My Journey at WA Part 2

My Journey at WA Part 2

Alright, folks, it has been a couple of weeks since I posted anything here on Wealthy Affiliates just to let you know I have been working on a new Website which is not ready to go to the search engines quite yet.

Having Some Help Available

The time involved in setting up your website is at times exhausting, frustrating, but most of all fun.  But the best part is Live Chat at WA because when you have a question or problem you cannot figure out jump on Live Chat and ask.

screenshot of live chat

Now you may get more than one answer and no one there is trying to answer incorrectly; so what you have to do is apply all the answers you receive to see which one works best for you.

And a little piece of advice here always go back to Live Chat and let the person who helped you know that the suggestion they gave you worked!  FYI here is a tip I have learned from being here, at times I will go to Live Chat sit there and just read along without even talking to anyone; the tips you can pick up there are great and very useful.  Another learning tool available which most do not use just read and learn.

Live Training Seminars Available

Now onto my actual topic for this post; I attended a Live Seminar on Friday night for training; had no clue what a “Funnel” is you see them advertised with so many of the scams out there.

A picture with the money in the shape of a funnel that you are to build and funnel all that money right to you!  Yea, this guy is talking funnels and I would not trust him to pay for his system 🙂

After the Live Seminar with Jay (seen below), I finally knew what the idea of a funnel is and how it works.

I will give you a very short version of his explanation here so you have an idea what exactly a “FUNNEL” is and how they really work.

A Funnel is how to set up your website for example if you are doing a BLOG website and you have a Product to Sell or Promote it would have 3 Basic steps on the website for people to follow.

The first would be your Blog explaining what the product is and why you are promoting or recommending the product; secondly you would have your Product Page showing the product/products you are talking about with a description, and lastly, you would land them on the Purchase Page.

Now this is just a part of the training here at Wealthy Affiliates you receive as part of your Premium Membership (if you look at my first post I show the differences between FREE membership and Premium, “My Road to Affiliate Marketing“).

There is a Live Seminar every week to teach you something new that you are totally clueless on; best of all Jay walks you through the whole process.  At the end, he holds a Live “Question and Answers” session for all in attendance; making it easier for you to hit on a particular point you may be having a problem with.

These videos are all archived and available to review anytime you may want to brush up on a particular subject how great is that.

picture of Jay live training coach

In Closing

Please, I am no sale person here far from it, but with what I am gaining at Wealthy Affiliates I just want to share how exciting this road is with the training and what goes on inside.

But the best part is you can go check it all out for FREE without paying a cent and start the training, talk to the community, get a feel for what all you would get before you upgrade to your Premium Membership.

But even if you never upgrade you can stay a FREE member with two free websites for as long as needed or wanted.


I have attached the following banner for your convenience to click on and join our community right now.  My question is what is holding you back?

Thanks for following along keep you posted when I have more information to update you with!

Until next time stay safe and think about your future and how much better it can be owning your own online business.



2 thoughts on “My Journey at WA Part 2”

  1. Hello Susan! I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliates. I started a few months ago, so I know how you feel. It can be very confusing when everything is new.

    Jay is very professional. And not only Jay, but a lot of members post their own training. They have helped me get over my frustrations.

    My first site has 37 posts and is making a little money. Now I am working on a second site and everything is much more familiar and easier. But I still go back for training on things that I haven’t mastered. Recently, I learned how to use fancy text to make a kind of logo for my sites.

    Good luck and always be learning.

    • Peter,

      Thank you for the wonderful comments about training; people need to know this program is real.  You train and get frustrated and confused at times; but there is always someone to answer questions and help you along your way.

      Anyone serious in starting on line businesses from beginners to entrepreneurs can greatly benefit from not only the training; but all the support that is provided here at WA.

      Susan 🙂


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