Social Media for a Website – How and Why?

Social Media for a Website – How and Why?

Hey everyone, today I thought that we should discuss Social Media for a Website how and why can seriously increase the traffic to your website without costing you any cold hard cash.

How Can Social Media Help

phone with social media icons pictureLet us start out here by saying when you are new to the internet no one knows about your website. Sure the search engines crawl every day and find the content that you are placing on your website but people need to know about it as well.

Starting out people usually are on a tight budget and do not have the extra cash lying around to pay for advertisements to the website they have just created so you need to do your own advertising for free as much as possible.

Social Media is one form of getting the word out to hundreds of people – how you might ask without just showing family and friends who you connect with on Facebook, Twitter, or any other of the platforms?

Suppose you are friends with fifty people on Facebook but they have over three hundred friends besides you when you share with them ask them to please share with their friends and ask them to share as well.

When you get your friends to share with their friends and say their friends share to even more then you can build your following up with any of the Social Media platforms on the internet.

At first, I was somewhat skeptical to do this and thought how do you ask friends and family to share your website, surprisingly enough they are happy to do it and help you with getting the new website out letting people know about it.

Why Use Social Media

screenshot facebookReaching people letting them know about your website with Social Media is one way to drive organic traffic to your website in other words free traffic. You do not have to pay for this advertising!

Promote your posts on the Social Media platform as often as you can people who have decided to follow you want more information that is why they followed in the first place.

When they realize you have something of value to offer them, in turn, they are going to share your posts with others and the chain keeps growing.

The other Social Media platforms are Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and a new one Quora, of these I have found that Pinterest is simply one of the fastest ways to grow followers for advertising your website.

This free traffic that you are getting will help your rankings with the search engines and move your website further up on the pages within them.

When you are on the first slot of the first page of the search engines more people are going to click on your website bringing even more traffic to your website and possible visitors turn to commission putting money into your bank account.

More visitors to your website will keep your rankings up and more clicks to your website is always the possibility of more money to your bank account when people have learned to trust you and they will be return clients.

Power of Social Media

social media bubblePeople are finding Social Media so powerful in the promotion of online business even larger companies have started to use this to their advantage and purchase advertising on the platforms.

Being just a small business with a website to promote a specific product or service we do not have an advertising budget like those big companies using Social Media will give us a nice way to promote our business for free.

If you desire you can always use these platforms to place advertising of your own and it is very reasonable compared to trying to advertise locally or in a big magazine to reach people as well.

Facebook advertising starts at a low rate of five dollars for an ad for a day and can reach around twenty thousand people which is not such a bad number.

Suppose out of those twenty thousand people you get around a five percent following that gives you exposure to another one thousand potential clients. Nice for a five dollar investment.

affiliate marketing chart

In Closing

facebook iconPractically everyone in the world today is hooked to one of the Social Media platforms using all of them can help you gain the free traffic or paid if you want for advertising your business to numerous clients.

Offering people solutions to problems that they are looking for even if it is the best toaster available for 2018 then you are providing a service they are searching for.

How often do you ask your friends or rely on people from Facebook or Pinterest to help you locate products or services?

Think about all the others all over the world they are doing the same thing prior to purchases or trying new services. Providing them with the information they are looking for is the traffic needed to have a profitable business online.

Advertising is part of business online or offline and seeing as this is your business you require advertising to acquire clients and make commissions on the products and services you have to offer.

How do you feel about using Social Media to get this information out to the public all over the world?

Is this a great idea or something that you feel is to difficult for advertising for free?

Would like to hear how people feel about this topic along with any questions you would have what about suggestions or comments great to have these as well. Please leave them all in the space provided below you will get a response!

Thank you for checking out Social Media for a Website,



8 thoughts on “Social Media for a Website – How and Why?”

  1. Awesome article about social media.  In affiliate marketing you need people.  That is why social media is a great place to start letting people know what you have to offer and why they need it.  If they love it they will share with their friends and on and on it can go.  That is what makes social marketing such a powerful tool in affiliate marketing.

    • Shy,

      You could not be more correct and this is a great way to drive free traffic to your website.  Thank you for responding and please come back anytime 🙂


  2. Social Media is an incredible tool.  I have a Facebook group about my niche.  Everytime  I have a new blog post I share it on the Facebook group and of course my numbers go up .

    There is lots of training for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the other ones.

    This was a great article that everyone should read.

    • Dale,

      Thank you for leaving me the confirmation comment I agree if you have a website or are a small business owner having your name out there on Social Media is a must.

      Have a great day come back anytime.


  3. I’m learning how social media can really help me out.  

    I’m working on Pinterest right now getting it going, but didn’t know that I could get a Facebook ad for 5 dollars a day.  That’s pretty good with that kind of reach.

    Not having a great budget makes things a bit tough, but I’m going to beef up my social media

    • Stew,

      I have been with Facebook for a number of years so this is the only Social Media I am familiar with, after I set up my business account with them they did sent me a $15.00 credit for advertising making it even easier to place an ad with them!  Social Media being so big today and with the addition of apps to a smart phone well you have to put your business out there where the people are.

      Thank you for leaving me a comment, come again.


  4. I think this is a brilliant avenue to consider. If I take myself a an example I used to shy away from social media but I now see that it is an excellent way to get free traffic. It is also easy to build targeted traffic and build followers who will be interested in your content and products.

    I think that your existing followers who know you will also be willing to help you get your posts out there by sharing it out meaning your efforts can be multiplied. I think social media is definitely a great way to find niche followers and truly help people who will find value in your content.

    • Renton,

      Thank you this is one of the best free traffic avenues that I have found so far.  When I run into any others and I am looking will be posting about those as well.

      Please come back anytime everyone is welcome 🙂



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