My Journey at WA Part 4 – Affiliate Marketing Niche

My Journey at WA Part 4 – Affiliate Marketing Niche

Welcome back, the time has come for another progress report, to everyone following along with my training and how things are going for me.

Affiliate Marketing Niche

It has been a little over a month since I have posted an actual update for my Affiliate Marketing Niche websites and figured today would be a good time to let everyone know how things are progressing.

With this niche comes more competition than I realized making it hard for my websites getting ranking on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, but I am not going to give up on them.

niche competition tug of war

I do have two websites dedicated to working in this niche the other is: Work From Home Legitimate Business Opportunities which goes into more than just the affiliate marketing website niche.

Because of affiliate marketing having so much competition which I knew going into this; I decided that setting up a couple of niche websites would be an advantage to help me get more recognition with Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Two of the websites set up previously that were discussed here have since been taken down and combined with the other websites that I own – Delightful Doggies 4 U and Work from Home Legitimate Business Opportunities are the two other websites now owned by myself.

These two websites are getting indexed quickly in Google (which we have tracking for on WA) although I must admit my two affiliate marketing websites are doing just as well. Just have no rank yet on any of the search engines showing my websites on any of the first ten pages.

This will all come in time patience is a virtue when being new to the business online. You have to prove yourself as a website owner and author with valuable information people are looking for on a daily basis.


Reading through my website I have stressed doing research on keywords for your content and give you the tools to help you find what you are looking for.

People would probably think this a strange way to go about setting up a website, not knowing the ingredients needed to become successful online; but I assure you research is a very necessary key to being a success or failure.

man doing research

Starting out I always figured those push-button systems were an option until purchasing so many of them and failing; but when I came to WA what an eye-opener.

All these companies or scam artists out there give you a prewritten website; but what do you do with it? I had no idea and how many of you do? So we paid or received a free website with our names on it to make commissions sorry I have not made one single penny on them yet how about you?

From becoming a member at WA I have learned that you can profit from these free websites that companies set up for you, but I will not pay for any, I feel this is just ripping people off all the sites are exactly the same no customization to them.

Progress to Date

As you have learned above I have four websites going right now after two and half months in WA; this is highly unusual and most of the more experienced members here frown upon the fact I have more than one.

However, some support me with them all I am an unusually dedicated person to learning and working with my websites plus I have more time than most people to invest in this type of work.

Let me explain this so you understand more, I am a widow lost my husband at the end of January 2018 living alone with only my three fur babies to keep me company (they do not talk much) I spend 12 to 18 hours per day working on websites.

Some people like myself get bored easily working with just one topic and hence my use of four websites. This gives me options to work on every day I can switch it up keeping myself involved with all four where most people would end up off topic or putting unrelated information into their site.

woman showing patience


Something to point out getting into this online business which no one tells you; is you must have patience so very much patience. Why?

Everything takes time just going through the lessons each of them is a half an hour long some a bit more; then applying what you have learned or are learning from it.

What niche are you going to choose, finding keywords, naming/titling your website?

Deciding upon a theme to put your website on; how is it going to look, are you going to like the finished product.

Researching keywords and phrases to get recognition from the search engines, and find what your competition looks like.

Writing content and writing more content – previously stated Content is King of your website and this is so very true; all the search engines crawl daily to find what you have written looking for helpful information that people are searching for.

girl working on computer

Images, photos, and banners need to be inserted into your content that is relevant to your topic, finding these takes time and patience as well.

Balancing all of this with your daily life is very stressful, you have many responsibilities where does this fit in?

In Conclusion

Is this right for everyone, I cannot be certain that for the above reasons and a persons’ dedication to wanting to make a living doing something they enjoy.

this is the sign you have been looking for

For myself, this was a dream from long ago but back then I had no time to invest into it, responsibilities of raising my children, taking care of my home, working the dreaded 9 to 5 rat race job, and finding a little peace and quiet for myself occasionally.

But, if you have a couple of hours you can set aside each and every day then yes this can and will work for you as long as you do it every single day; it does not have to be the exact same time every day either just think of it as you’re alone time to relax and create some content helping others.

Wishing you well no matter where your journey takes you, be leaving more information in the days to come.  Interested in joining me at Wealthy Affiliate click the button below!

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Thank you for visiting my site today, please come back like I said more information to come.


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