Reviews of Other Programs – Find Scams or Deals?

Reviews of Other Programs – Find Scams or Deals?

Nice of you to join me today, since my website is all about Wealthy Affiliate and I have gone into great depth with the platform offered; I would like to start reviewing other platforms offered for ways to make money from home.

The best place at this point is Wealthy Affiliate should you want to begin working from home.  Affiliate Marketing is growing daily the time to get in is sooner instead of later.

Building a business online takes time a website needs to grow and mature with age of a domain.  The comparison I use is a website is like a fine bottle of wine.  The more it ages the better it becomes.

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With Each Additional Review Post

I would like to pick out a new platform as I can find them that are going to be offered on the internet making money online.  Whether through my own personal email or just advertisements and give you my opinion on if they are worth your time or a scam.

Seriously once you see how I do this you will become familiar with whether a platform is really a way to make money or if they are just trying to scam you out of yours.

Most all of these platforms have the same people promoting them; they go from one to another but when you look into them deep enough you will see the platform has not seriously changed just the name.

David Dekel - picture for review

Another thing to always watch out for is up sales with any of the systems because getting you to sign up is one thing at a very small cost; then they hit you with the bigger ticket items before you can even begin to use their system.

This is how they are able to make so much money and claim you can do the same thing, but beware this is never going to be true.

How Many Platforms Are There

Every single day you will have someone offering you a way to make money online; whether it be Paid Surveys, Get Paid to Try Sites, MLM Companies, Direct Marketing Companies, High Ticket Programs, or Make Money Online Programs/Systems.

screenshot of how commissions are earned

All it takes is for you to enter your email address once into any type of offer and your mailbox will load up with so many offers that you will spend plenty of time just deleting more emails from platforms offering you the easy way of life.

The ones that I find the most amusing are the magic push button scams; wow I sure do want one of those buttons! If there were such a thing do you not think everyone would have jumped on board by now?



I am going to start out slowly with these reviews and keep them in an orderly fashion making it easy for you to find what you will be looking for.

They will be named and all filed under my Reviews section for your convenience.

Why Would Someone Do Reviews

Hopefully, by me taking the time to do reviews on the platforms out there, I will be helping everyone who visits my website to make the most informed decision possible before investing time and money into things that will not work.

Not all platforms offered are scams but few people realize which ones are and which ones are not; I have fallen for too many of the scams in the past and hopefully can save others from making the same mistakes.

The plan for my website was to help people who are looking for a way to make money online without having to invest a fortune in money; I am on a fixed income so I know many people do not have these types of funds.

make a change girl with coins in hand

Hence, this website was born to help as many people as possible start their own internet marketing business on a shoestring budget.

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Because I know of the hardships of responsibilities of working a full-time job, raising a family, being the only person making money to pay the bills and put food on the table feels.

Invitation to You

I would like to extend this invitation to you and anyone you know; to come and follow along on this journey finding the way to happiness and security within my website.

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Truly an experience awaits those who are willing to take a chance on themselves and investing pennies a day to make the money possible for a carefree life.

Please read through everything here and bookmark my website so you can return and find more information posted on a regular basis for not only platform/company reviews but my progress within the WA community.


For many people their dream has been to do online work from home; never having a boss or putting up with traffic to and from a job they hate just to pay bills.

Others are just looking for an extra income source to make ends meet for there is always too much month left at the end of the money.

Some want even more out of life and feel an online business is for them.

Whichever type of person you might be then I am urging you to please bookmark this site as a favorite I have many things to reveal to you in the future.

Thank you so much for visiting my website today please leave comments and questions below.

Until next time,




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