My Journey at WA Part 3

My Journey at WA Part 3

How is everyone out there doing today?  Time for an update on the wonderful journey through my experience with Wealthy Affiliate and how things are going.

Update on My Progress     

It has now been 6 weeks since that wonderful day at the beginning of July when I stumbled upon a website called:  Wealthy Affiliate.  What a wonderful and informative journey it has been.

I have tried setting up 4 different FREE websites under the; because as a Premium Member I have 25 free websites available to me and I can purchase my own domains through WA and they will host another 25 websites for me.

Right now with my experience level I am in the experimental stage and working to see what I am capable of with just my FREE websites.

Since my last update I have started into my training of Boot Camp; which is so much deeper and more involved than the Online Entrepreneur Certification which is all the fundamentals of building your website, setting it up, adding content, putting in images, pictures, and video, adding affiliate links, and being indexed and ranked in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

You know without these things there is no way anyone is ever going to make any money on the internet no matter what program you buy into out there if you do NOT have your very own website forget about it.

Just a quick question some of you may or may not know and most people who have no internet experience are not going to know:  “If you submit your website to Google the first thing they do is crawl your pages of Content so you can become indexed.  When you submit your website to Bing then did you know that it is also going to Yahoo for indexing?”


Yes, that is correct you submit to Bing only for indexing in both Bing and Yahoo!   As you can see training is everything if you are interested in selling anything on the internet and your very own website is a MUST!

This is just one segment of Boot Camp for example:  “WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Content, Keywords, and                                                                                                                      Conversions “

Going to post to my websites weekly because I feel that is best; some people do them daily, a couple times a week, monthly, and how they feel most comfortable getting the information out on their own particular niches.

Being as my niche is in Internet Marketing  you may find I jump around with some of my information; this is not on purpose or to confuse you there is just so much you have to learn and do to be able to put a successful website up and keep it ranking on the search engines to have people see you.

Content is the biggest factor for all websites and keeping people’s attention would be the next biggest thing.  Telling people that hey I am successfully doing this is just not what they want to hear you need the proof to back up that statement without losing their attention am I right?


affiliate marketing chart


My Niche Is Affiliate Marketing In Diagram Above

This diagram gives you an idea of how my websites are to work.  But the problem with all of it is the very top “Your Site” this is where you have only about 90 seconds to grab hold of that visitor’s attention and keep them on your site.

logic - emotion sign

Next question do people buy products due to intellect or emotions?  Which do you think?  Well, if you said emotions you are 100% correct!  Everyone is driven by their emotions and no matter how much research you do for products the final decision is going to come down to how very comfortable you are going to be with the product you are buying and do you trust the website you are buying it from totally Emotional from all points of view.

Is Affiliate Marketing for everyone?  I cannot say that it is or is not, how comfortable are most people with writing all the content that goes on a website?

Now you could hire someone to write all your content for you but in a way that is defeating its purpose unless of course you have highly established income from other websites.

freelance writer with keyboard pen and paper

In that case, all of the writing is left up to you because if you are anything like me where are you finding the extra money to pay for a writer?

I am a beginner and therefore showing anyone and everyone what is possible if you are willing to roll up your sleeves and take the plunge people are purchasing off the internet every single second of the day.  If your good enough to follow simple directions and willing to do the work yourself it is possible for you to make a living off of the internet just like so many others out there.

Scams on the Internet Today 

person buying scam program    HURRY ONLY 5 SPOTS REMAINING GET YOURS FOR ONLY $97.00″

Scams are the worst of the worst on the internet today, I do know this for a fact, I have already fallen for way too many and one of the comments I will see come into Live Chat as I answer questions for the newcomers is “This is Just Another Scam”.

Here is my point if Wealthy Affiliate was a scam why do we have community members who have been here for so many years the date they joined is right there for you to see.

WA home screen

People have been Premium Members since 2010 and eight years is a very long time to pay membership fees to a scam organization don’t you think?  Some even much longer!

With this last question, it gives you plenty of food for thought until my next update on how I am doing here with my Affiliate Marketing under the guidance of Wealthy Affiliate and the great and helpful community they have.

So until then friends please take care and if you are willing to take the plunge and start to work for yourself with no time clock to punch, no boss to answer to, no commute in traffic to and from that job site then just click on any of the Wealth Affiliate links I have all over my website and sign up for absolutely FREE!

Who knows you may just upgrade to Premium before your seven day trial is up; or then again you might just stay a FREE member for however long it takes before you can afford to make the financial decision to cut back here and there and come to the Premium side where you get all the extra training and tools you need to become a very successful online entrepreneur!


Thank you all for following along on this great journey cannot wait to keep going this is so exciting talk about an addiction – really how does one become addicted to work?



2 thoughts on “My Journey at WA Part 3”

  1. Hi, thanks for the thoughtful post. I personally think affilaite marketing is a wonderful way to earn passive income and share products and services with your audience. Wealthy Affiliate seems to be an excellent platform for you to become established in this business and grow. Can you tell me more about the online Certification through Wealthy Affiliate? That seems like a really cool thing.

    • Becky,

      Yes the Online Certification will be another post going into greater details.  As I continue adding more posts to my site everything I enter in a general way in a post will later be continued in it’s own with greater details.  This is my way of letting people know what is possible if you are willing to work and work hard to be successful online as an Affiliate Marketer.  

      Thank you visiting my site please come back will be adding much more to it in the future.

      Susan 🙂


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