Review for Inbox Pays / Dollars – Can You Earn?

Review for Inbox Pays / Dollars – Can You Earn?

Review of Inbox Dollars from my view and use of the survey platform, not everyone’s experience is going to be the same this is just my opinion.

Inbox Dollars

People are always looking for ways to make money online so today I am going to let you know about Inbox Dollars.


Who Are Inbox Dollars

This website will pay you to read emails that they send you daily and you do receive a sign-up bonus of $5.00 which really is not bad.


Emails that you confirm opening and reading pay anywhere from $.03 to $.05 depending on the offer inside. You will receive anywhere from 4 to 7 emails per day so you can make from $.12 to $.23 daily with these.

Inside the emails offers range from joining other survey websites from $.50 up to $1.25, and then they have offers which you must purchase into and they can range up to $42.00 that Inbox Dollars pays you. The offers could be something you are interested in but if not you still get paid for opening the email.

There are surveys you can take plus games to play which can also earn you small amounts of cash adding to your account. Listed below is a copy of their menu:


  • Cash Offers
  • Free Offers
  • Books And Magazines
  • PrePaid & Credit Cards
  • As Seen On TV Offers
  • Work From Home
  • Trial Offers
  • Entertainment Offers
  • Children
  • Financial Offers
  • Gift Ideas
  • Food And Beverage
  • Health & Beauty Offers
  • Home & Garden
  • Online Services
  • Miscellaneous
  • Coupons
  • Cash Games
  • Bonus Offers
  • Favorites

Is It Hard to Earn

If you look above the menu I left my Inbox Dollars balance at the top of the page; I joined at the beginning of July 2018 the only thing I did was open and confirm reading the emails they send daily.

This takes a few minutes of time when I open my email and clean it out for the day. I did join a few of the survey websites and those usually pay $1.25 or $1.00 if you join through Inbox Dollars. This takes only the time to add your email address and name then confirm your email address to register with them.

The other offers within the emails they send are not things I am interested in and they are ones that you are going to have to pay for to get compensated by Inbox Dollars; making what you are paying mostly a discount for the product or service.

If the product or service is something you need or are interested in then that makes this a good deal because you can earn up to $32.00 on a couple of these offers.

Unfortunately, I have enough coals in the fire and online games are not appealing to me so I am not exactly sure how you earn with them.

All the rest of the menu is something I really have never looked into due to the time I have to spend finding out what is what with them.

Payouts with Inbox Dollars

The payout program is a fairly good deal; you can earn $25.00 by just opening emails confirming you have read them the other $25.00 must come from offers that you are taking advantage of.

The payout is through your PayPal account and I have not heard of anyone not getting paid promptly when requesting their cash.

Can you earn a full time living with this program? No, but it can put a few extra dollars in your pocket for the holidays if you save up until the end of the year. And who cannot use a little extra when Christmas rolls around.

Scam or Real Deal

Inbox Dollars is a real deal no two ways about it, there are not many people complaining about getting paid from this site.

If you are looking for something that will not eat into your time, then, by all means, this site can work for you to earn like I stated a few extra dollars for the holidays.

This particular website is not going to become a full-time income, however, due to the small amounts, they pay for reading emails and joining other survey websites.


If you are looking to make a full-time income online hopefully you have read through the beginning of my website and found that my recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate.

I do recommend joining Inbox Dollars for that little extra cash you might just want to grab a hold of every little bit helps today.

But for me, I prefer working online doing justice reporting on who is going to actually put the money in your bank account; but more importantly who is going to take you to the bank and take your hard-earned cash from you.

Please leave all comments and questions in the area below.

Thank you for visiting my website today please come back more reviews of products and services will be added regularly.


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