for some odd reason.

Not the kind of crash that shut it down Google shut it down saying that it found strange activity and it was best to close everything out alright that is great save all my files and not lose work Google good job.

Here is the problem with Google doing all of this – by shutting me down and closing all the programs that were open I have now lost all the passwords for my Social Media accounts where the businesses (websites) were set up.

For the past week no new posts are being made to the Social Media accounts that I cannot get back into because I do not remember the passwords and have no way to recover these.


Set Up New Accounts

facebook logoYes, I have considered setting up new accounts and even began to do so only to find out that this is not going to work. The old accounts are there and in trying to set up new accounts I can see them just cannot access them.

Some days I wish that I had more technical skills in this modern world of computers and I am sure some of you are sitting there laughing at me for not knowing how to recover these Social Media accounts. (Facebook)

A good thing did come out of now being able to recover the Facebook accounts I am learning how to use Linked In and have started to use this Social Media outlet to promote one of the websites to start with.

Another place I have started to visit daily is Quora answering questions within my niche website and including the link back to them when appropriate.

Pinterest thank heavens I did not lose and all was well on that platform so I can continue pinning and have been on a daily basis my followers have been increasing daily and the views are not so bad for two months I am at almost 7,000.

Many others who use Pinterest have way over that many views on just one pin but I am not very popular within my niches on this Social Platform so I feel that as long as I keep getting views then not so bad.

Training in WA

My bad here for sure! The video for YouTube which need to be completed and posted to finish off Level 5 of the Bootcamp training is holding me back.

Bootcamp Level 5

This video needs to be prepared and recorded then loaded along with links and tracking meaning more technical stuff which we already know I am terrible at.

Sure it would be easy to skip over and start Level 6 without doing it but who am I hurting other than myself not following along with what is being taught by the owner of WA who makes millions yearly is not exactly the brightest thing to do.

Coming to WA was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made in my life but there are days like I have been having for the past week and a half where you question everything you do and if this is all worth the time.

Then you stop and realize the WHY? of it all wanting a better life with financial freedom not having to worry any longer where the money is going to come from to pay the bills or whether you can afford medications or food for the month.

Knowing this is really not hard work just something that takes time and patience is the key to making it in the online world and days when you have to give yourself or have members of the community give you a pep talk can help.

Community help with WA is another reason you will not fail if you keep pushing forward they are here to motivate, inspire, and show you the right way to actually be successful.

In Closing

Well this up date really is not much considering all that I have been through over the past ten days just hope that you all enjoy reading about what it takes to keep a person going in this crazy online world.

WA is the only place you get all the help you are ever going to need to become a success believe me I purchased many of those “shiny object” scams before I found them.

As a matter of fact, I watched a video last night that I received in my email for almost two hours to find out if I wanted in to this man’s training it would cost me $997.00 – guess what it is for – affiliate marketing using paid advertising!

Not only does he want you to pay him to teach you how to do affiliate marketing but you are going to have to spend even more money to use paid advertising – guess what he states most affiliates do not make what he and his endorsers do.

Really who would have figured that one out made me laugh knowing here was another one trying to scam people out of their hard-earned money to pay him to show them how to pay for advertising doing affiliate marketing the wrong way!

What are your thoughts on my article today?

Interested in learning how to make real money online the right way?

Tired of all the scams out there promising you to make money that are never going to happen?

Sure I want to hear the answers to those questions along with any comments, suggestions, or questions you have for me please leave them in the space provided below.


Thank you for following along my journey and possibly next update I will have that video finished for you to view,


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