Review of Wealthy Affiliate My Honest Opinion

Review of Wealthy Affiliate My Honest Opinion

Alright, two months into beginning my journey here at Wealthy Affiliates and would like to give you an updated review of how things here work and should you join or not join.

Online Entrepreneur Certification

Training under this heading includes 5 Levels all of which contain 10 Lessons. This gets you set up with a website on the platform under free sites which are hosted by WA and with the Free Membership you have the first Level of OEC Training along with the 2 websites and hosting.

Step by step instructions including live videos by Kyle one of the owners of WA is included with each lesson along with a checklist for you to follow and complete.

You can have very minimal computer skills to work this program but the more experience you have the faster you can complete the lesson and move on. I am only an intermediate experienced person so I navigated through this portion quite well.

Now for the first seven days of your FREE Membership, you do have Live Chat to use in the event you get stuck and require some help to get through.

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Affiliate Boot camp

Once I completed the Online Entrepreneur Certification I moved onto Affiliate Bootcamp training this consists of 7 Levels each level here also has 10 Lessons.  You only get Level 1 with Free Membership.

Getting Your Business Rolling Phase 1
1 2 3 4 5100% CompleteTask 30 / 30
Content, Keywords, and Conversions Phase 2
1 2 3 4 5100% CompleteTask 30 / 30
Giving Your Site Social Value Phase 3
1 2 3 4 5100% CompleteTask 30 / 30
Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media Phase 4
1 2 3 4 550% CompleteTask 13 / 26
Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals Phase 5
Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPC Phase 6
How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns Phase 7

Here there is some repeating of what you learn in the Online Entrepreneur Certification but it keeps your memory fresh for what you are doing. This training is geared more towards promoting Wealthy Affiliates and can be used to promote any affiliate program you may want to start promoting.

With this training comes all the Social Media you can use to funnel organic (free) traffic to your website. This is touched in the Online Entrepreneur Certification but much more detailed here.  I did leave the stats showing how much of each Lesson I have completed so you can see how you can keep track of yourself and where you are with your training.

Now for the first seven days your FREE membership only includes Level 1 and the first 10 lessons; so in order to move through all the levels of training, you must be a Premium Member.

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When you join Wealthy Affiliates you pay nothing just sign up and come on board into the community. You enjoy setting up two absolutely free websites that WA pays the hosting for as long as you remain a member (Premium or FREE), but you must remain active on the platform.

This is not all that is offered however because if you decided to go Premium Membership you will be able to set up a total of 50 Websites all hosted by Wealthy Affiliates at no additional cost to you other than  the cost of your Domain, your Membership cost which in my opinion does not even come close to covering what is provided for by WA. Remember 25 of these websites will be on the and 25 of the websites can be on domains purchased by you through WA (Highest cost per year is about $16.00).

When you purchase your own Domain it is like owning your very own piece of the internet just like owning a piece of land. So make sure when you decide to purchase you select a name that you will be proud to carry for a lifetime.

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Live Events

Every Friday night I have a date with our own Wealthy Affiliate Training Coach: Jay (magistudios)! Jay runs the Live Seminars each week and teaches a wide array of subjects which does not matter if you are brand new to this or a professional his training covers everyone.

At the end of the Live Training Seminar, he holds a Live Question and Answers for anyone in attendance to ask questions and he is very glad to answer and show everyone how things are done live.

WA Live Seminar

SEPT 14, 2018

If, you know of any other programs out there that offer this please let me know in the comments section later on my site.

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Wealthy Affiliates includes 30 searches on Jaaxy for free on your FREE membership for keywords and phrases. As a Premium Member you have use of Jaaxy Lite unlimited you can always upgrade but it is not necessary.

Site Rank    Track Historical Rankings. Monitor Your Website Authority. 
My Keyword Lists    Create and Manage powerful lists of keywords.

Search Analysis   Analyze your competition, discover SEO trends.                                                                                 

 Alphabet Soup  Uncover millions of niches and keywords.                                                                                            

Brainstorm HQ   Find trending, popular & lucrative ideas.                                                                                   

Affiliate Programs   Search & find relevant affiliate programs in your niche. 

Niche Keyword Lists   Exclusive to WA Premium Members, Niche Keyword Lists.

The content of your websites is key to Google recognizing that you have something people are searching for, thus making it easy for them to find you getting your website out on the search engines for people to click on.

This particular tool provided by WA for its members is so valuable none of the members would know what to look for without it.

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I covered Live Chat in a post all of its own because that is one thing that WA offers which no place else has. You can get on Live Chat anytime day or night and find help people from all over the world use WA so you will find someone that can help you no matter what the problem is.

So for those of you thinking that Wealthy Affiliate is a SCAM you cannot be further from the truth. Wealthy Affiliates is most definitely the real deal if you are looking for a way to make money online.

It does not have to be with Affiliate Marketing you can select your very own Niche to write about or blog about then find all the right products to monetize your website with.

How soon can you expect to make any money? This is a question no one can really answer that is going to depend solely on you, how you have set up your website (not in how it looks) but how much content you have to keep the people that visit engaged in the conversation.


The best way I can figure is I am in this for the long haul most businesses do not really show a profit until someplace around the 3 to 5 year mark; if I make just one commission in a year from the day I start I know that I am going to succeed now and way into the future. And the secret to it all is WA and content.

Thank you so very much for visiting and until next time you all take care; if you are seriously thinking about starting your own business why not give Wealthy Affiliate a try, after all, it will not cost you anything at all 🙂

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Best wishes,




2 thoughts on “Review of Wealthy Affiliate My Honest Opinion”

  1. I have been a premium member of the WA community since 5 years and my journey was pretty awesome. I started from scratch and now I own 3 successful websites. I think that the video tutorials make setting up a website for any beginner very easy and moreover these people are always ready to help you for your queries, if you want any suggestion on your website or anything else. I think it is one of the best platform available for anyone who is about to put his first step in this field.

    • Hari,

      Thank you for the encouragement and confidence in Wealthy Affiliates; I am a new member and yes there is no other comparable program that I have found.  I did try many others; but here I have learned more in two months than most people have learned with years in trying to do affiliate marketing or internet marketing.

      Thank you for visiting my site, please come back anytime.

      Susan 🙂


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