Journey at WA Part 14 – What A Week!

Journey at WA Part 14

What A Week This Has Been

Talk about a bad week? This has been one of the worst since I began my journey with WA! Do you know Murphy’s Law that has been my week – “Everything that can go wrong WILL!”.

Unfortunately, for me, this started out last week when I decided to lighten my caseload by combining the websites to make two sites instead of five websites.

What all is this going to include?

Start The Process

Figured starting with my niches websites would be the easiest shutting down the one with the least traffic marking it for maintenance with Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Found the correct plugin to place on the website was a little complicated but managed this not too bad for a beginner. Next, copy and past all the pages and post to the other website!

This took two days with the number of pages and posts I had on the going down websites! Besides I did have five pages of tables that had to be copied each square at a time the pasted in the new table.

Those took a whole day alone. Both sites were on the same theme so nothing had to be repositioned but all the headings need to be upgraded to the proper colors for the other site.

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With all of this complete, I could then ask Google to Fetch the empty website showing that the content was removed. Even if I was going to reword the posts when placing them on the other site I did not want to get hit with duplicate content.

Actually, because this is my niche website I am still working on some of the posts before adding them to the new site. Because of the number of posts, I did have on the niche site and most of them are completely different than the site I moved them to this is going to take time.

Website #2 Shut Down

Now it was time to shut down the next website and move all the pages and posts from it to the website I am keeping. With this one, I had just begun the newer website about two months ago so there were not as many pages or posts to move.

This managed to eat away at another whole day with the copy and pasting – then Fetch of the empty website. All the pages and posts from these two websites were not the way I wanted them at all.

Back to the drawing board, I wanted a new theme to use for this site! We all know that finding a theme can take hours trying them on and checking to see if they are going to be appropriate and what we want.

Finally, with no luck and wasting a couple of hours, I decided to ask in the community. To my rescue comes our Live Training Coach Jay (magistudios) with a recommendation, of using Generate Press Theme.

Generate Press Theme

Sure why not take a look at this one along with a couple of other members gave a suggestion on. Once I had the Generate Press Theme loaded and activated learning to use all the custom features took me some time!

Have to admit the website is turning out to look wonderful, very professional, clean, and nicely organized. It is not finished yet but I am getting there and absolutely amazed that I actually built this site.

Two Down One To Go

Looking at the last website that I was going to move over to this same website with the new theme I realized it was starting to gain more traffic than what I originally thought.

Therefore, I have decided to leave it alive and keep adding to it even if I cannot be as consistent with it as I would like. What I am thinking is eventually turning it into a possible training website for a FREE giveaway on the other website.

Who knows I might even create my own e-book training with that site when I get good enough for that. After seven months the sight of seeing traffic on my websites is exciting.

Made a small commission and if I told you last update sorry it was super exciting the first one is always. Just to mention that people are starting to find the message of the one website that I am trying to help those who want to work online.

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Many people are always looking at the shiny objects for making money online those scams are so old. Today I found they are starting newer ways to scam people calling them Freedom Checks or Federal Government Rent Checks.

What some people will not do to make a dollar just is so unbelievable. Let me give you a small example of how sad some people really are.

Yesterday in the community that I belong to online (you are more than welcome to join) you create a FREE profile when you sign up for your FREE account.

I am looking at these two profiles wondering why the picture looks the same? Because it was the same person! My eyes were tired from working on posts all day and I just did not realize it at first.

Anyway, this person made two separate profiles in order to make a lousy $.50 for every two Site Comments he was leaving on members websites. The only problem with it was he got caught – he left two on mine!!

In Closing

Not a very productive week for me to share – well really a longer period of time has lapsed due to circumstances. But I do always try to make sure I have at least two posts a month for progress and letting you know what is happening.

Affiliate Marketing is not for everyone which I realize but I have been looking around there is nothing you are going to find easier to work with.

Training here at Wealthy Affiliate is the best believe me I have searched everywhere to find better now that I found this. You can always search for more information on all the topics like keywords and SEO but WA as you covered.

Would you not want to change your lifestyle by working from home?

This work is not hard once you get the training and the step by step is easy to follow.

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Please leave any comments, suggestions, or questions you have for me in the space provided below.

Thank you for stopping around to read my journey today,

Best wishes to you in your future success,



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