Making Money Online Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Part #2

Making Money Online

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Part #2

Making Money Online Affiliate Marketing for Beginners this is Part #2 and what all you need to start this type of business.

Making Money Online

Everyone today is looking for the easy way out and do not lie because you know you are as well! Seriously you can look and search high and low all over the internet for a system that will do this for you but it is not there, sorry.

Think about it this way if there was a real system on the internet where you could purchase it for whatever astronomical amount of money they would charge to just push a button and money would start flowing into your bank account.  Who in their right mind is going to sell it?

Would you sell the system that puts money into your bank account at the push of a button? Not hardly I would think, you might share it with family and a few close friends that you can trust but sell it??

Yes, they have money flowing into their bank account from people just like you looking for that easy way out, no more getting up and going to that job you hate with a boss that just will not let you alone.

Now the question becomes can you make money online as a Beginner in Affiliate Marketing?  The answer to that is “YES, you can!”

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Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

As a beginner in Affiliate Marketing is it possible to make money online?  There is a long explanation to this but to make it short the answer is “Yes!”.

Most people who decide this would be a way to make a passive living online do not realize that it is not an easy thing to get started in, time and work does play an important role for beginners.

Patience is the only way you can ever break the code to getting into Affiliate Marketing without patience you are going to just give up and walk away without even giving yourself a chance to become successful online.

Bet you are asking what does patience have to do with Affiliate Marketing? And I could write you a book about why patience is what it takes to make it in this business.

People will look online every day by the hundreds of thousands looking for a better way than getting up and going to work.  They fail to look for the right program that will work for them.

I spent years searching for a way to work online and yes money included back when I was getting up and making that dreaded trip daily to work.

Now I have found the program, platform, or system whichever you would like to call it that can and does make dreams of working from home and doing affiliate marketing possible.

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How? Tell Me More

Finding this website was not an accident you have been looking for another way am I right?  You are not alone, many people want to have the freedom to live their life with no debt and not have to work at a regular job.

But without training and help how many years and how much money do you think you are going to need? What if you can join a program, platform, or system and try it out for FREE before you decide if it is right for you?’

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Does this interest you? Maybe or maybe not I can see you are not really sure and that is alright because I know that this works and if you are not willing to find out for FREE then hey no problem.

Eddy Solomons 100k BlogEarnings


What if I offer you one on one coaching with the FREE training for seven days? That is correct one on one you can ask questions check out the complete platform talk to people who have been there for years.

Sounding a bit more interesting now? What else can you expect with the FREE that you are getting you might ask? The offer is Level 1 of Online Entrepreneur Certification and Level 1 of Boot Camp Training each has 10 Lessons.

In these lessons you will learn the basics of setting up a website the how’s, why’s, what’s, ins, and outs.  That is not all either the FREE includes two websites and hosting along with SSL certification.


Why is this Better?

First of all to me, FREE is always better!  But this gives everyone a chance to see if this is something that you are interested in something that you feel will work for you.  And if not, no problem walk away no hard feelings no pressure.

WA Sign Up Screenshot

Other programs out there will first ask you to pay the initial fee just to see what they are offering. Giving you no details on the training what so ever.  When you pay up front how do you even know what to expect?

With what I am offering you get to see what is being offered and even try out the basic part of everything making sure before you even spend a penny.

Next question I hear you thinking this already is how much does it cost after the FREE ends? Special for the first month of membership right now after the seven days is $19.00 that’s right only $19.00.

After the special you receive for the first month you can either continue with monthly at $49.00 per month or go with a yearly membership at $359.00.  These membership fees are a steal compared to what others are offering.

Membership Fees WA

Wait before you lose it here! Under the Premium Membership includes all benefits offered, plus 50 websites and hosting on one of the best servers available.

So before you jump to conclusions check the FREE membership out and then you can see what is offered with Premium Membership finding out the benefits outweigh the cost factor!

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What is stopping you press the button now and be taken to the sign-up page remember it is FREE to sign up, so put your credit card away!


In Closing

Another thing I forgot to point out there is no up sales involved either this is the total cost of the membership period.  You do have to purchase your own domains but those are yours even if you leave the program forever.

Domains when purchased through the program come at a very reasonable price I have not found any over $15.99 for a whole year.

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Keep searching to see what you can find but you are not going to find anything as good as what I am offering you here for FREE!  So I would bookmark this page so you can find it when you are ready to take my offer.

Please if you have questions, comments, or suggestions leave them in the space provided below.  I answer all of them usually within 24 hours.

Thank you for taking the time to read the whole article most people do not.

Best wishes and to your future success,





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