Journey at Wealthy Affiliate Part 16 – Learning More About Online Business

Journey at Wealthy Affiliate Part 16

Learning More About Online Business

Have you ever just sat back and laughed at yourself for thinking you finally have something right only to find out you are doing it all wrong?

“Yes”, that is basically what I have been thinking about the past couple of weeks. Good thing I have a great sense of knowing where I am going with my business or like others I would have quit!

As in any business, one must learn that making mistakes is only human. There is no way to avoid this happening. As humans, we are not perfect accepting that and moving on to the next step is important.

Now you might be wondering how badly I messed up this time but seriously it was not a big deal. I will have it all fixed and moving forward to know how to handle these situations in the future.

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Making Money Online

Knowing what I have wanted to do with my niche website, which is about animals, I seriously did not monetize it correctly. Thinking that visitors would be impressed enough with all the information on there they would just purchase products from there.

This could not be but a million miles away from the truth. This particular website is getting great traffic. It is ranked high in all the search engines but alas no sales.

Originally I started the website to inform people about the different breeds of dogs available through the AKC registration process. But have decided to expand it to include other topics about dogs.

When another member brought it to my attention I am not really trying to make any money online with this website. I, of course, wanted to know what I was doing wrong.

The other member explained in order for people to want to buy the products I have on my website for dogs then I must let them know why.

Another one of my aaahhhaaa moments! The products I use for my own dogs and know that these are the very best products are the ones which I carry on my website. Why not let people know that these are what I am using?

Know what? I never really thought about it that way, I have over 45 years experience with different breeds including breeding dogs myself. Just never seriously considered how much my knowledge would be worth to others with no experience.

Delightful Doggies 4 U

Armed with this new knowledge the above-named website will need another makeover. I spent the month of February combining websites together due to having too many sites to manage at this stage of the training.

What is required now will be a makeover of what all is going to be included on the website for the dog-loving audience that I have in mind. I spoil my dogs and want others who spoil theirs to enjoy the same things I get for my pets.

delightful doggies 4 u

The makeover will not be so much in the way it looks or what I have available right now on the site. But instead, my articles are going to need re-written to inform my audience about my preferred products when it comes to my animals.

In time, I want this website to represent everything that you could possibly want to know about all the breeds of dogs. Health issues, mannerisms, life expectancy, and mostly just anything you would like to know.

One thing you do need to remember with everything that I will be writing there is going to be an exception to each breed. Just like we end up with an exception to all rules the same would apply here.

Work From Home – Legitimate Business Opportunites

Website#2 – the makeover from this website is complete and I must say has turned out to be more than what I was expecting.

work from home legit business

Professional, bright, clean, and crisp providing valuable information for starting your own business working from home. I did receive a bit of feedback on this website that I am not including many personal points.

Unlike, with this website, Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Free, where I am giving updates every few weeks about what I have been learning or working on.

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At times, it is difficult to discuss in a personal way how this business affects my life. For those who have actually been taking the time to follow along with my journey they know the ups and downs that people can face with the online world.

With what I did to this website it has been gaining traffic on a daily basis. I rewrote many of the older articles from when I first started online helping others understand better plus optimizing the SEO on these as well.

Considering how many successful members there are inside the Wealthy Affiliate community it is difficult to understand why more people are not in the online business.

Sure this is not right for every single person out there but chasing those shiny objects is just such a waste of money. Knowing that you can make serious money with an online business if you are just willing to put in the time and work for a year makes all the difference.

Many quit even before they begin when they find out you must really work! Still looking for the magic button to bring them tons of cash falling from the sky, sorry not going to happen, please stop wasting your money!

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In Closing

Not much happened over the past couple of weeks as you can see, but the hours of work to complete all that I was telling you about above were numerous!

Worse yet I still have a long way to go, these things do not correct themselves! Content does not write itself either someday hoping to pay a ghostwriter but until that time comes this is all up to me!

Tell me if a woman who is 62 years old with only basic computer skills can do this, what is your excuse?

Afraid of the failure? Failed more than once already and still moving on!

Cannot afford the membership? Really you cannot afford to give up a cup of coffee a day? One single cup of coffee to invest in your future owning your own online business?

So then you must have an excuse for not trying out the FREE Starter Membership, right? After all, you can at least get yourself a head start with it before deciding to take the Premium Membership.

Really stop procrastinating and click the “Create Your Free Account Now” box below have the advantage of the head start beginning today.

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Honestly, I love hearing what my reader’s opinions are in the form of answers to my questions above, comments, suggestions, or questions for me. Please leave these in the space provided below, I answer them all usually in 24 hours.

Thank you for taking the time to read my complete article today.

Best Wishes,



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