Live Chat – Available 24/7 All Year!

Live Chat – Available 24/7 All Year!

Live Chat today available 24/7 all year long now that is what I call a benefit!  You are working at 2 a.m. and need help who can you ask?  With Live Chat you can go ask a question at any time day or night and receive answers.

The world over does not always sleep at the same time correct?  Which means that when you have a problem in the early morning hours there is going to be someone available to help!

I have seen some of the hosting companies trying to copy this feature but so far most of them you are going to wait until the open hours of operation to get an answer.

The community of Wealthy Affiliate has members with experience for years they were established in 2005 with membership letting you know that this is not a new company.

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Some of the Benefits of Live Chat 

Wealthy Affiliate offers a Live Chat 24/7 all year long for members to use asking questions of the more experienced members to pay it forward and answer these questions you have.

I have included a screenshot below so you can see that this is not a robot answering your questions it is real live members from all over the world trying to help you become successful.

screenshot of live chat

Fair warning, however, this does not replace the fact that you need to follow the lessons’ provided and do each one step by step.

The experienced members can tell if you are just running into Live Chat for answers because you have not followed along with the lessons’ step by step and will refer you back to them.

If they feel you have a legitimate problem they will take the time to give you step by step instructions to follow and correct the problem.

As one of the Premium Members I have gone as far to help other members with the Personal Messaging system that we have (we will have this later below) sending them very detailed explanations to fix the problem.

How Is This Helpful

You are working on building a website and need to add an image to your content but although you followed all the instructions from the lesson on how to do this it will not work.

This is when Live Chat is the best you can keep all your work open in one window and have Live Chat in a window.

Ask your question explain what all you have tried and you may end up with three or four members giving you an answer.

None of the members will try to give you an incorrect answer but they may all go about doing things in their own way to correct a problem.

Which one do you follow? I have found that I will try them all and sure enough one of them always works to correct my problem.

Reason for this is all of us communicate and receive these communications in different ways depending on how things are worded.

You may or may not understand three of the answers and the fourth one is the one that worked for you because they communicated it in your language.

Let’s say you are a night owl like myself and working at 3 a.m. (I suffer from insomnia) where to go when you run into a snag in building your website?

Live Chat is there with members to help you so you can continue working and not have to wait until the next day losing your train of thought.

This is just one of the life-saving ways to get help at Wealthy Affiliate; below they have a couple more options that are just as great.

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Private Message (E-mail within WA Community)

Wealthy Affiliate has their own private messaging system to communicate with other members within the community; however, this is for Premium Members only.

Private Messaging Available

This is a fantastic way to set up contacts you can connect with concerning help with your training along with so much more.

If you would need help with setting up your website this can be done through the private message system and only one other member.

You can send them your URL link to your website and they can then give you the information privately to help you along your way.

This may not be as fast as Live Chat but can cover a very specific problem that a more experienced member can help you with.

Private Messaging is another way to grow together as a community keeping in touch with the members you connect with on Live Chat just like family members.

Community Questions

At the top of everyone’s site is a gray tab where you can place a question and engage the whole community for action on your question.

ask a question screen wa

Any of your questions can be placed here and the whole community then can get involved to help you find a solution to your problem.

Here you will get not just answers but the community will comment on if they had the same problems and what they did to correct them.

These questions are at times are quite complicated concerning coding, RSS feeds, additional CCS, and how to use other programs, not within the Wealthy Affiliate platform.  One type of question asked in this manner.

“Spelling of domain name so that it is unique? (asked by Yoweasie)”

A very useful tool in helping you with training especially when an experienced member takes these questions and uses them to make a training video, in turn, helping everyone in the community understand how to use these and why.

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Site Support

Site Support is available to you 24/7 and 365 days a year also. With them, any technical problem can be submitted on a ticket and they will return you an answer very quickly.  (Premium Members Only)

Support Ticket Submission


If the solution is not quickly remedied they have not forgotten about you sometimes technical things are more complicated to fix taking them some time.

But to date, I have not heard of anything that they have not taken care of in a timely manner.  I have already used Site Support on a number of occasions and found that the response time day or night is excellent in solving all the issues.


In conclusion for this post although I started out with explaining Live Chat and how great it is; I have included all the other ways you can receive help at Wealthy Affiliate.

Their platform is set up to make sure you succeed without failure as long as you are willing to put in the work. I really believe everyone out there is under the impression thanks to all the scam artists that are making a living on the internet this a push button deal and that is far from the truth of it.

If you want to succeed in an online business even if you are a brick and mortar business you must be willing to work for it.

Hard work long hours and sweat equity are what goes into making an online business successful.  (P.S.  The work really is not that hard – if you like what you are doing more like fun!)

Anyone who tells you differently is lying to you; unless of course they have tons of money and pay people to do it for them (Amazon and the other big names out there).

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Thanks for reading along and checking out a couple of the added benefits of the Premium Membership remember the Free Membership does include Live Chat for the 7-day trial period.

But after that time you lose it unless you choose to take the Premium Membership before your time runs out.  As I stated before more than once this is not something for everyone, but anything is worth trying especially when you are under no obligation and it is FREE!

How do you feel about free training for affiliate marketing?

Are you the least bit curious?

After all it is FREE – what is stopping you from trying this out?

Love hearing from my readers please leave any answers to the questions or if you have comments, suggestions, or questions for me in the space provided below.  I answer to them all usually within 24 hours.

Best wishes and to your future success,



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  1. Im still looking to get this whole affiliate marketing thing under wraps. I use Wealthy affiliate because the platform is great for distributing great articles. However, I am beginning to see that their are ways to really monetize on your writings. Thank you for posting this article you helped me get to the next level.

    • Chawn,

      Affiliate Marketing can be for anyone if you have the ability to write content with keywords and phrases; the thing I have learned foremost from Wealthy Affiliates is content is king.  It is easy to convert a content website into a money making website with the proper motivation of keywords.  Just remember you need an audience that requires help with something you provide the help they need and recommend how they can solve their needs.

      Thank you for visiting my website please return any time I will be adding more content in the future which maybe of help to you along your journey.

      Susan 🙂


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