Making Money Online Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Part #1

Making Money Online

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Part #1

Making money online as an affiliate marketer and your a beginner is this possible?  How can I tell you this without blinking an eye?

Precisely what many millionaires do online every day!  Affiliate Marketing is the only business online that is not going to cost you thousands of dollars to set up and run.

You can check out below my whole article on making money online with affiliate marketing if you like.

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Making Money Online

People are making money online daily and there is no reason that you cannot be a part of this crowd. What you are lacking is the training and determination required to make it happen.

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Affiliate Marketing for beginners is one of the easiest ways that I have found to take charge of your own future and put the plans in motion to get this done.

I realize you are thinking alright then time to switch out this site because here comes the big sales pitch but you are wrong there is no sales pitch coming sorry.

What I have been learning over the past four months has actually set me up for making money on the internet easily but not quickly because those push button gurus out there selling you those scam programs do not work am I right?

Hear you there yes I have been taken by more than one of them thinking it is only $37.00 why not after all at the time I held a full-time job and was making a good living.

This has all changed now being retired and on a fixed income, things are not who cares about a measly $37.00 because right now at this point that could pay one of my bills.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Well, what exactly is affiliate marketing anyways one might ask, the answer to that is normally you will open a website with advertisements all over it guess what those advertisements are affiliate marketing.

What do you need to begin affiliate marketing? That would be of course a website now you are thinking how in the world do you get a website right?

The answer to that one is really simple you build a website all from scratch by yourself – sure right is what you are thinking now I can see you shaking your head.

Seriously this is what you need to become an affiliate marketer being honest building a website is not difficult if you have the proper training and guidance you can build one in way less than 30 minutes.

Using the tool below Word Press is what I have learned to build all my websites.  Using the pre-made themes is probably the only issue.

Until finished you just never know exactly what it is going to look like.  Then again no worries there either because that can always be changed.

How to Make Money

Once your website is all set up and ready to go you then join affiliate programs like Amazon for instances – using their products on your website when people purchase from Amazon from your site you will be paid a commission.

This works for other merchants and you can sign up for as many as you would like to have but what I have found is make sure they carry the products matching up to what you are doing your website about. (This is called a niche)

Some places have commissions which are reoccurring meaning you get paid continually each month from them until the particular person you had registered with them no longer is a member or associate.

Beginners at affiliate marketing do not make money for sometimes a year the whole point is being consistent with keeping up with your website posting content and using organic (FREE) traffic – like all the Social Media Platforms.

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Any place you can think of where you can advertise your website for free is the best way to pour traffic into your website.  Have your friends check it out leave you comments on your posts or pages this helps with your rankings on search engines.

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Training and Guidance

Here is where you need my help because without training and guidance you could get hooked into a place like or Dreamhost or Hostgator – I could list more but they will offer you a first-month discount that you would think cannot be beaten.

But I can offer you so much more, training, guidance, one on one coaching, Live Chat 24/7, a whole community of experienced members to help you with problems and questions, and even the owners of the company will offer their assistance if needed.

Exactly how much would you be willing to pay for two websites and hosting plus what I listed above?

Does FREE for seven days sound like that would be too much? What about your first month for only $19.00?

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Or if you find that this just is not right for you then after the seven days no one is going to ask you to continue you can close up shop and just walk away.

What’s that you cannot afford the Premium Membership right now?  Then why not remain a FREE member and keep working on your website until you can afford to get your Premium Membership?

In Closing

Making money online in Affiliate Marketing for Beginners is a fantastic way to add to your income if you are willing to put in the work, time, and patience of building a website and helping it mature.

Here is a fact that I learned today the affiliate marketing platform will be making over $6.8 Billion by 2020.  But they expect this to continue to rise as more people turn to shop online up to you!

In fact, fairly easy work especially if you can write a story, how to’s, directions, recipes, product reviews, the possibilities are endless for what you can put on a website.

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Just out of curiosity what would your website be about?

Have you tried other ways of making money online?

Did you get scammed by some of those fast talking gurus?

I am sure other readers have because I did!  Please leave your answers to these questions along with any comments, suggestions, or questions you have for me in the space provided below.  I answer them all usually within 24 hours.

Thank you for taking the time to read to the end of my article today.  Seriously I cannot figure out why you are still here!  Why are you not on the inside looking me up?  Profile name inside is Marley2016 I will be waiting for you.

Best wishes,


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