My Journey at WA Part 5 – Journey Continues

My Journey at WA Part 5 – Journey Continues

Welcome back, time has come for an update for those of you following along with my progress, another two weeks have flown by my goodness where does the time go?

What has been Happening

I am trying desperately to follow along through the Boot Camp training platform and working on social media posting for the websites.

guys in bootcamp Facebook is fairly easy to work with I have found setting up a business page for one of my websites was not as difficult as imagined. Once, you find the proper way of doing things they become so much simpler.

Those of you who decide to join Wealth Affiliate need to know that I am one who will follow with you and help keep your performance up with encouragement and personal coaching.

Without someone to coach you, this can be a scary place working on the internet not knowing how to accomplish the goals set before you in order to succeed in affiliate marketing.

Next project is to tackle Instagram or Pinterest trying to decide which to pull my hair out on next. The advise seems to be that Pinterest is one of the better platforms for organic traffic guess possibly that will be the next adventure.

Will keep you updated in a few weeks on how that one goes.

How to Set Up Facebook Page

Giving you the benefit of my knowledge taking out the hard work to figure it out on your own will make this much easier for anyone who comes through my posts.

facebook screenTo set up a Website on Facebook you need a business account which is free by the way, to start this process Google: Business account Facebook that will take you to the sign-up page.

There is a process to go through and complete including adding images to display on the page once it is finished and unless you have plenty of computer knowledge this takes some time to figure out but I managed to accomplish it.

Next, you are going to need to post on your new page something about your website letting people understand who you are and why they should visit your website.

Most websites are designed to help people decide things whether it be a review of products they are interested in buying or just looking for information making it possible for them to make a decision about how to handle an issue.

Who Uses Facebook

Facebook has become as popular as Google when people are searching for information now; I had not realized this.

Right behind them, all the other Social Media sites are picking up becoming informational highways when people are in need of something the first place they are heading to is their smartphone, computer, laptop, and tablets.

Gone are the days when people would use the television, newspapers, or the library to research what they needed. Even our children use the internet for schooling projects and research.

Facebook connects people from all over the world now and therefore businesses have realized they are a great way to promote what they are selling.

Social Media Explosion

This is the best way to describe what is going on today with social media sites many people are turning to them for their advertising platforms making it much simpler for people everywhere to locate them.

Therefore, even people who are older and not familiar with these platforms must learn to use them for their business for advertising purposes.

Unfortunately, I fall into this group of people making it difficult picking up the easy way of advertising and getting my websites out to those that I can be of help too.

When I decided to go into affiliate marketing knowing nothing about how or where to begin it has opened a completely new world for me to explore.


Enough of a rambling on for this update I am sure that most of you were only interested in the facts included for this post being that of what I have actually learned over the past couple of weeks.

Wealthy Affiliate is making it possible with the platform they have provided to set up websites and do affiliate marketing exactly the way I dreamed possible.


If you are interested in working from home doing the work on the internet then I suggest you click on one of the banners throughout my website; after all, it is FREE to join what do you have to lose except some time invested to see if it will work for you.Click Here Now

I am offering to be your mentor when you do join so you are getting another bonus included for free plus a whole community of people to encourage you and help you succeed!

Thank you for your continued support in visiting my website please keep following along with my progress bookmark the website for your convenience in locating me.


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