What Is The Best Way On How To Make Money Online

What Is The Best Way On How To Make Money Online

I am going to be straight forward with you about “What the best way of making money online is!” no beating around the bush with my article.

Years of searching and getting scammed out of money looking at what the gurus had to offer have taught me what I needed to find in order to make money online for real.

Sure you have those survey sites where you can make a few bucks if you are willing to work day after day trying to qualify for the numerous ones they offer. I found if I qualified for one by the end of it they had enough answers all I did was a waste of time.

By the end of the year was lucky to have accumulated $25.00 to $50.00 in order to get a gift card to Amazon or another big company where I really do not shop.

Had I listened to others and done my research the right way I would have found the system long ago. This company has been around since 2005 and is run by two gentlemen who teach you the real way to make money online.

Ever heard of affiliate marketing? Yes, I had heard of it but did not know how to go about learning what to do so I could make money like others were online.

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How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

The main part of affiliate marketing is learning the ropes, once you learn what to do and how to do it then it is a matter of lather, rinse, and repeat the steps.

Are you going to make yourself a success on the very first try? Probably not, most people who try this online business get discouraged and quit even prior to beginning to see results.

If you are afraid of working to build an online business with dedication, commitment, hard work, time, or any other excuse you can think of this is not for you. Walk away now!

Building an online business takes time just like building a brick and mortar business. Most brick and mortar businesses do not see an actual profit from all the startup costs for years. An online business can see one in a year or two at the most.

With affiliate marketing, you will build a website around a niche which is a certain group of people or an audience you direct the website toward solving a problem with a product or service they need information about.

Selecting a niche is one of the most difficult things most find when trying to begin in affiliate marketing. Your niche needs to be something that you really enjoy talking about, doing research on, and writing quality content about.

Every niche will have a product or service that you are going to be able to promote on the website to help solve the problem that your audience is searching for on the internet.

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Commissions From Affiliates

Each of the affiliates you join will be huge corporations like Amazon, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, or even smaller companies they will pay sometimes even higher commissions that the large corporations.

Search affiliates in your selected niche to find the best affiliate to fill your audience’s needs. The more your audience trusts you then they will recommend you to their family and friends.

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This is one of the ways you will get traffic to your website in order to make commissions from the products and services you have to offer to solve the problems for those people.

Organic traffic is another way to get traffic to your website through people searching the internet using the keywords you will use writing the content for the website.

Of course, the last way to get traffic to a website is from paid traffic which for some this is not possible without first making money, advertising can be costly making it not something one can afford right at the beginning.

With the training that I used they taught us how to get the organic traffic which is free and much easier to get than you might think. You will learn how to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that will rank your site high in the search engines.

When applying for affiliate programs make sure to read all the fine print so you do not violate the terms of service on your website this can cause you to not get paid commissions due for sales or even get your account suspended.

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Where To Get Training

Before you invest any of your hard-earned money into another one of those offers from the gurus and scammers on the internet whether through an email or YouTube I think I have a better solution for you.

You can begin training for affiliate marketing with hands-on step by step instructions with a video showing you exactly what you need to do and how to do it.

Want to hear the best thing about this? You can get started for FREE, that is right 100% FREE with No Credit Card Required.

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Better yet, you can keep your FREE training, along with two (2) free websites, and free hosting for as long as you want but you must remain actively working on them. After 30 days of being dormant, they are taken down.

How do I know about this FREE training? It is where I began with affiliate marketing and now have three (3) websites of my own that are on domains owned by me!

This is actually one of them, it is ranked on the major search engines receiving traffic from the organic sources I talked about earlier. You found this article so do others.

Wealthy Affiliate is the only community that I have found where you can get started for 100% FREE no hidden costs involved. You do not even have to give out your Credit Card Information when you sign up for the free Starter Membership.

What are you going to get for free you ask? First, you are going to get 20 Lessons these are yours to refer back to at any time under the Free Starter Membership.

With the Starter Membership you will receive Level 1 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification (10 Lessons) see below:

OEC Training Level 1

Also, Level 1 of the Affiliate Boot Camp Training (10 Lessons) see below:

Bootcamp Training Level 1

These lessons will teach you how to build your website to be SEO ready, setting it up for whatever niche you select to begin with. However, you will need a website platform to build this on right?

Well, instead of just one website with Wealthy Affiliate you are going to receive two (2) free websites that you can build on the WordPress Website Builder Platform. This is the best website builder and used all over the world.

Have no idea about using code to build a website? No problem with Wealthy Affiliate you are going to have 12 Free WordPress Themes to choose from already pre-built and ready for you to customize to your liking.

What about hosting? We all know that without hosting no one is ever going to find the website on the internet, and Wealthy Affiliate provides free hosting for both of your websites.

You would think that this is all you are going to get for FREE right? Not so fast there is more, what about free Live Chat available 24/7 where you can ask questions and get answers from the experienced members of the community?

Live Chat 24/7 screenshot

That is right this is included for free for the first seven days of your Starter Membership. To keep this benefit after that time you then would need to upgrade to the Premium Membership but not until you are ready!

There are two (2) Classrooms for the Starter Members where you can enter and ask questions of the experts getting answers to questions helping you with building your websites. Yours as long as you remain active no time limit.

Take as much time as you want to make sure this community is right for you no one is going to pressure you into taking the Premium Membership. This is one of the things I found odd about the community all the others had up sales and pressure.

Premium Membership

Let’s just say you have decided that Wealthy Affiliate is right for you to take the Premium Membership. What type of costs are you going to be getting yourself into?

To start with the first month comes at a discounted price if you upgrade in the first seven days of only $19.00 what a steal is that?

After the first month then you have a choice of membership payments, you can pay monthly, every 6 months, or once a year which the 6 month and yearly premiums are discounted. (See Chart Below)

Membership Fees WA

The Premium Membership benefits are massive compared to the Starter Membership, but once you have joined you can see the complete book on this inside.

Why ruin the surprise of what all you are going to get for less than a cup of coffee a day? Seriously, less than a cup of coffee a day and you can open your own online business creating a passive income stream for many years to come.

Does this sound like something you would benefit from? Once I started the training and read the personal blogs from members inside the community I knew it was where anyone could learn to make real money online.

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But if you are afraid or unwilling to put in the hours of work to build this online business to guarantee your income for the future then you need to close out of this article now!

Honestly, this does, in the beginning, take time and work, but once you have established yourself with the search engines as an authority within your niche success is yours!

In Closing

I felt it only fair to include just a couple of the younger members who have made it with this community in only a year or two for you to understand what this takes. Attached to their photos is their blog posts in their own words.

Grace (littlemama) Profile Picture
Grace (littlemama) Profile Name
Grace (littlemama) Profile Picture
Grace (littlemama) Profile Name
Jerry Huang Profile Picture
Jerry Huang Profile Picture
Jerry Huang Profile Picture
Jerry Huang Profile Picture







These are linked right into the Wealthy Affiliate community website so you can see what your own profile will look like and please fill this in once you get to the inside. It is important for other members to get to know you.

Look I am not kidding here this is 100% free you have nothing to lose by trying the training and checking out the community all you need to do is click the box below “Create Your Free Account Now” and you are on your way!

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Love hearing from all my readers, please leave any comments, suggestions, or questions in the space provided below. I answer all of them usually within 24 hours.

Thank you for taking the time to read this complete article.

Best wishes and to your future success online,



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