My Journey at WA Part 8 – Staying Motivated

My Journey at WA Part 8 – Staying Motivated

Hello to all my readers, Today is the day for updating about my journey at Wealthy Affiliates with getting close to five months into the platform and how are things going so far?

Encouragement and Support

It is one thing to get up every morning and go to a job that you have been doing for a year or longer and know exactly what is expected of you right?

The boring ho-hum day is the same as always just with possibly a slightly different task to accomplish each day. That is how it was when I was working the 40 plus hour work week.

Today because I joined Wealthy Affiliates I no longer have those boring days I can do what I want when I want and not worry about meeting any deadlines or having a boss standing there waiting for information that is incomplete.

I am the boss laughing to myself here so when things are incomplete no worries will get back on that tomorrow or the next day when the time is available for it.

online coaching posterThe community here has given the most encouragement and support that anyone could ever imagine or ask for people will offer one on one coaching when you join the program! Do they offer you for that “shiny object” scam?  Sure but you are going to pay big for it!

You can get one on one coaching with any member you choose and the experience of these members is so vast no matter where you are having a problem you will find an expert to help get you through until completed.

Cannot find an answer within the Live Chat or with any of the Premium Members go right to the top Kyle and Carson are always available to offer support and encouragement if they are required.

Inspiration for Working

How many times do you find yourself during a work week thinking wish there was a better way I do not feel like going to work today but knowing you have to?

Been there and done that more than one day a week just wishing there was a way I could stay home and work putting up with driving to and from work turns into part of the job, the traffic, people who go-slow, and cut you off ugh trying to say the least just getting to the workplace.

girl blogging at home in bedToday I got up took the dogs for a walk came back made myself a coffee and then sat and enjoyed a full cup before opening my laptop to write this article.

The community at Wealthy Affiliate some members will become down having writer’s block or things going on in their personal life but with these people, you can share no one judges you.

Instead, you get the inspiration from members who know the challenges of what you are going through and they let you know they are there to help you, you can do this work, it is not hard, and writer’s block is temporary.

Cannot find things to write about taking a break to enjoy life stop and smell the roses – reading blogs others write within the community shows we all have struggles but we can overcome them with support from our fellow members.

Virtual World

Today we are all living pretty much in a virtual world to communicate we use our telephones but do not talk on them we text on them no real personal connection with this is there?

phone with social media iconsSocial Media platforms using these we connect with many people but still nothing personal you are connecting to them in the virtual world.

Wealthy Affiliates is no different bonds with other members become ones that are going to last your lifetime! Being here just for the short five months most members that I have become friends with have instead become family to me.

We can talk for hours just like you through the platform either on Live Chat or through our own Private Messaging system about business issues as well as personal issues.

Knowing someone is there day and night that you can reach out to with anything under the sun makes this the most wonderful place in the world to learn how to start and operate a business online.

Reaching Milestones

Most would think it depressing when a member becomes successful making their first commission online or ranking on the first page of the search engines in the number one spot.

Within Wealthy Affiliates there are some that I am sure do get jealous or feel that they are not accomplishing things the way they should but the rest of the community looks at this as their success as well as your success with congratulations and keep up the great work, more to come.

Members will celebrate any small accomplishment that you have reached making you feel important that you are not wasting your time and yes this is the most possible thing anyone can do it.

How skeptical was I when making the decision to join Wealthy Affiliates? Super skeptical scared of the rip off even if it was only $19.00 for the first month! I had spent thousands in the past looking for a way to make money online all scams!

But joining for free was easy and I had seven days before I had to pay the $19.00 so why not I joined did not cost me a red penny the day I joined after two days I knew this was the real deal no doubts what so ever.

Look at me now close to five months later and I have five websites built and four of these are ranking on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Four of them are on page one of Bing and Yahoo have not checked Google just yet 🙂

Would I change my job now? Look for employment elsewhere? I am happy and proud that what I have accomplished in under six months and with any luck commissions might start rolling in within the first year of my membership keeping my fingers crossed.

In Closing

Is this a business for everyone to get into? Probably not, but you never know until you try something if you will like it or not plus who does not want to sit at home and work in their pj’s drinking coffee at their leisure?

After a few years, I am praying that I can travel my work goes with me all I need is an internet connection and good to go can work from anywhere in the world! Sounds interesting does it not?

That is all for this update but will be back soon to keep everyone who reads and keeps track of the progress here at my glorious place of employment HOME this is awesome!

Do you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please leave them in the space provided below.

Thanks for reading until next time and until next update stay safe and enjoy the journey,



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