Jaaxy Lite Keyword Research – Good or Bad?

Jaaxy Lite Keyword Research – Good or Bad?

Under the keyword research tools when you do a Google search you will find other companies that offer programs to do research for keywords let’s look at some of them versus Jaaxy and Jaaxy Lite.

Keyword Research Tools

keywords in scrabble tilesDoing a Google search to find a keyword research tool is not just for affiliate marketers, bloggers, or any type of website designer.

Many other professionals use keywords to get rankings on the search engines the same way as we do.  Insurance companies to Wal-Mart and your local merchants.

When you are ranked first on Google then people have a tendency to check you out first. When I did a search for a keyword tool I found: Wordstream, Clickscore, Moz, Spyfu, and even Google offers websites to do keyword research.

With so many options how does one settle on a tool they know is going to work for them and make the most sense.

Reason to use Jaaxy

Jaaxy keyword research screen

All the above-named sites offer a free trial period the same as Jaaxy does, but as a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate, Jaaxy Lite is included with the membership for life. (Saving to pay for a keyword research tool!)

But how do they stack up? In my opinion, most all the keyword research tools are about the same the only differences I found was the menu set-ups and the page set-ups.

Pricing, however, ranges are very different when I checked.  Once the free trial was over, please see what I found below for each of the keyword search tools I mentioned above.

  1. Clickscore – I could not locate their pricing at all but using them is complicated for anyone new doing research
  2. Moz – Essentials Pkg. $ 99.00-year Professional Pkg. $ 179.00-year Premium Pkg. $249.00-year
  3. Spyfu – Basic $39.00* month Professional $78.00* month Premium $299.00* month (*Discount if paid yearly)
  4. Wordstream – $299.00-month (6 month paid) $264.00-month (12 month paid) $2,928.00 yearly
  5. Google (SERP) – Small Business $ 49.00-month  Agency $ 99.00-month Enterprise Contact SERP for pricing
  6. Jaaxy – Pro Account $ 49.00-month Enterprise Account $99.00-month

Jaaxy Pro Account at $49.00 per month is comparable by far to the Professional and Agency Packages of Moz, Spyfu, and Google (SERP). Jaaxy Enterprise Account is also comparable to the Premium Packages by the other keyword research tools that I have listed.

Jaaxy is just an all-around better value for what you are paying for.


Do the Research

women looking over papersI just entered keyword tools on the Google search bar and found the above different websites I am sure there are probably more sites that offer tools to do your research on I just compared the top five with Jaaxy.

You can dig into things much deeper than I did if you are looking for something more particular in a keyword search tool, in my opinion, comparing costs for products Jaaxy comes out on top.

Comparing the ease of use I find that Jaaxy is clear and concise with information making it the easiest to use compared to the others.

Everyone has their own opinion when asked which platform is the best for keyword research so I am sure you will find many other people who might recommend a different one than I do.

People look for options inside the research tools that they prefer like Alphabet Soup or Site Rank these two are offered by Jaaxy but the other search tools may offer different options possibly that you prefer.

Why I Choose Jaaxy

If you have been following my website then you will know that I am a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate with my membership I have Jaaxy Lite as a research tool for keywords and do not have to invest in another.

I do promote Wealthy Affiliate throughout my website because it is the only platform that will teach you how to become an Internet Marketer without breaking the bank.

Some other members prefer to use the keyword search tools above because they find them better suited to their niches and who knows someday I may venture to another but for now Jaaxy Lite is the best to suit my needs.


For people needing a keyword research tool, my recommendation would be Jaaxy for the ease of use and comparable cost evaluation.

Those of you who are interested in a way to use Jaaxy Lite and would like to work from home making money should come on over to Wealthy Affiliate and join me, after all, it is FREE to sign up for seven days and check out the platform.

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Do you use a keyword research tool where you work?

Which keyword research tool do you use?  And, why?

Knowing the answers to these questions above may add in future research for my reviews.  Please leave your answers along with any suggestions, comments, or questions you have for me in the space provided below.

I answer all my comments and questions usually within 24 hours.  Hearing from my readers is so appreciated.

Thank you for visiting my website today and please return anytime I will always be adding reviews and updates for your reading and research pleasure.

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