Retirement Jobs at Home – Want work at home?

Retirement Jobs at Home – Want work at home?

I know we have some seniors out there retired looking for retirement jobs at home, if this is something that would interest you not having to leave the comfort of your home but be able to work online then you need to read on.

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Retirement Income Too Little?

Many people today have found that when they retire the income that they are getting is not what they thought it was going to be. Depending on just Social Security Retirement Benefits is not enough to do what they want.

You are never too old in my estimation to learn something new, and many today have a computer and internet so why not do something for yourself and enjoy what you are doing.

Leaving the house to find employment once you retire is not only difficult if you live in a place that has seasonal weather but for some that live in areas where the heat is unbearable as well.

For myself living in the seasonal weather area, the fact that I no longer have to go out in the cold in the middle of winter is such a great plus to finding a work from home job. Even in summer when it is extremely hot staying in the air-conditioning setting my hours for when I want to work.

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Skeptical of trying something new? I sure was, prior to retirement seeing all those “shiny object” scams advertised either on television or on the internet tempted me into purchasing many of them. Back then it was no problem because I was working and had the extra money to buy the products they were offering for a little $47.00 payment.

But these would come and after trying to make them work, none of them ever did, they accumulated in a drawer someplace collecting dust until I threw them away.

Being retired I now have so much time on my hands, and extra income sure would be great to travel or have more things in life even nice cushiony savings would be great. (Living on a fixed income this is not possible).

Solution to the Problem

I am not any college graduate but working for 40 years of my life I have gained a vast amount of knowledge and skills along the way. Learned from all the past mistakes of purchasing those products online that promise you to make thousands overnight that did not work.

When my husband passed away losing his income made things even harder for me financially so I went looking for a way to finally make money from home, preferably online, and found a real way that makes this all possible.

All the gurus and scam artists are not going to give away the secret to making money online and if you had one are you going to give anyone the secret? That is where they all get you telling you they have the SECRET to making money online.

Guess what I am going to let you in on THERE IS NO SECRET that is right how you can make money online is by starting your own online business.

This does take time, work, more work, and patience, then some more work and yes just keep working on the business like you would if you were opening an actual brick and mortar business.

But the best part is the investment for running an online business is nothing compared to trying to open a brick and mortar business and the only thing you really need is a computer and internet connection to get started.

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Online Business Expenses

Alright, you have a computer and internet access so why not now use your time to build an online business that can pay you for years to come and if you are in the right Mind-Set you can be as successful as you want.

What else do you need to run an online business you ask? For myself, it was not knowing how I know you need a website but I did not know how to build one. And I knew that you had to have hosting for the website to be seen on the internet.

We all know that these two things cost money and this is what I consider my business start-up costs, frankly, I do not include the internet right now because I had that prior to starting the business and would have it anyway.

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Where do you go for the training to learn how to set up and run an online business? I found the perfect place it is called Wealthy Affiliate, and before you think anything no they are not just for affiliate marketing but you will learn this as well.

But the best part of Wealthy Affiliate is you can try everything out for absolutely FREE yes that is right totally 100% FREE, they will give you 20 lessons on how to build a website, along with this two free websites and the hosting all for FREE.

Look I am not kidding here seriously I figured once I filled in the information on the sign-up page the next thing that was going to pop up would be to enter your credit card information and get in now for only $97.00 was I WRONG!

Filling in the registration form from there you are taken to the Welcome Page of the Website of Wealthy Affiliate and can look all around the website and even join in the Live Chat area on the site talking to other members.

What You Learn

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to select a business that you will be interested in keeping going for the rest of your life, how to build a website.

You will learn what all needs to be put into a website to make it successful and profitable, along with how to have it recognized by all the search engines.

The owners of the company along with all the members at Wealthy Affiliate are there to help you succeed with your business and to offer support for making sure you do succeed.

Benefits with this company are so numerous that you could write a book and still leave things out. SEO which stands for search engine optimization is a very profitable thing to learn giving you the experienced to even run a business offline along with the business online.

Building websites for others not just your own can be done and with becoming a Premium Member you can use the hosting through Wealthy Affiliate to manage websites for others making a very handsome profit.

But I am not here to sell you a Premium Membership into Wealthy Affiliate if that is what you are thinking, sorry your far off the target there. I am here to get you in the door FREE for seven days of training, the two free websites with hosting. And these are yours for as long as you remain active working on the websites.

You never have to get a Premium Membership unless you find that it will profit you, I can leave you in on the special deal being offered right now for the first month if you join before the seven-day trial is up you can get it for only $19.00 then after that the membership goes to $49.00 per month with discounts payable in 6 months or 1 year memberships.

In Closing

Retired and looking for a way to have a job that you can do at your own leisure, take time off if you want to, never have to answer to a boss? Then look as far as Wealthy Affiliate and build your own business online making money the easy way.

This is no get-rich-quick scam you must be willing to work and commit time to your business or it will not work but you can learn all this on the inside once you sign in for FREE.

I can only offer you as a bonus that I can prove you with one on one coaching online for those first seven days as a FREE member after that unless you are a Premium Member I have no way to mentor you online.

What is holding you back from doing something for you?

Retirement is the perfect time to run your own online business I am and nothing should hold you back either. Fear of doing something new should never be an issue and Wealthy Affiliate gives you it all.

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How do you feel about joining me online and starting a new business?

Please leave replies along with any comments, suggestions, or comments in the space provided below I always answer all of them within 24 hours.

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8 thoughts on “Retirement Jobs at Home – Want work at home?”

  1. Hey Susan,

    Wealthy Affiliate can be the best option for anyone who is retired, as it is the safest platform on the Internet.  After retirement, most probably have ample time, and if you have access to the internet, then one can easily create an online business, which can earn money supplementing their income.

    As you mentioned, it is also the best option as you can do all the work in the leisure of your home.


    • Shubhangi,

      Thank you for stopping by and reading my article on Wealthy Affiliate for retired people or really for anyone stuck at home or not having enough income to do the extra things they would like to enjoy in life.

      Finding Wealthy Affiliate for me was a Godsend considering retirement benefits barely cover the bills thanks to joining Wealthy Affiliate this now enables me to afford to have some of the same luxuries back in my life that I had prior to retirement and loss of that extra income from working.


  2. As far as I know, affiliate marketing is one of the best online businesses that are really successful at the moment. This article has everything I needed or anyone else needed to know about affiliate marketing, especially Wealthy Affiliate. I learned here about what exactly is Wealthy Affiliate and why it is a good choice to start affiliate marketing with. It is also great that you get two free websites which is awesome in my opinion. This is a well-written article and it was easy to understand it. Thank you so much for sharing this article.Edit

    • Sujandar,

      Thank you for stopping by and reading my article on being retired and working from home.  Wealthy Affiliate is how I learned to set up and run my own business online which is not in the affiliate marketing industry but no matter what type of online business you want to start you need the training and a website.  Considering Wealthy Affiliate gives you so much for FREE just to begin what more can one ask for.


  3. Retirement is a stage that most of us will eventually enter into. But with retirement comes a reduction in income. Unless of course you have been fortunate enough to have saved or invested enough money to provide the kind of lifestyle that you are used to whilst working. Once you are retired you can continue to earn an income from home by starting on online business. But you must be willing to put in the work of establishing and maintain an online business. The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that you can try it out for free to see if this suits you.

    • Suzie,

      Thank you for reading my article on retirement jobs at home, I am retired and looking for work outside the house just does not appeal to me let alone with my age having a youngster for a boss.  When I found Wealthy Affiliate skeptical could not even begin to describe how I felt, but I took the chance and today I am actually earning money online with my business that I set up from scratch with the training provided at Wealthy Affiliate.  This best part is they do not try to pressure you into taking the Premium Membership and you can keep the Free Membership as long as you remain active working on your website.


  4. Hi Susan. I also have tried several opportunities out there with no success because either the program is poorly supported or there’s an enormous amount of information that needs to be learned.  Oftentimes lacking in clearcut guidance from the owners of the company that sold it.  Anyway, thank you for this information, to learn that there are still sites online that are commendable, honest individuals providing this type of training.  The deal is pretty awesome, that you can try it out with no obligation to pay until you’re ready to sign up for the premium membership.  I guess until that time, you’ll be able to figure out if this is really legit or another scam. 

    • Richard,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my article on Retirement Jobs at Home, let me tell you how this worked out for me when I found the opportunity to join this community for FREE!  I know how many offers come to people today because I have them in my email every day but this one was different and I figured alright and entered my email address figuring the next thing I was going to get would be a video or enter credit card information screen.  When instead I ended up on a create your account screen wow for real – after going through some of the free training and talking to members on Live Chat I knew that it was not a scam and you can make some serious money with this training.  This deal of joining for free is more than awesome no one is going to hard sell you either.



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