Panda Research Scam or Real – Can You Earn?

Panda Research Scam or Real

Hello, so shall we continue with finding survey sites the next one I have located is Panda Research scam or real paying survey website, below is what I have found with them.

panda research

Signing Up with Panda Research

Signing up with Panda Research is once again very easy enter your email address and name then you will be taken to a dashboard for the Company.

They do offer a sign-up bonus of $3.00 when you sign up so you get a little cash to get started.

3 dollar bill

You will be asked to fill in your profile with Panda Research which includes: your name, address, gender, birth date, marital status, ethnicity, annual income, education level, occupation, and telephone number.

I feel this is a bit much information for a survey company to need on file and do not think it is really necessary for taking surveys from their site.

Most surveys ask for some of this information but nothing personal as your name and address, but those things are necessary for the survey site to have on file in order to pay you.

Types of Surveys Offered

Panda Research follows the lines of Inbox Dollars in that they do not seriously offer you very many actual surveys to participate in as opposed to getting you to sign up for other survey companies or for products.


If you do sign up for the products or survey companies that they send you then you will get credited in your account within the next 30 days for taking action. Just viewing these pays you nothing.

The products and services they offer can pay anywhere from $.50 up to $42.00 depending on the product or service but for you to get compensated from Panda Research you will need to purchase what is offered which is usually at a much higher price.

In essence what your getting here is then a discount of the product or service if you were to purchase it. Now if they are offering nothing of value for you then the only way to earn is if you are signing up with other survey sites.


Compensation How Do They Pay

Panda Research pays through PayPal which is a secure way to receive your payments from them and you need to request payment once you have reached whatever amount they require. I looked on their site but could not find the threshold amount.

I do apologize that I could not find more information on this but their homepage on the site seems to be lacking in the information.


Panda Research in my honest opinion is not an actual scam website, but to me leaves so much to be desired in what a survey site should be.

honesty is the best policy

The products and services they promote remind me more of some type of affiliate website that they are making profits from when people sign up for the other programs they have to offer, then Panda is getting paid commissions.

This is only my opinion and would I recommend them to make a little extra cash on the side – No sorry I would not, they do offer an affiliate program on their site but I do not even think this would be worth the time to apply for it.

Scam or Real – Unfortunately, Real Deal but with no real income potential 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Panda Research Scam or Real – Can You Earn?”

  1. No you’re right – survey sites are only ever good for making a little pocket money on the side – you can never really make a full time income with them. 

    When I used to use them I used to end up pulling my hair out at the amount of times I got screened out halfway through the questions…losing my reward! 

    Did you do many of the surveys that Panda had on offer?

    • Chris,

      Thanks for the comments left and I did try to do the surveys at Panda but the same problem keeps occurring taking the qualification survey the put me over to the actual survey which has now consumed 10 minutes of my time.  I get half way through the actual survey and get kicked off saying I do not qualify would I like to try another survey now I have a total of over 30 minutes invested and have not made anything.

      I try to look and find any survey sites that it is possible to make a few dollars with for holiday shopping and things like that but not ones that waste so much of my time.


  2. Thank you.  I’ve tried some survey taking things online in the past, but haven’t been all that impressed by them.   It seemed like once I got in I wasn’t offered much anyway.  I definitely couldn’t make a living off it.  Thank you for this review.  I think this will help others to skip the Panda and find something much better 🙂

    • kaeyoes,

      Thank you for leaving your opinion on survey sites; most of them are not going to provide you with an income that will pay the bills that is a fact.  But there are a few that pay nicely enough to save up some extra cash for the holiday shopping or to treat yourself to the spa for the weekend.

      Please come back anytime who knows I may find a good survey site that will interest your for a little extra pocket money.


  3. This is an interesting article and addresses the Panda Research very well. Going  all the way through the signup process to sharing concerns about the company overall would help guide a prespective participant’s choice as to whether to become involved.

    I don’t have much experience in this areas but as I learn more about this subject it is helpful to read other people’s experiences and opinions on various opportunities.

    Thanks a lot for this review of Panda Research!

    • Nancy,

      I am glad you are doing research prior to joining any online offer.  Survey sites are not the most profitable ones like they claim they are.  You could sit and do surveys for 8 to 10 hours a day and be lucky to make $5.00 to $10.00 that is some very sad wages for a long day of work.

      Thank you for stopping by and please come back there will be more reviews added as I find others to report on.


  4. Definitely according to your post.

    One of my friends was using Panda Research as an affiliate, but the truth is that he told me that it is very low in terms of income and that he didn´t  enjoy having them as affiliates, there are others who are much better than this one and where you can get a little more from income.

    I have Wealthy Affiliaty, and I´m very happy with them, the truth is that I have learned a lot from them.

    Thanks for the info.

    • Emmanuel,

      Thank you for coming by today and checking out the review on Panda Research.  Would have to agreed with your friend Panda Research does not pay very well even for referrals.

      If you are looking for an honest way to make an online income then Wealthy Affiliates is the place to be, I see you have just became a member you need to remember this takes time and patience.  



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