My Journey at WA Part 6 – Is WA Right For You?

My Journey at WA Part 6 – Is WA Right For You?

Hello everyone, for all of you that have been following my website, first of all, thank you very much. For those of you who are new here, I have been trying to give update posts every couple of week so that everyone knows WA is for real.

What is WA (Wealthy Affiliates)

For those of you just starting to follow my website and posts, WA is the best thing on the internet to learn how to earn money online.

You can sit there and be as skeptical as you want to be but I can make that statement without even blinking an eye. I know because I am a Premium Member and would have it no other way.

Do not take this the wrong way in the past I was suckered into so many of those get-rich-quick in 24-hour scams I lost count. So when the offer came across as Join for FREE no way was I believing it!

But once I got to the sign-up page and followed the instructions, sure enough, it was FREE to join. I started the training as most of you are aware and this brings me to today as a Premium Member with no regrets.

Being three and one-half months into the program now with all the support and wonderful people I have met and gotten to know there is no turning back for this girl.

The WA platform is so awesome singing its praises is very easy to do.

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You want to Work From Home

Girl working from home on computerIf you seriously would like an opportunity to work from home owning your very own online business then you are in the correct place with WA.

What people need to realize it is not just the training at WA, the community takes everything one step above and beyond any other platform out there.

They offer advice, encouragement, help with any problems, training above what just the owners give, and friendships that can last a lifetime.

These people that are your fellow members who are some very extremely successful take the time to help even the newest person to join WA. They offer their expertise to you at no cost including one on one coaching.

I would like to challenge you to find another place on the internet any program/platform that is offered which gives you these types of amenities. Find me just one that offers training for FREE for seven days!

Why Wait

man checking time on his watchDo you like working for someone else? Do you like punching a time clock? You like the drive to and from work putting up with those idiots on the roads?

Would you not prefer to get up in the morning no alarm clock, sit and drink a leisure cup of coffee or tea, read the newspaper or watch some television, then go to your office open your computer and work for yourself?

Choices we make can affect the rest of our lives and this I know from experience I am no young chicken any longer and did not find WA until after retirement.

That is not stopping me however this was a lifelong dream I wasted so much money trying to find training online to teach me how to become successful working from home.

Look if you are still working at a place and can handle working then by all means my advice is stay there until your online business is up and running making enough money to pay the bills and then some.

Never quit a job until you have another one to replace or surpass the income you are making right now. This is just common sense and knowing this is just plain simple decision making.

Progress Report

lady happy because she just made a great purchase onlineSo for my progress in the past two weeks, I have decided to take the plunge and purchase domains for three of the four websites that I have been working on since July on the sub-domains at WA.

Working very hard the Site Health on all four websites is at 100% so thought with the content I have posted on them now would be as good a time as any.

Lucking out was able to manage to get three awesome domain names which matched up with all three websites in the dot-com which is better known than the dot net or dot org.

Purchased these on a Friday and transferred only one of the websites to the new domain name that night.  Want to talk about a huge surprise come Monday morning this website had been ranked on Google. WOW to say the least.

Since this happened I had to know if transferring the website from a sub-domain to the dot-com would have had anything to do with it getting ranked in just three days.

WA experienced members to the rescue, letting me know this probably did help but also all the content that I have published along with keyword selection has so much to do with this than just the dot-com transfer. Good to know that the hard work I put in was not done in vain.

In Closing

Usually, everyone wants to know how soon before I make any money with WA? This is a very difficult question to answer how long would it take to see a profit if you were to open a brick and mortar business?

People who join WA have earned in three months others have been here for over a year and not seen anything yet, but which person is putting in the time and effort?

Received my very first referral for WA this past week which was super exciting knowing my material is out there and people are seeing there is a better way, hoping that more people get a chance to visit my websites and learn this is for real.

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I would like to hear from you!  Please leave any questions, comments, or suggestions in the space provided below or you can email me at

Thank you for stopping by and keeping up with my journey at WA – I sure am happy today.

Susan 🙂



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