Real Work At Home Careers

Real Work At Home Careers

You have seen all the rest of those websites advertising for training on careers that you can work at home. Some of these can run into fees of close to and over $3000.00 just for the training prior to getting started.

What if I told you that starting right now today after filling a simple four-line form you could begin building your own online business for FREE? No, I did not mistype that and you are not seeing things seriously you can start for FREE today!

I would greatly appreciate you taking the time to read this complete article prior to “Create Your Free Account Now” due to I have included some information that could be useful before you start the training.

Considering the amount of limited time we all have today I can understand if you prefer to begin immediately giving you the shortcut below just click the box “Create Your Free Account Now” there is No Credit Card Required and get started training.

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Career Vs. Job

Prior to starting my own online business when people would ask me how my “career” was going I would always laugh and say “You mean my job, right?”

After all, working for someone else where you report to a boss is not something that I consider a career. Collecting a paycheck for work I am doing for someone else to me just is not a career.

picture of doctor workingTo me a career is being a doctor, lawyer, dentist, politician, etc. where you set your own hours charging rates for your time that regular working people do not have the option of doing.

I am sure we all hold our own opinions on what a career is but I thought I would give my opinion so that others can agree or disagree.

Owning my own online business I can now answer this with a straight face because working for myself being able to earn a passive income doing affiliate marketing I make all the decisions.

Whenever people hear about online work the first thing that comes to mind is all the scams people are running today online. You know the ones with all the hyped up videos with fancy cars, fancy houses, and never giving you any real information.

What I am going to be explaining to you here is nothing like any of that garbage. Here is an opportunity that is 100% legit that if you can read and follow step by step video instructions you can do this!

But the best part of all is you get to try this all for 100% FREE prior to even thinking about spending any of your hard-earned money to upgrade or purchase anything.

Where have you ever heard of such a deal like this?

Ready to learn more just keep on reading this article to find out all the details – NO FOOLING AROUND THIS IS LEGIT!

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Free Training

Prior to starting this article, I did a search on Google for “Real Work At Home Careers” other than a job listing board the first website I came across was “Video Infographic Work at Home Jobs”.

Below is a copy of one of the comments along with the reply:



  1. Loisann Hafley says:What are the fees for the medical transcription course?FEBRUARY 16, 2018 AT 10:00 PMREPLY
    • mbunderson says:Loisann,Thank you for asking. You can enroll in our Medical Transcription Editor program for $2,999. Visit to see our current promotions, or call 1-800-411-7073 to speak to an advisor who can help you enroll.FEBRUARY 27, 2018 AT 12:19 PMREPLY

Looking at this comment and reply I do not know about you but spending $2,999.00 in order to start a career that I can work at home doing Medical Transcription Editor seems rather expensive.

Normally with affiliate marketing, you can see an ROI in around a year with an upgrade to the Premium Membership that investment is going to be $2,500.00 LESS, possibly more!

And you need to remember this is going to be an online business that will produce a passive income for years to come. You cannot be guaranteed that success will come this quickly without putting in work, time, dedication, and commitment though.

What I am trying to say is are you willing to work doing the training? Implementing all that you learn is key to reaching success in the affiliate marketing online world.

Free training will include 20 Lessons which will consist of Level 1 in the Online Entrepreneur Certification (10 Lessons) and Level 1 of the Affiliate Boot Camp Training (10 Lessons).

All 20 Lessons are provided on video with Kyle, co-owner, giving you step by step instructions walking you through exactly what to do and how to do it.

OEC Training Level 1

Bootcamp Training Level 1

During these lessons, you will be building your own style website on the WordPress Website Builder used by owners worldwide.

Which means you are going to need a website with a domain, right? No worries you are going to receive two (2) websites for FREE on the subdomain.

Choose Domain Name & Title for Website

What is that you have no experience building a website? You do not need any WordPress offers 12 free themes for you to choose from to customize to fit any website design you want to build. No technical skills or coding knowledge required.

Choose a Theme for Website

No, I did not forget about hosting, you get this FREE for both of the websites. Who in their right minds gives FREE hosting for two websites?

Additional Free Benefits

Bet you are thinking additional FREE Benefits what does that mean? To review so far you are getting 20 free lesson’s, 2 free websites and free hosting for both websites not bad, but there is more.

Provided are two (2) classrooms, personal affiliate blog, website backup, affiliate program, earn while you learn, beginners training course, 30 keyword searches, during the first seven days access to Live Chat 24/7 and One-on-One Coaching.

Live Chat 24/7 can be assessed for only the first seven days as a trial, however, I am positive once you start this training it will not take you seven days to be convinced Premium Membership is more than worth its weight in gold.

Earn While You Learn – Affiliate Program means you can earn commissions from the time you “Create Your Free Account” by referring others to the community. The Premium Membership commissions are paid at 2X the Free Starter Membership.

Earn Commissions While You Learn

Completing the lesson’s means you are going to have a website built and hosted live on the internet for FREE. With no obligation to ever upgrade you can keep working on these websites for as long as you want.

A reminder here you must stay active to keep the websites live by not letting them go dormant for 30 days. If this happens then the websites will be taken down losing all the work you put in.

Below are a few of the success stories from the community – click on the profile pictures to be taken directly to their personal blog posts right inside the community.

Jerry Huang Profile Picture
Jerry Huang Profile Picture
Eddy Solomon







By taking advantage of the Premium Membership within the first seven days of signing up with your FREE Starter Membership I can offer you a bonus right now of getting your first-month premium for half off at only $19.00!

Talk about making something worthwhile checking out? You are not going to find hands-on training like this anywhere else believe me I have looked searching high and low it just is not offered at other places.

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In Conclusion

People dream daily of quitting their dead-end jobs to find a way to make money online the easy way. What they are really looking for is the “shiny object” scams where they think they can get-rich-quick. Not going to happen straight up!

What I have given you here is the opportunity to begin your own online affiliate marketing business for FREE. Is it going to be for everyone? No, so taking time to check into the free training is the only way to go.

Premium Membership holds way more than learning affiliate marketing online, the training provided will enable you to gain skills to run your own business from home doing Local SEO and more.

Can you dedication at least two hours a day to working on your own business to ensure a financial future? Are you committed enough to know that investing now a few hours will provide returns in time?

I am and I was the only regret I have is not finding this training sooner. Click the box below “Create Your Free Account Now” No Credit Card is Required and you are not under any obligation to upgrade. But I know that you are going to.

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Hearing from all my readers is important to me, please leave comments, suggestions, and any questions you have for me in the space provided below. I answer these usually within 24 hours.

Thank you for spending time with me on “Real Work At Home Careers”.

Best wishes make sure to join me owning your own online business,


6 thoughts on “Real Work At Home Careers”

  1. Most certainly one can spend a great deal of money learning how to make money working at home. Your example of $3000 is not atypical for the many offers out there on the internet, and there are people that will sign up to such programs and pay such fees.

    Over the past 4 years, I have seen less than stellar offers out there that when you dig down a bit and do some research, are not worth that kind of money. The great thing is that there are such platforms as Wealthy Affiliate that do offer value and at a much less cost.

    You accurately describe how the initial stages are for getting started with the Wealthy Affiliate platform (i.e. free), and a mark of faith is that you do not even have to provide a credit card! The training is up-to-date, easy to follow, and tracks closely the process to get your online business started.

    It is not a push-button system that they advocate (there is no such thing), rather it is based on a tried and true model that has worked for many thousands of people over the years. Everyone can make money working from home, and if they put enough work in and give it time, that income can replace the need for a normal 9-5 job. 

    To do this, you need to have a roadmap to follow, unless you are quite experienced. Wealthy Affiliate provides that, plus excellent features and tools that help, and lastly a great community that is quite active and very helpful. Great post and advice to your readers, thanks for this article!  

    • Dave,

      Doing the research for this particular article I landed on a website which I referenced and copied the comment from. This type of cost for being certified as a Medical Transcriber I found outrageous.

      You can join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE and spend less than that on 8 full years of Premium Membership.  

      Working at home on building your own online business even only 2 to 3 hours a day will produce results in a couple of years if you are committed and dedicated.

      It would be fantastic if our keyboards had a magic button to instantly produce money that would replace a regular job like the scammers out there claim.  But alas my keyboard does not have one.

      Wealthy Affiliate has given me the roadmap to follow, free tools included with my membership, and after ten months in one of the highest competitive niches, I am seeing results.  With no previous experience at all this is awesome!

      All people need to do is join for free and check out the success stories inside the community happening daily.  Most take a couple of years to reach four and five figure incomes a month but they work hard to get there.

      The more you are willing to put in the faster you will begin to see results.  I cannot thank you enough for confirming my recommendation of coming to this wonderful community before going anywhere else.

      Thank you,


  2. Hi Susan:

    Wow, spending $2,999 to start a career at home. I’ll definitely steer clear of that one!

    As a member of WA, I’ve been very pleased with the ease in which I can build my site and receive the necessary support. The price is right too, especially if you sign up for the whole year!

    The lessons are easy to understand too – even for a non-techie like me!

    It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be successful at this. People need to know that coming into this or any other program, you don’t become rich overnight.

    Thank you!

    • Christopher,

      When I found that website doing my research for my article shocked would be my reaction!

      You can get 8 years of Premium Membership for the cost of what they are charging to become a Medical Transcriber to work from home.  With that, you are still only going to be collecting a paycheck each week/month.

      Helping others find a way to work at home building their own real business online has become one of my goals reaching as many as possible.  Such a small overhead with Wealthy Affiliate running a business you own giving you the ability to earn a passive income for years.  Less than the price of a cup of coffee a day, pocket change.

      The community at Wealthy Affiliate is fantastic like-minded individuals building businesses helping each other amazing support all around.

      Thank you for taking the time to visit my website,


  3. Susan,

    I am a month into my Wealthy Affiliate journey and I am excited about the progress I have made. 

    The training is easy to follow and apply to just about anything you want to do. The community is a pool of information and tips that you just do not find. I went Premium within my first week and I know I will not regret it.

    We have a great thing going at Wealthy Affiliate and it is too good to keep to ourselves. Every milestone is a celebration, and I am looking forward to celebrating a lot.


    • Gwendolyn,

      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my article “Real Work at Home Careers”.  Doing the research for this particular article and what I found was just jaw-dropping.  To think people actually pay $3000.00 to become certified in something that is only going to provide them a paycheck, amazing.

      Reminds me of all those people who go to college and wind up in debt that it takes them years to pay off usually in a job that has nothing to do with what they majored in.  

      I have only one regret in life and that was that I did not find Wealthy Affiliate sooner.  Being a member of this wonderful community learning all the skills that I have now means I can begin to diversify my business into a great career working at home earning potential unlimited.

      Best wishes to you with your online career I am positive if you stick with this training and follow what they tell you success is on the way.



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