Social Media and Affiliate Marketing

Social Media and Affiliate Marketing

What does Social Media have to do with Affiliate Marketing?  I know this is what you are asking right about now.  Below are some pointers as to why Social Media plays a big roll in Affiliate Marketing.

Most people use affiliate marketing daily in their lives without even realizing it.  Curious do you use Uber to get around town?  They offer discounts to people who refer them to others did you know this?

That is in reality affiliate marketing in a simple form where a company is offering you a discount or commission for promoting their products or service.

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Why Social Media and Affiliate Marketing?

phone with social media iconsWhat in the world could one have to do with the other right? When you decide to go into Affiliate Marketing you will be building a website to promote many things depending on your niche.

You find websites on the internet with the search engines Google, Bing, and Yahoo this is true; but until they are ranked high enough on the search engines who is going to find them.

This is where Social Media can come in and pick up the slack for you by getting your website out on the Social Media platforms people can share and then those people can share reaching more people as time goes on.

Now Social Media platforms are changing and will continue to change in the future so you are going to have to stay current with which ones to keep active on.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram are great places to have your website for people to find joining groups on these platforms of like-minded people can get you more exposure as well.

Google+ is going to be phased out unfortunately by 2019 but until this happens I am still making use of getting my information out there.

Facebook is my favorite very easy to use and free to set up with a business account which you can connect back to your website but keep posting regularly to your feed.

Twitter and Instagram are more advanced and so far I have sat up a Twitter account but have not done much more with using it at this time.

YouTube what a fantastic way to get more people aware of your business if you have the know how to make live videos this is an awesome way to market your website.


Any Social Media Outlet

Joining any Social Media Outlet can provide you with organic traffic for your website (meaning unpaid advertising) providing you with exposure to people everywhere as long as you are using a business account.

The possibility of people just sharing your business page with their friends and this practice keeps going and going means you can literally reach thousands of people for free.

Facebook does provide paid advertising for business Facebook members and the advertisements start at just $5.00 making it very affordable for beginners starting out.

Linkedin and Quora Digest are a couple other Social Media platforms which I have started to check into so look for a post in the future covering them.

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Organic Traffic or Paid Traffic

Organic Traffic is the free traffic you get from your website ranking on the internet or through Social Media Outlets and Paid Traffic comes from advertisements that you are going to have to post on platforms.

Most people starting out rely on organic traffic and keep their budgets low by not having to worry about having an advertising budget.

Once you become more established then you can always branch out with an advertising budget and start to place advertisements either on Social Media or on the internet like Adsense.

Discussing traffic to your website is just logical the more traffic you get the higher you will rank in the search engines but other than that unless you have a question about traffic there is not much else to it.

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Local Advertising

picture of daily newspaperI have been looking into local advertising for free on any platforms through the internet and have not found too many most large cities have craigslist today and they are fairly picky about what can be posted so I might caution you using them.

Most papers charge for advertising and can run into some hefty chunks of change, for example, a week in my local newspaper for where I live is $173.00 for a 2 line ad. To me this is very expensive and I will just use what I have with the organic traffic until I get better well-known.

There is always bulletin boards throughout your community at shopping centers and grocery stores making flyers and hanging them could return you a lead or two.


In Closing

Regardless of what type of advertising you would decide to do this still is going to require patience for people to trust in you enough to actually sign up for or purchase anything from your website.

The first sale or referral will always be the most exciting thing when it happens, and the amount you make is not going to matter just the excitement alone is thrilling.

My only question to you right now is “What are you waiting for?” .  Click the box below and get your FREE account today start on your journey into the online world.

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So until next time you all take care and if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please leave them in the space provided below.

Thank you if you have made it to the end of my article today that is awesome.

Best wishes,

Susan 🙂




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