Where Are We Going? – What Does That Mean?

Where Are We Going? 

What Does That Mean?


“Where are you going?”  knowing your reply is exactly “What Does That Mean? Let me explain what I am talking about with this question.

I would like you to figure out if you are going to work for the same company for the next 10, 20, 30, or even 40 years?  Or are you already looking for a way out?  Looking for another job or something better?

Searching the internet and purchasing every new item that comes out advertising it will put flowing money into your back account while you sleep?  Day after day constantly non-stop?

Please, STOP spending your money like a fool!  Did I just call you a fool?  Sorry, I did not mean that I did the exact same thing for years wasting literally throwing away more money than I want to count or know about.

You do know that there is a better way, right?  I have found it and so have others that belong to the community NO it is not a cult 🙂

Interested then continue to read – but if you are in a big hurry to get started you can click the box below it will take you to the FREE sign up that is available – no credit card required!

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What is Freedom

Alright did you figure out the answer to the questions above? Or would you like to find possibly a different way to live the rest of your life free from all that nonsense?

Believe it or not, that is what this whole website is about gaining freedom from the daily grind of working for someone else, punching the time clock and slaving for wages that do not compensate you for the work you do.

WARNING – This is not something that happens overnight, however, if you are willing to work for yourself, take the training I am offering you, then yes you are capable of making it work.

You are capable of giving yourself the freedom to work from anywhere you want at any time of the day or night that you want and I am willing to help you accomplish this.

“Why?” you ask, and I ask “Why not?” anyone willing to put in the time and effort can do this nothing is that difficult in reality what do you need to start your very own business?

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What do you Need

woman on computerFor starters, you need a computer and internet connection which I am sure you already have because you are reading this right now.

Next, you must be able to read and follow directions, listen to video instructions, then follow along doing tasks as required.

That does not seem like too big of a qualification list now, does it? In reality, there are people very young not even out of school who have started in the business and are actually making money.

Look I can see you shaking your head in disbelief right now, but I am being totally honest with you.  People have come with absolutely no knowledge, no or very little computer skills but have learned to work through all of it.

What is their secret?  Determination and commitment to running their own online business! Failure is not an option for them some are young as mentioned but some members are in their 80s.

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Training and Help

Training and help are provided for you to walk you step by step the whole way through from the beginning until the end, how does one on one coaching sound?

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Yes along with all the training and video instructions you will get one on one coaching available to you.  You will receive all of this for seven days absolutely FREE no cost to you.

With those seven days FREE you will receive training on setting up your very own website which you can keep even after the seven days is up and the hosting is totally taken care of for you.

You will have Site Speed, SSL (SERP), and Site Protection (Spam Blocker) included on your website for Free too. Just for fun why not check around and see what all this adds up to should you decide to venture into something like this alone.

How would you like a whole community of people to answer questions 24/7 when you wanted to ask something? This is all possible with what I have been talking about so far.

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Beginning the Journey

Everyone usually always looks back on their life and wishes they had done things differently.  But hindsight is not going to happen if you are willing to take this one little step and begin the journey to freedom here today.

That single little step has given me more confidence in myself knowing that I can create an online business and generate passive income working from home while enjoying life.

Many people want this lifestyle but they see shiny objects and waste money on the get-rich-quick push button scams that are offered on television, radio, and the internet.

Shiny Sports Car

Let me assure you this is nothing like any of those if you have the shiny object syndrome this is not for you, because this is something you will need to put some work and sweat into to reap the rewards.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how difficult is this to do, that is hard to answer because that will depend on you.  Are you willing to put in the time and work?  You need the determination do you have what it takes?

How difficult is it to earn money, that question only you can answer if you were to start your very own brick and mortar business from scratch. how long before you would see a profit five years, six years, or longer?

With an online business, anything is possible people have earned in three months some have taken up to a year or more.  This is dependent on how much time you have to spend working on your business how fast you can complete your training.

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In Closing

Today’s post is quite different than what I usually put on the site and there is more than one reason behind this, people come looking for ways to make money online every day on the internet.

They enter different search terms trying to locate the right one that is going to work for them. Shiny object syndrome comes along and before they know if they have purchased a website or platform that is printed in some outer space language.

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Hopefully, with what I have given you today you will realize that coming to my website was not an accident this is the real McCoy and you can build a real online business with what I am offering you.  Find the one of the boxes and give it a push and you will be on your way to Freedom!

Now I seriously would like to hear from you any questions, comments, or suggestions which can be left in the space provided below or sent to my email at affiliatemarketingbeginners2@gmail.com

Thank you for coming by and hoping you will return soon to check out what is added in the future.

Bye for now and best wishes to your success in the future,




10 thoughts on “Where Are We Going? – What Does That Mean?”

  1. Hi Susan,

    I rarely post comments on the internet, but I couldn’t go without saying one big THANK YOU for this amazing article which opened my eyes and pointed me in the right direction. As a newbie in affiliate marketing, I struggle quite a lot, but after reading your article, I can gladly say that I understood and learned quite a lot! I will definitely give it a try.


    • Nick,

      Was very happy to help you.  I am hoping to help as many people as possible understand the shiny object syndrome of all those get-rich-quick push button scams people are pushing.  Prior to joining anything online be sure to research first and when they want your money up front find another way.

      Thank you for stopping by hoping that you will help convince other that Wealthy Affiliates is the way to go!


  2. I have been with Wealthy Affiliates for about a month now, and I’m so glad I decided to give it a try! Within that month, I already have 2 websites and have learned so much! 

    The training is simple and really easy to understand! The community at Wealthy Affiliate, including Kyle and Carson, are positive, encouraging, helpful, and they all want to see you succeed!

    Joining Wealthy Affiliate was the best decision and its been worth every penny!

    • Janis,

      Thank you for all the positive comments of Wealthy Affiliates and confirming the research that I have put into this post.  When people finally realize that they are throwing money away on all the shiny object syndrome scams offered they are gun shy when it comes to actually signing on with the real deal.

      Come back anytime I might have another program that could interest you.


  3. I would absolutely love to get out of my job and build up my own business – be my own boss for once…but I really don’t know where to start! 

    I always imagined that the learning curve for this sort of thing would be way too steep for me – how did you find the time to start out and hold a job down at the same time? Did you find the education hard?

    • Chris,

      I see you have been reading completely through my website today, thank you very much for spending so much time here.

      I am one of the fortunate ones maybe I did not find Wealthy Affiliates until after I retired; but anyone who has a full time job and wants to find their way to freedom from that grind would need to find a balance in their life to handle working in a way two jobs.  The training is not hard but for those who have no computer skills what so ever I would recommend a short computer course at a local community center they offer them free.


  4. I really like how thorough and honest you are being here about how to start up an online business.  It does take time and and lot of effort, but in the end, you will have a business that is yours and will continuously grow and earn money.  The amount of time and effort that you put in in the beginning, will slow down significantly once your website is established – you will only have to keep writing content and maintain it.  

    I think everyone is looking for freedom from the grind and you have written beautifully the RIGHT way on how to achieve that goal 🙂

    • Nicki,

      Thank you for the sweet comments you have left today,  most people get shiny object syndrome and do not realize that those programs are nothing but a waste of money.

      Glad that you have realized this and have come to the right place to learn how to set up your own online marketing business and work toward freedom.


  5. Hey Susan,

    A very interesting question – Where Are We Going? 

    Are we continue to live paycheck to paycheck for the whole life or doing what really we passionate about. The choice is yours, you can have the freedom of time, financial and location. This is a life changing game.

    This platform teaches me how to build a making money website although English is my second language. They provide all the features (training and tool) you needed to succeed. But remember don’t chase after the shiny object things you can’t afford.

    Take care and wishing you all the best.

    Shui Hyen

    • Shui Hyen,

      Thank you so much for the kind words of wisdom you have left here today.  I just want to make people realize that chasing those shiny objects is not going to get them financial freedom or any other type of freedom.

      Truth is you can run an online business from anywhere in the world that is the type of freedom I am looking for this is my whole reason behind working with Wealthy Affiliates.



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