Online Entrepreneur Certification – Levels 5 – 50 Lessons

Online Entrepreneur Certification

Are You Ready To Learn What Is Possible?

Listen I am going to tell you a story.  Do you wish to become a successful Online Entrepreneur?  Then this is something that you are really going to be interested in!

Broken out below for you, to see first hand, is the training that is available to you right now today!  What is the catch? You are only going to received Level 1 with the lessons that I have described – for FREE 100% FREE!

After the FREE training if you feel that all is legit and you wish to continue then you can join the wonderful community as a Premium Member.

Only you are going to know if this training is right for you!  Considering you can get started for FREE what is holding you back?  In a hurry do not wish to read my whole article click the box below and Create Your Free Account Now!

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Level 1 – Getting Started

OEC TrainingThis level contains ten lessons each as follows:


  1. Getting Rolling
  2. Understanding How to Make Money Online
  3. Choose A Niche
  4. Building Your Own Niche Website
  5. Setting Up Your Website
  6. Getting Your Site Ready for Search Engines
  7. Creating Your Initial Website Content
  8. Creating Custom Menus on Your Website
  9. Understanding Keywords, The Start of Your Content
  10. Congratulations and Your Next Steps

In the first ten lessons as you can read the titles for each; they go into details important for each step along the way to creating your very first website. Kyle, one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate has a step by step video in each and every lesson for you to follow along and be able to do what he does on another open window. Videos can be paused to complete each step.

This Level is included in the Free Membership – if you want to keep going then you will need to upgrade to the Premium Membership to continue your education with Wealthy Affiliate.

Membership Fees WA

WAIT – Special for you right now the first month you can get discounted for only $19.00, what a steal!

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Level 2 – Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website

Once you build a website it has to be good enough to draw traffic or Google and the other search engines will not recognize your site so you have done tons of work with no results.

  1. Your own Domain, Your own Brand
  2. Move On Over, My Brand Has Arrived
  3. Creating Keyword Rich Content
  4. Setting Up A Domain Specific Email Account
  5. The Traffic Breakdown
  6. Making Use of Visuals
  7. Understanding the Low Hanging Fruit
  8. Making Face as a Real Person
  9. Amplifying Your Google Love With Google Plus
  10. Boosting Your WA Ranks!

Kyle’s words here are: “You KNOW more than 99% of your competition :)”   May I point out here you have only completed twenty lessons at approximately 30 minutes each in your training; you still have thirty more lessons to go!

Level 3 – Making Money

This whole level is about how you can make money from your website; below are the ten lessons in it.

  1. Understanding the Money in Online Business
  2. Understanding Affiliate Programs & Networks
  3. Relevant Affiliate Programs are Everywhere
  4. Adding Affiliate Links to Your Pages
  5. Instant Access to a Million Products
  6. Leveraging Product Reviews
  7. Getting Paid for Ads on Your Site
  8. Earning Pennies or Dollars
  9. A Brilliant Way to Track & Understand Your Traffic
  10. With Help Comes Financial Success

Here, Kyle takes the time to teach you how to make money online; just remember it does not happen overnight there is no magic button to push making money pour into your bank account.

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Level 4 – Mastering Social Engagement

With this level comes training on using all the social media platforms, for some, this is super easy and for some not so much.

  1. What Does Social Engagement Mean to Your Business
  2. Making Your Website a Place to Engage
  3. Using Facebook the Right Way
  4. Pinterest & the Visual Social Hemisphere
  5. Incorporating a Sound Tweeting Campaign
  6. Google Plus or Minus?
  7. The Benefit of Being Social at WA
  8. Make Your Campaigns Social Branding Animals
  9. Using the Wealthy Affiliate Social Community
  10. You Cannot Be a Master of Everything

Ultimately this is everything to do with getting social on your website; without it, people are not going to trust you or know you exist.

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Level 5 – The Business of Content –                                                Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation…

Through this level, you are going to learn how content and keywords are important to your website, for indexing and rankings on all the search engines.

  1. Content is Your Business
  2. Setting Up Google Webmaster Tools
  3. Improving Indexing Times and Speeds
  4. People Need to Read Your Content
  5. A Year is a Short Period of Time, Yet Big . . . .
  6. Writing Within a Devised Plan Architecture
  7. Writing Your Content with Conversion Intent
  8. Injecting Comments with Intent
  9. Bing & Yahoo They are Still 33%
  10. Articulating a PLAN for the Months and Year . . .

After completing all fifty of the above lessons, you now have everything you could ask for to set up and run an actual online business in whatever niche you would decide to begin with.

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When talking to people I just like to be straightforward and truthful the type of person I am, growing older this has become such a habit most people find that sometimes the truth can be hurtful and mean.

Here is the truth if you are not willing to work and put time into an online business then this type of work is just not for you plain and simple.  Basically, you are working for FREE until your website matures and you begin to earn.


In Conclusion

Just know that when you join as my referral I will be there to coach you along the way.  Helping you with any problems you run into.  I spend 12 to 18 hours a day on WA and you will have my assistance within a reasonable amount of time to be able to continue with your work.

With a FREE offer like this how can you not think of trying this out?  I was so skeptical that it took me a minute to enter my email address when I found WA.  Now months later you have no idea how happy I am.

Working from home learning how to make money online is easy when you have the proper training.  Believing all those gurus and scammers is not getting you anywhere.  Passive online income is where it’s at!

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Hearing what my readers think is important to me.  Please leave any comments, suggestions, or questions in the space provided below.  I answer them all usually within 24 hours.

Thank you for reading until the end of this article it was something that I am hoping helps many people.

Best wishes,




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    • Arlene,

      Thank you visiting my website, that is the goal is to give people the opportunity to work from home
      and make a living doing what they enjoy.
      Please come again anytime.

      Susan 🙂

  1. Thanks for the outline for the training. Having gone through it myself, I can say that people will learn a great deal on how to make money online — and the speaker (Kyle) and very easy to listen too.

    I highly urge anyone looking to make money online to give this a try.

    • Michael,

      Thank you for the kind words, Kyle one of the owners is a wonderful person, I have spoken with him a number of times.  Always willing to help in any way he can, Carson may not be seen as much because he does all the back end technical stuff, but I have occasionally seen him in live chat.

      Please come back anytime will be adding more in the future for your reading and learning pleasure.

      Susan 🙂


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