Journey at Wealthy Affiliate Part 9 – Working on Training

Journey at Wealthy Affiliate Part 9 – Working on Training

Good evening to all my readers, It has been a month since I have posted an update I am so sorry time slips away quickly here when you are working away at building an online business with everything you need to do today is an update to my Journey at Wealthy Affiliate and we are at Part 9 already wow.

Wealthy Affiliate

Considering everything that I have been putting into my site as of now I think all of you have a fairly good idea what Wealthy Affiliate is so I am not going to take the time to get into any explanations about this.

But exactly what have I been doing for the past month you are probably wondering so let me give you a small run down first and then we can discuss some other things below.

  • Last report to you I was working on the Boot Camp training in Level 4 on the Social Media Platforms
  • Completed finally and even though I do not have all the Social Media Platforms available I am doing well with the ones I have.
  • Facebook is doing really good with (3) Facebook Pages set up for websites and they all have over 50 followerspinterest logo
  • Pinterest not too bad I managed to have it set up on December 5th and now I am starting to see people view my pins
  • Have been attending the Live Event Training with Jay (magistudios) learning so much I cannot even begin to write this all down just massive amounts of information and tools to use in the business online – Mostly free by the way.
  • Continuing on with the Boot Camp training I am now at the place where we are to start using YouTube for marketing our own websites and promoting what we have on the website.
  • I managed to set up a YouTube Channel – hurrah for me this only took me about 2 hours – I am technically challenged as we all know.
  • Thanks to Kyle’s training we are able to get free video recording downloads and this is what I used to make my video and post my first ever to YouTube without having to ask any questions of the community!
  • Learned how to set up campaign sign up forms for my websites so I know which site is making the best conversions and you can actually do this per post if you wanted to – I am still amazed I have one so going with that for now.
  • Finally learning more and more about SEO and how it works is amazing with Search Engine Optimization your site can rank very fast on the search engines making it possible to rank #1 on page one of Google – nice!google logo
  • Thanks to Jay’s Live Training found out that I had problems on my websites that I was missing information and I am not sure if I missed this in the OEC training or what but I had to redo all the websites I have up and fix them.

This last fact is another reason for it being so long for an update to be posted, sorry, my own mistakes caused me to get behind on not only training but with all my websites. This, of course, affected the website’s health and I am so paranoid I want it to be at 100% all the time so I have been writing article after article to get them caught back up.

I Have A Question for You

What do you want from life? Do you know or have you really thought much about this what you want from life? Are you happy with it the way it is getting up every day going to the same job, coming home, watching television after dinner, maybe going to the gym or spending time with some friends, taking a shower going to bed, just to get up and do it all over again the next day!

Oh, wait a minute, I forgot at the end of the week you get a paycheck from the company where you work, right? But it is the same amount every single week and if you want a raise do you just get one or you have to ask or beg for one?

picture of paycheck

With my work, I do not have to worry about asking for raises or begging for anything not even a day off because I am the boss and can do whatever needs to be done in my own time.

Want a raise or more income the nice thing is it becomes a lather, rinse, repeat thing just like shampooing your hair what a great way to increase what you are making but the best part is this is a passive income stream that will last and last!

But, there is a small catch to all of this you have to be willing to put in the work because nothing comes free today if you want a laptop lifestyle then you have to work for it! There are no magic buttons to push and money starts falling from the sky into your bank account like all those gurus and scam artists out there want you to believe I know been there done that.

Every day my email inbox fills up with more and more emails from these people and I watch others on the WA platform write article after article proving that the system is a scam and sure the slashed price is $37.00 to get you in the door but in the end people can spend over $10,000.00 and still not have made a single penny.

In Closing

There is a reason I promote Wealth Affiliate to everyone I talk to and that is because it works! If you are serious about finding a way to build a passive income stream and work from home then you want this I should know here I am doing exactly what I am telling you to do.

I can understand everyone being skeptical or afraid to even try, fear will hold you back every time once in a lifetime you get a chance to grab onto something that will make a difference in your life I found Wealthy Affiliate and plan on staying here for the rest of my life.

You are not going to get this kind of deal anywhere else I know because I have done the research looking for it.

So, what do you want from life?

Are you ready for a change and want a way to make the passive income?

Age is of no concern when you come to Wealthy Affiliate because it works if your 16 or 80 we have members who are even older and younger so the ball is in your court. Hey, and it is completely FREE to start what are you waiting for?

Click Here Now

Will be looking forward to some answers to those questions above but you can also leave any questions, comments, or suggestions you have for me in the space provided below.

Thanks for stopping by and checking the progress report until next time,







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