Journey at Wealthy Affiliate Part 18

Journey at Wealthy Affiliate Part 18

Super Affiliate Challenge 2019/2020

What is a Super Affiliate Challenge? Exactly what I was thinking when I first heard of this in the Wealthy Affiliate community. Did not take long to find out either. Remember Live Chat is available to get answers in real time, so I simply asked.

The Super Affiliate Challenge (referred to as the SAC) is a year-long training provided by co-owner Kyle. During this year he will be giving the members accepted into the SAC certain extra work that will take your online business to the next level.

Members could request to be included in the SAC starting March 18th, and the selection was completed on April 1st. I was honored to be one of the chosen to know this is going to help my online business.

Those of you who have been following along with my Journey know that Wealthy Affiliate is the only training website online where you can start an online business for 100% FREE.

“Create Your Free Account Now” clicking the box below, remember there is No Credit Card Required and you are under no obligation to move up to the Premium Membership.

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Excited For The Year Ahead

That would really be an understatement of how I am feeling about the year ahead. Knowing that what I have learned during the past seven months has given me the ability to make money online with many other skills. Priceless!

Getting into the SAC at this time for my online business is perfect. Traffic has begun to pick up on my websites and I have even gotten a few referrals, no conversions yet but that is coming.

Looking forward to writing content that will help with the conversions, I think right now my content is just a bit too soft. Not that I want to have it read like a hard-sale but need more authority with how I am writing.

My problem with content is instead of really enforcing the concept of how products/services work is the best solution for what people are looking for to solve a need or want. I instead only suggest this might be what they are looking for.

See the difference here? Learning from our own mistakes is part of life. I have come so far in just seven short months thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

To think that now I can actually take this to the next level with writing content with more authority within my niches is going to move me further up the rankings.

Time visitors spend on your website reading your content helps with your rankings. What? This was another one of the little things I was missing when I had done training. Always best to review past videos another lesson learned.

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Live Events Every Friday

Picture of Jay
Jay Live Training Coach
Profile (magistudio)

When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate these Live Events were hard for me to follow. Jay (magitudios) the Live Training Coach always tries to make things simple for starters, but I was just learning it was difficult to follow him.

After eight months, this is no longer the case. I never miss a Friday night Live Training Event. Jay breaks things down to make them simple showing us exactly what to do. Not only that he gives us his own little “ninja” tricks of the trade!

Considering Jay’s vast experience in the online world learning from him is worth the cost of the Premium Membership alone. None of the other training available online is going to give you what Jay does!

Want to talk about an SEO specialist? Jay is most definitely the person to learn Search Engine Optimization from. Who would you rather learn from than the experts in the online world?

Do not get me wrong, there are many SEO specialists out there. They put out blogs and YouTube videos but if they are not giving you step by step instructions on why and how to do these things are they really helping you?

Considering I am the type of person who learns by doing, hands-on is the easiest way for anyone to learn in my opinion. You do not even need any experience to begin working online with Wealthy Affiliate.


Why I Chose Wealthy Affiliate

College educations cost hundreds of thousands and put you in debt with student loans. Online training with WA gives you skills you can use to make a passive living for life.

Let me do a short recap to remind all you of what you can get with Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Starter Membership – FREE
  • Included with Starter Membership – 20 Lessons, 2 Websites, and Free Hosting
  • Live Chat 24/7 available for the first seven days of the Starter Membership – Priceless
  • Premium Membership – (the first month discounted at $19.00 if you join in the first seven days)
  • Selection of Savings for Membership (Monthly $49.00, Six-month $234.00, or Yearly $359.00)
  • Benefits of everything offered at Wealthy Affiliate to the Premium Membership

Everyone today is looking for the easy way out. Online business takes work, time, commitment, dedication, patience, and most of all the right mindset.

These are all the things those gurus and scam artists never tell you about. All they are doing is selling systems without even telling you what is really involved for you to make money online.

So many of those systems are out-dated you would never make any money even if you did figure out how to use them. At WA they keep you up-to-date with the online changes that happen quickly without warning.

Why do I recommend everyone to Wealthy Affiliate? Just to earn commissions? No, this is not at all why I do it. The real reason is that it WORKS, it really works!

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In Conclusion

Here is a challenge for you this time. Try to find a better deal than Wealthy Affiliate online. Believe me you are going to be wasting so much of your time looking but in the end, you are not going to find one.

How do I know this? I searched for years before I was lucky enough to accidentally land on a website and joined with the FREE Starter Membership. It only took me 2 days before I went to the Premium Membership.

That was eight months ago but I will never turn back. What the Premium Membership costs me is so CHEAP just never let Carson and Kyle know I have said that 🙂

Oh, and do not forget all the FREE tools that you are going to have available to use at WA. Jaaxy Lite Keyword Research is not just valuable but fun to use I get carried away doing keyword research because it is so interesting.

Stop procrastinating if you have been searching for a way to make money online here is the answer right in front of you. Do it right now before you leave this page click the box below “Create Your Free Account Now”!

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Hearing from my readers with comments, suggestions, or questions is most appreciated, please leave them in the space provided below. I answer them usually within 24 hours.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my Journey,

Best wishes to your future online success,


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